Hiya!This is YouChou Entame Workshop.



Time traveler (Remake)

I'm so crazy at playing yume nikki-type games(and then ripping some characters and other assets out of them,blending with our imagination,crediting their creators,and using them in our projects(^ω~).)I'm also interested in making OHR crossovers.
I give it 5 out of 5 hearts,cuz I bet it does look like my favorite freakin' game,with the title in L33T5P34K,a little kitty as a protagonist,plenty loads of clothes,non-playables that have funny phrases,cuties and creepies blended together,and a HORRIFYING map that is kinda red and rockin'!.I'm also it's biggest fan,that I turn it into a fantasy-rpg which is known as YouChou Gothic Fairytales III.

Upcoming Project:RPG Maker YouChou

Someone explain how to remove that junk post(not above,but this post)
Regular users cannot remove posts. You may be able to "hide" them on a gampage, but not outright remove them. Though, I think Liberty (who's a mod) has been known to remove duplicate posts on occasion?
So,how can I hide a post?Even if I can't,then I'll replace'em all w/ random kaomoji(・ω・)

Upcoming Project:RPG Maker YouChou

RPG Maker YouChou is the YouChou-themed remake of RPG Tsukuru GB.This program uses LSD files as game projects and set-up games.

The project is currently in progress,we plan to release it around April!
It's also the first program of ours to have its own Tumblr page!
Current version:0.00(Private)
Development begin date:Today

Upcoming Project:RPG Maker YouChou

Someone explain how to remove that junk post(not above,but this post)


Just compare the last third letter of "relationship" with the last letter of "network".( ^ω^* )


LMAO,Caz,It's "relationship".(>▽<*)


Wut? I wish I could in other games (> ω <*)

RMN: Make My Score~<3

I wanted to add pink dogs but libby doesn't want me to :<
It would be cuter.(¬ ω ¬)


And then find your name,then choose it.(*^ω^)


I likened the map to the magical candelabra I'll be designing.(*^ω^)And adding to one of my NES Jam games.