If I ever get any of my games to a decent state, I'll try putting them here.

...That might be a while.



Final Version is Released!

Okay, time to see if I can distract myself from Tactics Ogre and God Eater long enough to beat this. Bet it won't be a problem.


I'm really liking this, but I seem to have come across an issue. In two different files, my allies and I got nothing at all after leveling up. Level 6 on the first and 4 on the second.

Blog 17: Seraphic Blue (1st Half ) is now up!!

Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

EDIT: Cannot open file Ep44_LBCutsceneC.

Got this during the intro, sorry.

New version uploaded, and a question

Gah, sorry, I should've thought. I think the dead creature is still there, though, let me check.

EDIT: ...Nope, gone. Sorry about that.

New version uploaded, and a question

Yes, the first room in the Executive Wing. I tried it again and got the same result. There are three creatures in that fight, though, so I'll try and see if the same happens with them. Otherwise I guess I'll just keep going.

EDIT: Tried it, the others were fine. The one that didn't work had a blue uniform and was unarmed, if that means anything.

Blog 16: Seraphic Blue (1st half) will be released on Christmas Day

Gonna be an awesome Christmas by the looks of things. Looking forward to it!

New version uploaded, and a question

Script 'Z - Window_Inventory' line 80: TypeError occurred.

cannot convert nil to String

Got this when attempting to loot a creature in Chapter 3.

Approaching the End: Quick Questionnaire

I'm a bit late, but here goes.

I adore bestiaries. I'm not even kidding, I love them. So long as it's not something you'd hate doing, I am in full support of that.

I also really like postgame stuff, specifically stuff like as you said, the Hell Gate. A huge place full of lovely treasure.

So yes, both sound like excellent ideas to me and would get me even more psyched.

New demo available

That did the trick. Liking it so far.

New demo available

"RGSS104E.dll could not be found."

Got this when I tried to run it.