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I created games as a hobby and a way to express myself artistically. I got my start by making The Looking Glass, a fan game based on the indie game Yume Nikki. I have also made Fleshchild, Jasei no In, and The Huntress of the Hollow. My games focus on art and narratives based on my life and interests. They are usually heavy in story and experimental design.

I have been on hiatus as of 2016, but please feel free to browse my works and websites. Eventually I may arrange them into a professional portfolio, so until then please excuse any quirks as just a piece of my history as an artist and game developer.
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[RM2K3] Transfer Player shows previous map before moving player?

Hey there! I have some issues with a custom menu I'm making in RM2k3 (steam edition). I never had issues with this before steam, but all of a sudden rpg maker doesn't want to work with me?

I disabled the menu, and assigned the X key as a "exit custom menu" button. What the event is supposed to do is teleport the player from the menu map back to the target map, and it sort of does. However, instead of doing it seamlessly, the game will hide and show the screen of the menu, before actually teleporting the player. What's annoying is that I'm using almost the same programming I used for the player to access the menu in the first place!

Here's a gif of the bug:

Here's the programming I used to enter the menu map:

And here's the exit programming that's giving me trouble for no reason I can figure out:

Even if I put a "wait" function to 1 second, the game will still do what the gif shows above.

The menu itself consists of 3 overlapping pictures. The player is surrounded on either side by a touch event to make the menu scroll through music choices, and the tile they stand on allows them to play and pause the music at will. I'm pretty sure those events don't affect anything with this bug, but I wanted to mention it anyway.

If anyone has any ideas, it would be great to hear them, and thank you!
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