Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost

You should make a bestiary so we can know ehere to get certain drops...

Also, where to get a Dream blade? I never found one in my last playthrough...

Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost

Seriously,. that trerasuere game needs more time... or a map! How do you get to those tinymedlas?! I can only get to the ones on the far left and right!

Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost

WHOA... Sorry for doublepost, but what is the reccomended level for Deathtrap? I couldn't even TOUCH him!

Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost

Thanks. I was afraid you weren't checking this page anymore...

Any advice for DEathTemplar? He is MEAN... And where can I get a sleep blade?

Also I skipped Tumbleweed, which means another run through alter for all medals. Next time,. I get those iron boots, so that stupid mountain doesn't make me rage and skip... Also, does it matter if Tumbleweed flees? Or does that mean I failed?

Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost

It's been a long time, and I picked this up again.

Why does the Remains attack me, whether I say I am honest or dishonest? What choices at this point determines whether I am honest or dis?

I told the knight that Deadking ordered the delivery, and I never was allowed to tell the king that his knights chose to stay behind...?

Fable of Heroes II: The Dark Ritual

This game froze my computer when I tried loading it.

Super Mario RPG: The Starlite Worlds

Say, where is the Conspicuous Goomba's friend?

Super Mario RPG: The Starlite Worlds

How do I tattle on enemies in this? I only have the extra info on the first dark goomba I fought. Is there a way to get added info onthe other enemies?

The Logomancer

Still can't figure it out.... Those pictures mean something, but darn if I can figure it out...

I HAVE figured out how to replicate the picture ractice chest, and I found the eye in there by accident,

Coul I have some help on converting that picture?

Tried 1324, but that makes a number WAY too big, so I must be interpreting it incorrectly....

The Logomancer

Could I please get some hints for the puzzle in the water cave? The one with the journal for the armorer? I know there are enough clues in the books around the place, but I just am not intelligent enough to crack the. ..... Also, why is there no walkthrough, that would help a LOT.