It's opened, just so you know. Two of your three screen shots have spelling mistakes in them. Maybe if the message box wasn't transparent, it'd be easier to read. There's also a mapping glitch behind the two angel statues. Otherwise, looks good.


What the... fudge is that?! Reminds me of Yoda, even though I've never seen Star Wars.


Do a barrel roll!

Muammar Gaddafi Defeated

My point was that Ghaddafi wasn't the brutal dictator that today's newspaper says he was.

Until he ordered the Libyan army to attack all civilians without discrimination over peaceful protests that wanted to put an end to his 40+ year (Outliving approximately 5 American presidents in office) dictatorship. Why would Gaddafi cling onto power so desperately that he would even allow the gunning down of women and children?

It is important to note that Libyans asked the international community for help. Intervention wasn't a one-sided decision.

The Arab League called for the U.S and other nations to impose a no-fly zone in Libya. Libyans believed that they would have a much better chance capturing Gaddafi if it was about ground combat. But the operation caused many civilian deaths and infrastructure damages in the process.

As for the reason America and other nations got involved there is no clear answer. But there is almost no doubt in my mind that the agreement for intervention was not to protect civilians but so that America and countries within Britain could resume oil production as soon as possible. Some countries had even set plans for this while Rebels were fighting off Gaddafi. Libya has the ninth largedt oil reserves in the world.

I just don't buy the whole 'America is playing the hero, always protecting civilians from aggressive dictators and human rights violaters' argument, when their invasion of Iraq led to countless civilian deaths amounting to multiple times more than 9/11 on both sides. Also when other countries like Israel violate human right policies by also killing countless Palestinian civilians in a response to rid Palestine of terrorists which only makes things worse, America along with Britain just tend to sit on the spectator seat or even supply Israel with weapons.

This may seem like I'm going off topic but, I believe that these situations are very similar. The only difference being these situations involve one country destroying lives of another country, but I don't see how that makes it anymore right.

My point is there is no clear reason for Americas agreement for intervention when they've never cared enough for human right violations in the past enough to act on them. If America is not playing the hero, then what is their intention? (Hint O_ _)

Muammar Gaddafi Defeated

Hilary Clinton was so shocked by this.

Also, the real reason for intervention from the U.S and other countries was most likely because of the large oil reserves in Libya.

German game: In the heart of darkness: first game with gay characters?

I am fine with gay characters (one of my best friends is gay) but find it rather odd that the characters being gay is being considered somehow a major factor in how the game is being advertised. If that's the most noteworthy thing about the game, then I don't see why the game is even worth talking about.

Basically I'm seeing it as a marketing gimmick to get people hyped over an otherwise unremarkable game, and we're all falling for it.

Is it someone on these forums? Just curious. Then again, does anyone else on RMN actually have friends.

I first thought that Crow was gay from Fragile Dreams on the WII when he kissed the main character (A guy btw) on the lips but then it was revealed later in the game that he is actually a robot. So, the reason he did that was because he thought it was the appropriate way of saying hello.


So, you play MMO's?

I just found out that Dragon Quest 10 is going to be an MMO (Although, apparantly it has some offline aspects). Why does Square Enix think this is a good idea? (probably money) They've been turning lots of their main series games into MMO's like FF11 and FF14. I just wish that Square Enix would stop making MMO's and FF sequels like FF10-2 (Pure fan service) and FF13-2 and FF4-the after years and instead make a whole new single player FF main series game.

Hello :3

Hey Holland vent. Deacon Batista lijkt niet op dat in het echte leven. Hij is eigenlijk heel iel en heeft geen spieren. (I used Google translator)

Oh, I thought you were trying to translate what you were saying.

EDIT: I don't think that came out right. Google translator is so bad. Fixed it up I think, found a better translator.

Hello :3

author=Deacon Batista
Harte welkom. Weet je Rudi Carell of Marijke Amado of de World Cup finale van 1974 en 1978?

Hope you use your XP skills to make some awesome non RTP maps...

Um... I can't speak German but, It says World Cup and 1974 and 1978 in your translation.

Harte welkom. Hoe zijt gij op deze avond? Het is zo lang geleden dat ik heb gesproken met een landgenoot. Nou, na zo veel als je kunt, oke? Ze kunnen een beetje ruw zijn in tijden, maar hang in there!

Do your best, for all of us! XD

That's way too long to just say "Do your best, for all of us! XD"

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Yay! I beat Kirby Super star ultra on every mode including the boss mode. Although I don't know why I'm so proud of myself considering it's just a kids game and it had some of the easiest levels of any platformer I've ever played, towards the beginning.

Right now, I'm thinking about playing Popful Mail, a sega cd game. I can't go wrong with this since It's a platformer RPG, two of my favorite genres in one. This game has some pretty hilarious vilain names like Nuts Cracker and Muttonhead. I also need to give the castlevania games a try.