Hero's Realm: Heroic Edition

Im at the final strech of the game so im almost done and when im done i can design new equipment for you and if you havent already go back and read my previous post i have massively updated it.

Hero's Realm

Hero's Realm

that dark sword is starting to lag behind abit.

Hero's Realm

hey i finally found th save location but question is how can i "share it"?

Hero's Realm: Heroic Edition

Ok for the basic class:

1)Wizard:Have slightly more HP to survive surprise attack but more importantly he has a brand new action FUSE MAGIC.
_With FUSE MAGIC he can fused different spell to create unquie one but MP cost is 4x of both of the spell combine example (fire+ice=Waterfall,wind+elec=Strom) or if there status element it combine them like zap+sap=zapsap or if you combine 2 weaker spell you can use next tier magic but it can also pirece magic def.(but you can only use same tier spell)

_Consume scroll before battle to able to use that spell until you go out into overworld.

_If use a scroll that you already have a spell it make that spell 50% cheaper.

2)Black knight and paladin:Why would i include 2 of these class in 1 spot? that right im COMBINING both class as one but dont worry this class dont have 2 power as one but you can switch between them in or out of battle so when you need extra healing go paladin but if you want offensive go black knight but that not all each of them recive adjustment:
_Paladin is now the more defensive of the 2 so he gain black knight unquie armor selection plus hp bonus but he also have the passive ability COVER which protect low hp player from single target attack.
_Black knight have less defensive but to compensate his speed is greatly increase and he now have new ability MAGIC SWORD now he can combine his black magic with whatever eliment he want.

3)Thief:Slightly lower his stregth but in turn buff his other skill
_Steal:Stole a random treasure box,the treasure box can have 5 tier(junk,common,rare,magic,legendary) each box can contain a number of thing but legendary chest can only be earn 5 time in the whole game,you start out with able to loot junk and commom box but every 10 level you gain the ability to loot higer tier treasure and by lv 20 junk box is no longer obtainable increasing the odd of other chest,this is roughly the content of each chest:
+Junk:Very low tier healing item and equipment from the default town and varely any coin.
+Common:Basically the same as current box.
+Rare:Ok ammout of money,common status item is removed from item pool,random equipment from every store you visit.
+Magic:% of your money,no item beside elixir and life herb(maybe more if i reach late game store),Custom made equipment that have unquie passive and even trasure map to secret treasure.
+Legendary:Stupid ammound of money,50 of each usable item,10 of each nuts,10 of each scroll but if you are really really lucky then unquie LEGENDARY EQUIPMENT can be obtain that grant completely new skill to chosen wearer and also scale with the user.

_Trap:Trap is now a counter and your team mate is bait,choose 1 member and if they get attack the trap activate so the trap have to be super strong to compensate and certain trap can be activate even if enemy self heal or buff.

_After each battle beside finding coin and random chest he can also find Random spring water that heal party,found an ambush so next battle you are first strike,random note that may reveal potential treasure.

_At lv15 he learn mug which let him attack and steal at same time,at lv20 he learn multi steal which let you target 2 enemy to steal,lv25 learn multi mug,lv30 steal all and lv35 learn mug all but the catch is stealing from multiple enemy reduce the chance of getting a chest overall.

_When use on boss it give 5 chest(each are roll differently).
_When use on Epic boss it give 3 chest but guarentee to be rare or up quality.

4)Driud:Honestly they are pretty viable but their utility is overkill so maybe make enemy harder to justify,they also have bless which restore minor HP and MP but more importantly if it worked when ally die they get revive,the precent chance of it working is low but if paprty is low HP it will work more often and the more people die the more bless work.

_Like wizard they can also consume scroll to use in dungeon.

5)Ranger:Nerf his damage output abit but up their magic and now They give unquie buff to party depend on terrain(idk all of the teerain so forgive if i make mistake)
_Forest give Life drain on your attack or spell but only at 10% effectiveness.
_Fire will convert 20% your damage to true damage.(true damage ignore all armor/imuunity)
_Swamp will give you 50% status resist and 25% eliment resist.
_Water will start you with a shield that black all damage but only recharge every 10 turn.
_Dark area give you 20% HP execution even boss wont immune.
_Earth will make you counter all attack with regular attack.
_Cave will make increase your speed if more enemy appear.
_Rain heal you for 25% of damage taken.

_Ranger also have hidden benefit,because he so in tune with nature every diggable spot will now have additional clue like bird churping,wind guiding you,leaf in 1 spot,.....

_Remove most negative effect that 99% will end in party wipe example death,sleep,numb,.....

_Every 5 level Harlequinn earn a Delete point,what it does is let you delete any potential effect from any card that you like(card still need to have 2 effect and you can only delete 1 effect from every card)

_At lv 15 all gambol skill now can be last for 3 turn(so every turn you get a party heal or enemy get to sleep)but each of the cast now cost x2 MP,you can toggle this on and off.

_At lv 30 all gambol skill is permanent until you switch to another one but each cast of it is now 2.5x MP and you can still toggle it.

7)Engineer:Lower his base stat abit but:
_Can now wear any equipment beside Hero exlusive equipment.
_If you have drill you can drill boulder basically negating some puzzle.
_Moving tile can be turn off by him.
_Throughout your journey you find a bunch of broken item,engineer can fix it but with a price.

_Raise corpse can now be use on enemy for friend:If use on enemy that already dead you can choose 1 enemy can basically they became your ally for the battle,if use on teammate they will be revive with full HP but have the "zombie" status.

_Corpse explosion:Now explode ally/enemy inflict with zombie status and deal massive damage to enemy.

_New skill"Dark Pulse":Deal massive damage to living enemy.

_Mixing item now discarded after battle but mixing is now WAY more powerful and provide unquie benefit.

_Coin toss now deal your party MISSING HP to all enemy.(money lost is alway a smal % of your total money)

_Ronin attack scale with both physical and magic so you really need some hybrid item.

_Magic now change to self buff which buff 2 of your stat randomly or grant his attack status effect.

10)Shapeshifter:You know for a class that literally name shape shiter why the hell can they can only turn into wolf? Give them way more form to choose:
_Wolf:Increase attack/speed,damage increase when party member die,evasion increase at night.

_Bear:Massive attack increase,HP increase,feel "sleepy" in winter area,prority enemy that attack it.

_Cheetah:Massive speed increase,attack have higher priority than enemy attack even if they barely go first but due to lack of stamina this form last 1/2 as long and make you "weak" afterward.

_Elephant:Attack increase,MASSIVE HP increase and can attack all enemy but it need alot of energy so it will drain MP everyturn until the tranformation ran out.

_Insect:Have the ability to float which negate earth but is weak to wind,increase evasion and attack can cause status effect,attack can also heal you,due to insect low life span their tranformation time is 1/3 as long.

_Crocodile:Speed decrease on land,Increase when in water or rain,increase def and resistent to earth,light,Fire(since they thrive when it hotter)and is weak to ice,Because it bite force is so huge that it pirece def and even can damage ghost.

_SECRET animal Tardigrades: If you dont know what it is look it up but HP is reduce to 1,Def is massively increase,immune to all status effect and all elemental attack the only way to damage it is with fixed damage,pirece attack or a really strong non elemental attack but while it def is amazing it cant attack or use item,this tranformation also last infintely unless you change to another animal.

11)Mesmer:Have exclusive buff spell but before that:
_Attack passively has a chance to debuff/status enemy and you can attack teammate for random buff/remedy.

_Reverse battle:Reserve the battle back to turn 1 with all item intact but only usable once.

_Turn back:Go back 2 turn before.(can only use once)

_Status immune:Make a party member immune to debuff/status change including buff(except from equipment)

_MP regen:One member recover MP overtime(cant use on self)

_Crit up:Increase a member crit chance for several turn,if they crit without it then increase crit damage for 1 turn.

12)What the last class that is replacing the black knight/paladin place? well a entirely new class name COSMIC MAGE and it has very unquie skill that non of the other class came close to having:

_Firstly it stat:It has unify stat,what this mean that all of it stat are away the same regardless of equipment or buff,example is they start out with 55 to all stat and every lv up all their stat gain the same so at lv2 they gain 10 to all stat for example.When you equip something that boost 1 stat it will increase all other stat to match it for example equipping a 150 power weapon will increase all it stat by 150 but it can be broken so all equipment worn by them are 1/3 as effective,any buff basically turn into heroic but nay debuff also turn into indept.

_For equipment because their gimmick is so unquie they MUST able to wear alot of equipment so player can experiment with the class.

_It normal attack scale with 1/5 of all your stat(including MP and HP) combine)

_Defend turn into "Phase Out" which negate 1 attack no matter how weak or strong it is.

+For thir skill they have a few but very impactful skill that are space theme:(IMPORTANT: You can only use any skill 3 time in total before you cant access the menu anymore)
_Worm hole:For as long as it active all projectile will be suck
into it.
_Black hole:Remove all status change on both enemy and party basically resetting everyone to neutral(unless the buff come from equipment)
_Light speed:Move so fast you run into enemy dealing massive damage but also killing yourself.
_Astreroid:Deal massive non elemental magic damage make the area unhabitable dealing constant damage to party and tbe damage increase whenever you use the skill again.
_BIG BANG:MASSIVE explosion that deal max damage to all enemy and leave all your party member dead except for you at 1 HP.
_Dark matter:Mysterious matter that shatter reality and buff one member dealing true damage from every attack.
_Gamma-Ray burst:Massive explosion that emit light so bright it blind everyone regardless of immunity.
_Solar Wind:Deal MASSIVE mixed fire/wind/holy element to all enemy.
_High Tide:Deal MASSIVE water damage to all enemy and make them wet which Electric attack deal 2x daamage but make them resist fire.
_Atom scan:Scan all enemy revealing it weakness/immunity and stat,all scan enemy take 5% damage.
_Star fall:Bunch of shotting star falling dealing medium physical damage to all enemy but also heal your party for 10% of damage dealt.

This is all for now wait for update later for new weapon,armor or item.

Hero's Realm

well i guess i can live with that cursed sword for now until i come into a dungeon with dark resist...............

Hero's Realm: Heroic Edition

no prob i will give idea for basic class later and maybe class?

also the overall game change can still be updated once im further ahead or even encounter thing that can be improved

Hero's Realm: Heroic Edition

Ok now here some tweak/balance i can suggest for the basic class(im still at the class upgrade temple):

Hero:Ok they should atleast keep healing spell incase your party lack it but maybe they can have special affinity with a certain element:

The ranger hero:He is wind elemental so he get a 15% evasion boost right of the bat he also can learn some wind magic that is unquie like:
_Wind barrier:can deflect most ranged attack,it can reduce the impact of physical attack aswell but eventually it will break if damaged too much which make that person get dizzy so he skip a turn or dissapear on it own.
_Air pressure:Fill enemy with air if their air is too much they exploded and ista dead but the bigger the enemy the more time you need to do this.
_Wind speed:speed you up x3 time but only last 1 turn.
_Push:push enemy in back row or vice versa.
_Float:gain immunity to earth based attack plus evasion boost.

The magus hero:She is fire elemental so she get 10% atk and mag increase her unquie spell is like:
_Molten shield:Party get shielded by enemey physical attack but they can be break by both magic and physical.
_Combust:Fire a missle then after a turn explode violently ealing massive damage
_Hot terrain:Make ice attack weaker while it active.
_Fire spread:Apply burn to all enemy if they already got burn upgrade it into deep burn which addition to taking hp also make taking action deal damage.
_Flame up:Party ATB after taking an action is increase to 50%.

THe ninja hero:He is lightning elemental and using normal attack and item only consume 50% ATB and his special power are:
_Lightning touch:Elec someone in party,if they got hit the monster get numb instantly.
_Zip zap:Instantly give someone a turn.
_Energize:Someone get MP regen.
_Burst of power:Give next hit 200% power but ATB is slow for 1 turn.
_Electrified:Put it on a enemy if their party use support skill on them they will get damaged instead.

The monk hero:He is earth element so his party will get less back attack and he get first strike more due to him able to sense his surrounding but if met a enemy he cant first strike he gain 15% HP regen.
_Rock armor:Gain 2x armor and magic resist but if armor break you take 2x damage for a few turn so it risk/reward.
_Quicksand:Slowly consume enemy,enemy that attack more often get consume quicker so it punish agility enemy.
_Mud armor:reduce fire damage
_Rock bind:Prevent enemy from moving so they cant use closed range attack.
_Meteror:Once per battle summon a meteror that extremely hurt enemy but also damage your party

Each of them also get a LIMIT BREAK that charge slowly overtime(or faster if low health or party take damage):
_The huntress:
+WIND ARROW: charge up a arrow that enchance with the wind making it deal tremendous dmaage to all damage plus you get your ATB bar back instantly.
+HURRICANE:MASSIVE hurricane that can take away weaker enemy and stronger enemy get significant damage plus weaken their next hit by 50%.
+FREE AS THE WIND:Buff party evasion,speed,reduce MP cost by 50% for limited time.

_The magus:
+MOLTEN LAVA:Summon lava to damage all enemy plus binding them for a few turn.
+SOLAR FLARE:Create fire so powerful it blind all enemy through immunity and also burned them too.
+FIRE RING:Throw fire ring at 1 enemy then pull to bind them,as long as you keep binding the enemy wont escape,stronger enemy will eventually broke it making you numb ad ofcourse binding enemy leave you wide open for attack.

-The ninja:
+LIGHTNING SHURIKEN STROM:Create a strom of ninja star covered with electricity that both damage enemy and make whenever they attack have a chance to be numb.
+LIGHTNING STRIKE:strike a single foe with your lightning blade for 10 time.
+FUN NOT OVER:All buff will stayed active for 10 turns.

_The monk:
+INNER PEACE:Your mind is calm letting you focus for 2 turn,during those turn damage to to your party make the move stronger,finally after 2 turn he release a massive punch dealing base damage+ 500% of damage to party.
+GOLEM:All party ride on the golem with all their HP combine and the golem take the highest stat of each party as his base stat,it lose 10% HP every turn and cant heal,once golem gone your party HP is at 1.
+EARTH PROTECT:Party cant take more than 50%HP of damage per turn.

This is all for now i will updated it at a later date

Hero's Realm

man finding the savefile for easyrpg is a nightmare lol

Hero's Realm

He is a ninja :P

Yeah make sense he can tranform into a girl