Oh hai thar! Well. I was in RRRevolution before it met its sad fate, and kind of abandoned forums altogether after that but I guess I found my way here way later than I should have!

A little about myself:



hero preference question

What do you typically prefer in the video games:

A. The hero haphazzardly gets himself involved in a situation and the game develops from there


B. The hero is indirectly or directly involved in or related to the main scheme of the plot but doesn't know or realize it until much later in the game (either by antagonist's manipulation of the character, destiny, memory loss and wondering why shit's happening, etc...)

Metalocalypse: A Doomstar Requiem

Arrrrghghghg my friends and boyfriend are all sick of me rambling about this and I'm sick of them being sick of me rambling about it LOL

So who'se seen and mayhaps fallen in love with the Doomstar Requiem?! It exceeded my expectations, and my expectations were pretty damn high seeing as I'm not a fan of musicals, but knew I could count on Brendon Small and Gene Hoglan's musical genius to impress. But wow LOL.

A. Favorite songs?!
B. Fav part?!
C. Did anyone else lose their everloving OMFG shit when they saw Oftensen at the end of the end credits?!?

I die a little bit every single day season 5 isn't out.

Feel free to discuss Metalocalypse in general as well, I have a normal obsession for that as opposed to my unhealthy obsession with Doomstar XD

Your RPG Making Process?

I haven't worked on an actual project in RPG Maker in yeeeaars, just graphic resources, but lately I've been contemplating starting a project. I'm just wondering, do any of you have a process, or flow, or some kind of order you work on things? Do you just wing it and organize it as you go? I keep getting lost jumping back and forthbetween everything, how do you organize you thoughts and processes?

Small work offered

I don't like doing internet money transactions so I typically work for free lol. If you have a massive project I would probably want commission, so message and we can talk, but if you have any small things you'd like help with I can try my hand. Things like...

- Concept work, character design (my fav)
- Characterset/mods
- Facesets/mods
- Whatever you crazy chaps can think of

Example of work

Art, art, everywhere... A massive art dump [Updated Dec 6, 2014]

Well! I have here a bunch of MS Paint pixel work, both old and new! If I can help out in any way with pixels ask and i shall try my best to deliver.



Older (Old WIPs that I failed to finish included)

Eeeehhhhhh... Why not lol I draw as well, so here. If you need any quick concept work or character designs gimme a shout.
TRADITIONAL (Some capcom fanarts included)

DIGITAL, mostly old as I haven't done much digital in a while. First one is a piece I just started a few days ago- a friend of mine drew it traditionally and I'm coloring it digitally. Also, most have watermarks as they're concept work for a VX Ace project my friends and I are working on so you know. Reducing thievery and whatnot.

Original pic can be found Here

Well LOL that was a lot more art dumping than I thought, man.

Greetings shmleetings!

Oh hai thar! Well. I was in RRRevolution before it met its sad fate, and kind of abandoned forums altogether after that but I guess I found my way here way later than I should have!


1. The only thing I hate more than glitter is wet socks. Especially is said socks have stepped in glitter.

2. I know nothing about RPG Maker scripting but can help out with resourcing.

3. If I was a cop I'd totally be a cheesy one that played by their own rules and jumps away from slowmo explosions and always wears sunglasses.

4. I like to do my best to be helpful. I can't always accept, but never hesitate to ask for help if you believe I can provide
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