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The very interesting feature of this game is same looking bunnies with different personalities.I usually get fooled by the character's beauties in other games,because their personalities are more dominant than their appearance.As for the bunnies in the game they're both cute and funny-behaving because they may be addicted to flowers,especially forest spirits that are so foolish.^_^
I rate this game for 4.5 out of 5 hearts.<3

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Well,because I'm new at submissions.Could you find out the problem with my game's description?|> ω <|

Upcoming Project:YouChou Character Creator 2003

Is this a program that generates RPG 2003 characters?

Yes,this is a text-based charset generation program,inspired by RM VXA's charset generator.
To export it,follow these steps;
1.Press Alt+Prt Sc,make sure you are running it on window mode.
2.Copy the generated charset
3.Create a new 320*240 canvas on a painting program(preferably GraphicsGale),paste the charset to upper left corner and fill all empty/checkered areas with first colour in the palette"Note that when creating a new canvas make sure first set the color depth to 15-bit then 8-bit
4.Save as a PNG file and then it's ready to be used in RM 2003 games (^_^)

Upcoming Project:YouChou Character Creator 2003

The Purimari's workshop has started the development of YouChou Character Creator 2003.If you want to learn which version of this program we are going to release,it's 0.1,the demo version.This version will feature 3 built-in bases,9 base template slots,3 colors per base,3 eyes per base,2 accessories per base,3 colors per accessory,3 BGMS,3 backgrounds and 2 minigames.

Development Progress
*Version : 0.07
*Bases Completed: 12/12
*Base Colors: 12/12
*Eyes: 12/12
*Accessory: 1/24
*Accessory Colors: 3/72
*BG Musics: 2/3
*Backgrounds: 2/3
*Minigames: 1/2
*Faceset Editor:No
*Battle Charset Editor:No

Full Version (v.1) Goal
*Bases Completed: 50
*Base Colors: 10
*Eyes: 10
*Accessory: 250
*Accessory Colors: 2250 (You May Not Believe This Program Uses So Many Pictures.)
*BG Musics: 4
*Backgrounds: 9
*Minigames: 6
*Faceset Editor:Yes
*Battle Charset Editor:Yes

*Graphics: 100% Made by YouChouEntame, GraphicsGale
*Soundtrack: 100% Made by YouChouEntame, FamiTracker
*Inspired by: RPG Maker VX Ace's Character Generator, most NES videogames(for minigames)
*Engine: RPG Maker 2003
*Website: Prim Fairy Tales

If you want to suggest us something,then ask to us in our website (^_^)

Pixel Oscar 2: Mask of Nightmares

So, I've been playing this game a little bit, but after defeating the first boss of the game (the two birds) it immediately crashes with the error of "Script 'Cache' line 80: RGSSError occurred. failed to create bitmap".

On another note, you might want to consider linking the game download with the standard download page and not only as a link in the game description since, even though you've marked the game as 'complete', some people may see that it has '0 total downloads' and simply pass over it while assuming that a download isn't actually available.
Because this game's size has exceeded 450 MB.Thank you for commenting :3
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