Cyberpunk Grave Digger



Update ( 4/11/2011 ) - Culminating Checklist V: Call to Testers

hello., .i am very good at testing game. i can test "hard" very much thank you.

Contest Conclusion

I very much like the cape/hair thing going on that mimics the yin/yang symbol.

Beautiful Escape: Torment

some jokes should not be made

Oh noes, we've hit a wall (+ other updates)

wow those are good points. unfortunately, he is a frog and thus has no place in the cool-dominant party of ryu, bleu, katt, and rand/sten.

Vacant Sky: Sounds of Contention OST Now Available

hmrmrmm let me just buy this and oh no!!!! ten more renditions of weapon's theme???? aaaaaAaAA

Battle Testing is a slow process

I personally like the asthetics of the pixel portraits more anyhow. The art drawn for the gba game never sat right with me. Always vastly preferred the original artwork for both snes games.

Spring Broken

i'm sorry wolfcoder but i can't picture you doing crazy things

Day of Contention 2011

It follows the story of veteran cop Blaise Tearson

yes!!! yes!!!

Character Breakdown - Ziggy Romain

the lian nu was mounted was was the Chuangzi Nu you guys you have no idea how hard my immersion is being broken aahati sob

Character Breakdown - Ziggy Romain