Hi, I'm Terry!
I've started working on an RPG-Maker Horror game called Wintertwined in 2019.
Slowly it's been coming together, but it might be a while before it's done!
This is my first RPG Maker project, so it might have a few hiccups, but I´m here to learn!
When Winter and Giles find themselves stuck in a cabin during a snowstorm, they discover it's horrific history.



RMN Christmas Card 2020

Does the '256 color palette' Also apply to the character sprites?
And are faces allowed?

[RMMV] Can't see Hud/images with Terrax Lighting.

Figured the Balloon Icon out, I made a tile light up with a plugin command.
but the Health Bar is still a mystery to me

[RMMV] Can't see Hud/images with Terrax Lighting.

Hi, I need some help with a very specific issue i've been getting stuck on for a while now.
Terrax Lightning works wonders for the most parts, but I want my game to have;

A. HUD/Healthbar
B. Balloon Icons

These are however nearly impossible to see with my current set up, I can't find a way to overwrite the dark layer to a layer or two below.
(Image priority, Say Hud = layer 1, Balloon = layer 2 and Terrax = layer 3)
At the moment, I can't see the healthbar in game, and the balloon icon barely stands out. (but they are there!)
The Healthbar is a common event (parallel process), Using the ''Show Image'' command

(EX1 is in-game, EX2 is how I want it)
Is there a way to change the priority of these images/animations so that they become visible?
Many thanks in advance!

Small Update

Hi there!!! OMG, I am so relieved you're ok! Take care and don't overwork yourself.

Thank you! I promise to take it slowly :D


Looks really good

Thank you!


Hi can I play your game on my Yt channel when it comes out so excited

Yes of course! I plan te release a Demo at some point, you could give it a go once that releases ^^


How come I have never seen this until now! Looks really promising. *subscribed*
Thank you so much! I really appreciate it ^o^
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