Blackmoon Prophecy II

Hi, its me again,
hope i am helping.
I trashed my old game and unzipped a new one, it seemed to work, but after i went in a quest for bigs ( the lycosadae one) and went to the dungeon the game crashed again, after a fight with two lycosadae,
thanks, andre

Blackmoon Prophecy II

Yeah, don't use old saves. They're definitely incompatible.

What were you doing when the crash occurred on the new save?

I was walking in the world map,the first time it was near the first city and the second it was near the city were they fight ixion,
now it happened after a fight with three goblins west of denmarch,
the screen was black and the music was playing but I couldn´t do anything in the computer, only move the mouse cursor. after fighting two wolfs near denmarch the instruction 0x10111a1cdid reference to the memory 0x000fb0 and couldnt be read, error 103
hope this help

thanks, André

Blackmoon Prophecy II


I was playng the demo with my old save from demo 1, after walking a little in the world map the game crashed, the screen was black with the mouse cursor that i could move in the screen, but I had to reboot de computer.
So I played the game from the beginning, did a new save but it ocurred again.
I think it is a bug!!

By the way thanks for the game, I really love blackmoon prophecy,

In Search of Freedom

Love the game,
It is very fun to play!!

Final Quest - The disciple's journey

Just finished the game,
it is a great game the history, and engine are very
funny, waiting for a sequel !

Thnaks for the good time!!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for testers.

I think I can help too,
played the demo and he first game.
I would like to play the beta version!!
It is what a beta test do right?


Blackmoon Prophecy II

Finished the demo now the answers!
1. 2:37 hours
2. 4 and 5
3. just right
4. Yes
5. The characters and history
6. the grafics I prefer it like Blackmoon one
7. I omly found only a few ( reiner in the end of the demo walking in the wrong direction after defeating the boss!!
8. I really liked the demo, and I am waiting for more, but I really like ff sounds and sprites like the ones from the blackmoon I, I am a little nostalgic. I couldnt stop to play the demo untill the end.

Blackmoon Prophecy II

Yeah, I think it happened after a battle with the two character blind
Now I managed to pass the cave and went to the new town, when I got the permission
to the tunel, the screen turn black and don´t come back, but I can talk to the
npc´s there and go to the status screen!!
Being addicted to the game, great beggining story!

Blackmoon Prophecy II

Enjoying the demo, but there were two times
when the game freeze after a fight in the cave!