The Screenshot Topic Returns

Thanks. I'm not sure where it's from though. If I find out, I'll let you know.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

I'm not sure if it has proper back of roof tiles. It was from the RTP addon.

[Poll] Cute little fat guys from RPGs

@TurkeyDawg I thought I was the only one that played popful mail, lol.

I was just rewatching DBZ. There is a dbz rpg game, so it still counts.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Thanks. I think it's mainly the back of the rooftops.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Looking to improve my mapping.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I'm currently playing Rogue Legacy. It's a fun game. I also play some Touhou every now and then. Video of me beating the last boss on normal mode: (After so much frustration, tears and... other bad stuff)

Secret of Stormlot 2

Yes, from there you go back to the first area and walk behind the bush to exit.

I've added a new demo that includes a higher drop rate and allows you to choose "Wait" or "Active". If even demonlord had trouble with the game than maybe it is a bit too hard. I don't think that the escape command is necessary because it's touch encounters, so you can just avoid battles (mostly). The fire scroll was made for moments when the mage runs out of mp.


The chipset had no doors so I had to use charsets. This was the best I could find that didn't clash too much (or clashed the least lol) with the houses.

Secret of Stormlot 2

Yeah, like demonlord said, I thought everyone knew I was making a sequel. Although I don't make public announcements much, I admit.

I've made a few improvements based on the advice you gave for the first game and some of my own additions to the game-play. When I finish the game, I'll be sure to let you know and beta-test it, however I don't plan on releasing any demo (at the moment).


What also applies to the rebels? America and the western world has been SUPPORTNG the rebels so it would be very hypocritical to invade Syria based on what their boys did. The rebels have been caught with chemical weapons in many cases and their is even youtube videos of them using chemical weapons on a rabbit.

I don't care if their limited strikes anyway. This invasion isn't about self-defence. It's about the west now declaring the possibility of an open invasion because their hired mercenaries (Al-qaeda and the rebels) have failed to oust Assad.

If your getting sick of hearing about it, then maybe you should read something else and stop supporting more pointless wars.