Dragoon Legacy

So yeah, I don't need and don't really want your shitty "EDITS",, I can manage, I just honestly did not even realize they were you own doing. I simply wanted final fantasy graphics, like I always have! So tell me what to take out, I don't really give a shit let the baby have his bottle.


I swear these just look like Blackmoon Prophecy fan pictures.

Umm, no, remember an old game called FF4?? Thats where my inspiration came from. Don't flatter yourself I played your game for like twenty minutes.


Hello to my edits.

Which ones ? Ill just get something better

Dragoon Legacy

That "Baelin" monster was created as custom work for Blackmoon Prophecy as a custom monster. It was COMMISSIONED, meaning real dough was forked over for it. Get that out of your game and stop mining my freaking game for resources. I'm seeing tons of edits and shit from my game in here.

Not really intentional to be honest, I just wanted FF4-FF5 graphics and your game folder had pretty much everything I was looking for. If not from yours I would of took them from somewhere else dude - It was just easier to import from something I had on my harddrive than scourge the internet for rips which by the way most of your game consists of. You don't see any butthurt asian final fantasy artists sending you hatemail do you? If you want me to remove that monster no problem, I just thought it was from a final fantasy game like EVERYTHING ELSE IN YOUR GAME including the fucking NAME. Get real and dont be such a hypocrit. I knew I should of just redownloaded my old project FF4 Fangame which had all ff4 graphics which is what I wanted and the game would of ended up being pretty much the same quality without you getting all crybaby about it. I honestly thought you would not mind, seeing and we both invisioned the same type of fangame, i didnt take any of you ideas pal this was always my style of game for RPG Maker. Don't flatter yourself because I impported from a game that was just convienient for me at the time!


Yeah, I was thinking the same myself.. limited to the tileset which I was using.. so in the final release I will probably either do some editing or find a similar tileset that suits my needs. Thanks for the input!

The Screenshot Topic Returns

author=King of Games
Some mockups I did for an indie game called "Alacrity Mission."

Had a lot of fun designing the tiles/environments.

Not much to say about these other than they are all fantastic! Im glad you had fun designing and working on this, thats what this whole things all about aint it? having fun doing what you love! Looks great too.

Anyways, here's an underground camp thing I'm working on:

The Screenshot Topic Returns


Looks great, man! Very eye catching colours and the graphics flow well.


Anyways, dunno if anybody remembers me or not from GW (GamingWorld), my account name was Brad. Released several demos but the only one that has survived to date is FF4 Fangame.. which wasn't all that great considering my abilities to be honest!

Anyways, decided to get back into rpgmaker for whatever reason, and for the past few months been working hard at my project "Dragoon Legacy", which so far is turning out fantastic and looks to be my highest quality game to date. It's getting really close to a demo, and with the pace that I am working on it with the motivation I have seemed to aquired, I expect a full game release by 2014. So far progress has been better than any other game that I have worked on in the past, where in just a few months I have created over 55 maps, 80 battle animations, 75 skills, 50 monsters, over 80 unique final fantasy-like items and much more.. each feature individually paid much attention to detail to, never rushed!

Here's an early gameplay video, keep in mind that it is early, and I have gone through and updated everything since:

Just created the game page for it as well, so if you want to check it out that would be cool!

My main goal for this game was to make it enjoyable. I wanted to make something that I would want to play, and with the hopes that all you will enjoy it as well. Look forward to getting any feedback and you can all expect a demo release soon!

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