Tri-Line Force TCG

Lack of ResourcesPower Card
"If you control no creatures, you can draw two cards. You can only activate this card once per turn."

Since the picture of the creatures stand out the most, it might be best to put the stats around that instead.

Thanks for the design suggestion! It's not so bad, but I think it kind of compromises most of the card that way and doesn't leave much room for the card image. I added your suggestion to the look though because it is definitely an option worth looking into.

As for your card idea.. I think something like that will work! (although you can only activate 1 power card per turn anyway haha)

The thought in my head is to always have the cards right-side up, but to delineate who owns the card with it's color. So, for example, cards you play/place are always blue, while cards the opponent plays/places are always red. Or whatever.

As a sub-note, I think this is how the card game in FF8 (Triple Triad) and FF9 (Tetra Master) do it.

That would be typical for a digital version of the card game, but for test-playing purposes the cards needed to be printed out and played and we found it to be very confusing like the image I pictured. Not only that, if I decided to distribute with card pack expansion and such (which friends are trying to convince me to do) this problem would need to be resolved regardless. Thanks for trying to help though!

Tri-Line Force TCG


{Tri-Line Force} is a free-to-play virtual "CCG.". With the endless creature abilities and the limited amount of moves a player can make in a turn, {Tri-Line Force} will require patience and strategic skill. In order to win a duel, a player must get three of their own cards to line up either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Another form of victory is to make your opponent run out of cards otherwise known as "milling the deck" or "deck out."

CREATURE - Each creature has a stat on each side to determine the respective sides strength.

POWER - There are 4 types of power cards;
• Standard - A regular power card.
• Equipment - A power card that attaches to a creature when activated.
• Counter - A power card that can be activated on your opponents turn.
• Persistent - A power card that stays on the field when activated.

LEGENDARY - Legendary cards typically have very powerful abilities and can be either a creature or a power.

DRAW PHASE - Player draws one card for their turn.

ACTION PHASE - Player can summon 1 creature and/or activate 1 power per turn. (creature abilities are limitless.)

PASS PHASE - Player turn ends and passes to their opponent.


The game is played on a 3x3 board.

Decks consist of no more and no less than 40 cards.

At the start of the duel each player draws 5 cards.

A player can have no more than 5 cards in their hand at pass phase.

When a creature is placed adjacent to an opponents creature with a smaller number on the same side, the opponents creature is destroyed.

When a creature is placed adjacent to an opponents creature with a larger number on the same side, nothing happens to either creature.

Only one creature can be played per turn NO EXCEPTIONS. I.E You cannot summon a creature and then activate a power or ability that allows you to summon another creature.

Counter Cards can be activated on your opponents turn as long as it does not violate the cards played per turn limit.

ask away.


We would LOVE it if you guys would join in and create a card of your own.
Just tell me the type of card you want to make (Creature or Power).
and the ability you want it to have.


ok cool thanks guys! I didn't recall seeing anyone else posting about a game they were working on and I didn't wanna post in the wrong area.


I'm working on a card game and I'd like to post my design somewhere for feedback and to bounce ideas. Is there somewhere on these forums I can do that?

Fayte's RMMV Help Dump

Alright so I switched over to RMMV after reading a bunch of comparisons and what not but since the questions I was asking were extremely basic and spread across all programs I'm going to leave them.

I'm still having difficulty creating that custom character selection screen, but I've been trying my hand at it. I just want to know... am I on the right track?

EDIT: I looked up an evented CMS and was able to spot the error in my ways, but now I'm having difficulty figuring out how to tell it to go left or right once and highlight the picture... then once I do that I can go left twice or right twice and highlight each picture as I pass.

This is my new event.

Fayte's RMMV Help Dump

No problem, glad I could help. I've been using RMXP for almost 10 years now, so I'm happy to try and assist whenever someone struggles with its workings. If there's any more stuff you have questions about, feel free to let me know any time.

Speaking of which, regarding your third question: I could describe how this kind of setup works or put one together for you in a mock project. But unless you want to cheat a little and simply make all choices button-triggered events that the player has to actively walk up to and interact with, making a choice menu like that is going to require some more complex use of variables and conditional branches. If you haven't (re)familiarised yourself with those yet, I doubt I could explain this in any way that won't sound like complete nonsense to you.

I'd recommend first messing around with variables for a while and testing out what functions conditional branches can perform, so you get a more general idea of how they can be used. I'm not saying this because I don't want to help you, but because I don't think it'd be advantageous to you if you tried tackling somewhat more advanced stuff before you've finished relearning the basics. But I'm sure you'll pick it up in no time. And again, feel free to ask if you don't understand anything.

I hope this is okay for you.

yeah, it's no biggie! I've been playing around with switches, conditional branches and variables. I can do some basic things.. but looking at tutorials for the complex stuff makes my brain explode.

Deus Cards

I'm interested in trying this out.. is the download link gone or is it that I just can't see it because I'm using my phone right now? lol

Deus Cards

I'm interested in trying this out.. is the download link gone or is it that I just can't see it because I'm using my phone right now? lol

Hello everyone, I'm a new let's player ^_^

welcome to the forums, buddy

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

My cards came in and after some testing I found that there's a few design flaws that need to be fixed. I'm going to be doing another couple of weeks of testing before I purchase round 2. I decided that I'm going to write at least 3 pages a week of the main story so that I'd have my story finished by at least a months time. Finalizing those two things are my only goals as of right now.