bye guys :(

Actually, I'm a new member that just signed up. Everyone's topic all started with "hi" or "hello" so I thought I'd switch it up a bit XD.

Anyway, I'm a young amateur amateur game developer currently working on a game, in pre-development, called Arcane Revenants (when I say pre-development, I mean I haven't even opened up the editor since I started working on this project because I want to get all of the written work done). Instead of me advertising my game here, I'll just post up a topic as soon as I'm done with this one XD.

Alright so about me. Umm....

I'm 19
I'm an ex professional yugioh player
I've been using rpg maker since rm2k (and I also had 40 hours on the one for playstation)
I'm training to become an amateur boxer
I like to smoke pot, eat, and hang out with friends. you know, the normal teenager stuff.
and I recently got a job at dunkin donuts, so now my mom can stop calling me a lazy piece of shit :D

Well, that's pretty much me in a nutshell. Now start welcoming me >=]

Well I guess I wont be posting my thread since there isn't any place to post up games in pre-development :(. Oh well, if you guys can wait about a year I might have the required two screenshots to post =p.
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