well I'm not new to RPG making however I don't have any particular skill in scripting. looking for a scripter. Iam great a spriting though.
Pudymon Nightmare
A Pokemon based game



Pudymon Nightmare

this is on hold until i either learn to script properly or finish with helping out another pokemon game. pokemon mica.

Pokemon Roster

All of the sprites aren't complete yet, but all the concepts are.
The ones with missing sprites will be filled with sprites once they are done.

Ah Ha makes sense!
thank you for clarifying that.

Pokemon: Shards of the Orichalcos


p.s. im not sure how up to date you are, but theres a new pokemon region called isshu. it will be the 5th generation of pokemon.

I believe its pronounced Unova.

Pokemon Roster

I noticed that there are names and places as well as typing for some of them however they seem to be missing sprites..Is this intentional?

Main Characters

I made a customized version of Eric!
what do you guys think?
I changed his hair color and gave him a red wind breaker.

[RMXP] [SCRIPTING] Need help! Looking for a script!

yeah i should probably give up on this until i have more knowledge of how scripting works.