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I'm looking for an RM2k3 (I believe; may have been 2k) game that I don't believe was ever finished, but it had a playable demo. It was called Last Dream 3. It was a sci-fi sort of game, and while it included a large mishmash of graphical styles, the story was really intriguing and its creator used some sound effects I haven't heard anywhere else.

I'd love to get my hands on it if it still exists somewhere.

New Stuff

My OTP: Male Sairen x Female Sairen

Oh great, now it's gonna be MY OTP, too! orz

And yeah, that particular Sairen looks decidedly more female, but I must say, s/he looks amazing regardless. I love how you manage to capture the essence of the RTP style while still totally making it your own. It just Works.

Also, dat breastplate. >:B

What the hell, let's blog about it

I've told you before, but I'll gladly tell you again----I love Julia so much! x3

Short Lived Freebies :C

Sorry if I'm late to the party here, but am I to understand you're going to make a "full" version of this game in VX Ace proper? Because omg.
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