If I ever get any of my games to a decent state, I'll try putting them here.

...That might be a while.



Persona: Inescapable Fate

Sounds really cool. Looking forward to it.

Without going into personal details,

I won't pry or anything, but I certainly hope things get better for you.

Demon Slayer: Revelations

You did not seriously just make a Last Bible reference.

Thoughts of a Deceased Crawler

It's minor, but I personally prefer first person battle systems. Other than that I like it.

I'm Scared of Girls Final Version Released

Just downloaded it, it already seems like a major improvement...and I already liked the original version.

Building I'm Scared of Girls Patch

Is it a new ending, or the one that's already in?

Building I'm Scared of Girls Patch

Good to hear, I'm looking forward to this.


That one's nice too, I think it might be better, actually.


I'm assuming he's going to throttle me.


It's an accessory icon, a ring is pretty appropriate for that. It's kind of unreasonable to have a different icon for every single accessory when you can just have one to just show that it's an accessory.