Though I may not look it, I'm really untelligent.
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If Jackie Chan had a close Japanese friend, would he be called Jackie-chan?

Chan is female, iirc. He would be Jackie Kun.
But then, any woman named Jackie could be addressed as Jackie Chan.

Converting graphics into 256 color

Download Gimp. You can define each image's own 256-color palette (assuming there are actually 256 or less colors).

The following is copy/pasted from my own instruction TXT file. I haven't actually done it in awhile, and I have version 2.0 which may alter a step or two, but it should give you the gist of what to do.
1. File -> Open : open the selected file
2. Dialogs -> Palettes
3. Right click anywhere inside -> Import Palette
4. use Image as source -> Okay
5. close Palettes
6. Image -> Mode -> Indexed
7. Use custom palette -> select new palette -> Convert
8. Save As -> rename it -> Save (both prompts)

Note : Don't forget to make BG the "transparent" color

Best of Blogs #011

Hey cool, I got featured 8D Not bad for a mere comeback blog.
Thanks Libby.

hey make an rm dressup game

Nah. Too much competition from flash games.

To be fair, those are usually undressup games.


That could actually be really annoying :p

14 days left of my MV trial... Can I mak a gam in time? Only RL will tell.

You two should team up. The world has to know if two yuri gamedevs would cancel eachother out and make a straight romance game, or turbocharge it into a yaoi.

A couple of couples

In spite of the crucifixion you received over your Phantasy Star 4 fangame, all you did was come back and make Enelysion. Now Tristian is one of the top subscribed-to games on the site.
You might be temporarily out of steam, but you've been this way before and you didn't throw in the towel that time either. Take as long a break as you need. My faith in you returning and producing another masterpiece is utmost.

And while you take a break, I'm going to go the other way :)

edit : Also, if you want some help with plot structure, I may be able to be of service. Big picture is kind of a specialty of mine. In every other category you seek, I'm useless :D

I'm computer is dead rip .

Methinks another RMN tagline is born.

When I'm bored of RMN I open a new tab and go to RMN. Wait...

Yeah... I'm no different :|

A couple of couples

Did the two remain platonic, or has the seeds been sown for a possible romantic bloom?

Lots and lots of scissoring.
Too bad for Dante. Time to start building a consolation harem.