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When Winter and Giles arrive at an old, abandoned house in the middle of the frozen woods, hungry eyes stare them down.
At that time, going in seemed like the only option
The horrors of winter reveal the true nature of mankind, you're not alone, you're abandoned.

- Mount Sero -

Mount Sero will be a narrative focussed, puzzle horror game.
You take control of Winter, a stubborn, people shy young adult, who's struggling to stay alive during an apocalypse.

In order to make it out alive, you'll have to solve puzzles and explore dangerous locations.

- Development -

It could take awhile before it's done, as I'm only able to work on the game once a week. This is my very first RPG-Maker Game, So please forgive any rough edges. All the spritework for the game is original too, hence the slow progress

Note: The game might be sold commercially later down the line, IF I deem the final product worthwhile. Unfortunately, I cannot make promises about that as of now.

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