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Collect body parts to please your Lovecraftian horror-parent.




Regular human children are made out of flesh. That's a normal, non-noteworthy thing. Flesh is what people of all ages are generally covered in from head to toe.

So you made a game where that's not the case, where the most obvious noteworthy aspect of the children is that they are made from non-flesh, and named it Fleshchild.

This isn't disparagement! Keep doing what you're doing, if there's a reason for it! I'm just intrigued.

To be absolutely honest, I don't know why I named it the way I did lol. Maybe because they are strange meaty things but not human? and they're "children" of the parent entity. The actual term "fleshchild" does actually pop up from time to time, specifically I see "fleshchild of innoruuk" on google a lot, which has nothing to do with my game and I was surprised such a term was like, google-searchable.

Thinking more specifically, when I think of flesh as a word, I think more of like, "a soft malleable wet inner dermis layer, connected to the fat and muscle". It fits to their actual bodies a lot! Skin is too specific, and meat, while a good word, has too much connection to food. So they fit perfectly in the fleshy sort of uncanny valley of skin terminology. :v

Also they wear the skin of people as disguises by squeezing their blobby meaty forms inside them so there's that too!


When I first looked at this, I saw a little girl in a maid outfit xD I was confused as to why she was wiping her face with her apron...

Was it supposed to be a monster of some sort? Or was my first impression correct?

She's a kind of robot! It's a cosmetic effect she can equip, and this gif is her showing her heart.


Neat. FYI I didn't need to click on it to animate. Are you using Netscape browser or something? xD

Nah I'm actually using chrome! I meant click to animate as in, if people see the thumbnail, they should click to see this page and the animation? I dunno lol.


BEAUTIFUL detail! c:
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