Final Fantasy: Sky Warriors

Is there any way to prevent Alexander's Stasis skill? It just paralyzed me and leisurely pulverized me with its fade skill

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy

Hmmm, how come sometimes when a character gets KOed, when I revive them, they cannot move anymore? Thier ATB fills, but they remain unusable?

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy

1. Where did I get this chalice from?

2. Filled it with water at Mt Mysidia, what is it for?


Is the Chocobo Race Track rigged? Tried betting 20 times, and each time, my choice came in last or third.


Where do I take the long string, again??

FAQ / Walkthrough

If Raj is walking through walls, all you need to do is open any actual door with the confirmation button. Such as the one in the well in Skatmandu. Once you do, Raj will begin obeying the rules again./

Dragon Fantasy

Dragon Fantasy

PLEASE don't make metal slimes so strong again... I hit the thing for 15 hp, AND it killed 2 of my party members before it ran, AND it seemed immune to crits, sheesh. Just run if you meet them early on.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Where is the Brigand's Glove? I missed it.

Also, is the boss before you get jailed meant to be unwinnable? I got a genji Glove for managing a win.

The Tiamat Sacrament

Guess I'll not get to see the secret ending... sigh...
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