Secret of Stormlot

Not a huge fan of the rtp these days but it's still rtp done right, so I can look past that. Everything examinable sounds promising since I'm the explorative type, and the 18 recruitable characters makes me thing of suikoden. Overall sounds like a promising classic rpg. I'll get around to trying this when I finish testing the current game I'm playing.

Thanks for giving it a try. Let me know what you think.

YS: Memories of Celceta

Huge fan here, since Wanderers from Ys on the SNES (I first played around 1994). My favorite is probably Origin, with OiF a close second. I managed to beat Origin on Nightmare with Yunica a while ago but I was a little disappointed about the changes between difficulty modes. A hefty amount of grinding is still necessary despite having excellent strategies against the bosses, and it just takes a lot more time to level up the higher the difficulty.

Group fights in the video look a bit too busy for my eyes but I'll definitely give it a try if I ever buy a Vita. I was planning to to follow Vanillaware anyway. I'll get Seven when it's released for PC too.

Origins was probably the easiest of the ones I beat (It's still hard though). In orgins, higher difficulty meant attack patterns (and even skills) of bosses changed. It wasn't just stats.

Group fights were good in YS VII because the AI for party members was very good. They could mostly hold their own when I was playing.

Yup, I was thinking that it was a bat like immediately after my post..but ugh that thing's a pain in the ass! :3

Yeah, the reason he's hard is because he's only vulnerable for a split second and if your doing nightmare mode, even with the best equipment and max stats, you'll only do a small fraction of his health with each hit.

The first two YS games have an interesting combat system. There is no attack button. You simply run into enemies to damage them.

YS: Memories of Celceta

I'm not really a fan per say, though I do own the first two YS games on the psp...but I gave up after getting my ass whooped so many friggin' times by that whatchamacallit boss in the cave on the first game~ xD

Are you talking about the bat boss? A lot of people have trouble on that guy. I beat the entire first game on nightmare mode and the last boss was by far the hardest (It was mostly luck based rather than skill). I'm currently playing the second one.

YS VII was definitely the best YS game I've played yet (because it was the first to have party battles, rather than playing as a single character). This one is going to be the second.

YS: Memories of Celceta

This game looks like it's going to be the greatest YS game yet. It replaces YS IV in the timeline of the series. Does anyone else play the YS games here? I'm trying to beat each one on nightmare mode and so far I've beat 3 of them.

It's going to be released in english for the PS Vita on the 5 November. This is so far the main reason for me wanting a vita (I also want to get Disgaea 3).

Secret of Stormlot

It looks cool, but I'm unable to play it because there are a lot of missing files whenever I try.

Do you have the rm2k3 RTP installed?

EDIT: I've added a new download which includes all the necessary files and RTP.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I'm playing Ys II on nightmare mode. So far I've beaten Ys I, Ys VII and Ys origin. All of them were on nightmare mode and I'd say that Ys VII was the best and the hardest.

Muammar Gaddafi Defeated

In news related to the original topic, the Libyan interim government has announced it will be implementing Shariah Law.
Good job, NATO. One small step for a bunch of dirt eating savages, one giant leap backwards for mankind.

We let our politicians get off too easily for OKAYing this sort of shit.

Okay, there are so many thing wrong with this comment. Firstly, you link us to Washington Post, after talking about how you shouldn't believe everything you read, previously. You act like the implementation of sharia law means the end of the world, ie. "one giant leap backwards for mankind", when it doesn't allow for serious crimes such as murder, theft, etc. Most of the middle-eastern countries don't implement 100% of sharia law and take out the parts of it that are outdated, because you have to remember that sharia law began in around the ninth century and your article makes no mention of Libya implementing 100% of sharia law. Also, Libya is an Islamic state (with 97% of the population being Muslim), so they have every right to implement sharia law, which accounts for Islamic principles such as 'no drinking beer/gambling'.

And what do you mean by "We let our politicians get off easy for OKAYing this"? What do you expect the politicians to do? Side with Gaddafi, and help bomb the civilians into acknowledging him as their new leader. The people of Libya weren't happy with Gaddafis dictatorship and hence wanted him to step down and instead of stepping down, he thought it would be a better idea to allow Libya to descend into a civil war so that he could hold onto power resulting in a large civilian death toll. Whether he was a good leader or not to the people of Libya is not for us to judge. That's like saying let the Libyans decide who the next American president should be.

Muammar Gaddafi Defeated

Hey! Don't change the subject. This topic is about France's military history.

Muammar Gaddafi Defeated

Specifically, these two definitions:
1. the normal, nonwarring condition of a nation, group of nations, or the world.
5. cessation of or freedom from any strife or dissension.

By eradicating all your enemies in a war, you are freeing yourself from any future "strife" and entering yourself in an everlasting "normal, nonwarring condition" with regards to those enemies.

And yes, eradicating all your enemies is indeed genocide. And yes, it will result in peace.
A real world example anyone can relate to is smallpox. We eradicated smallpox and as a result we've had lasting peace with regards to that offensive disease. An even more relatable example is our very own Immune System. The scale may be different, but the principle idea is the same.

Fine, yes achieving peace by eradicating 'smallpox' will obviously be a good thing. But when that 'notion' is applied to a war, it is not a 'good' peace.

Let me use a simple analogy of a simple war involving two people. Hypothetically, let's say there's two kids in high school, one called Ben and another KingArthur. Ben doesn't like KingArthur for some reason so he punches him in the face. A teacher comes and tells the two to make peace with each other, so KingArthur shoots him in the face, thus 'eradicating him'.

KingArthur just achieved 'peace' through his eradication. This is not a good 'peace'. Also what you said condradicts definition 3 of your listed definitions , ie. "a state of mutual harmony between people or groups, especially in personal relations." If all nations were to follow KingArthurs idea of peace, then that would cause World War 3 to break out as all nations are trying to 'genocide' their enemies, eventually leading to most of the world's population being wiped out.

Muammar Gaddafi Defeated

And how in the hell you can have peace trough war, thats like putting out fire with alcohol...
Not impossible to accomplish, you just need to eradicate all your enemies.

lol, how is that peace? That's called genocide.

(Not trying to be a douche, just thought I should point it out)