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Valor Emblem
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oooh. Very nice spritework :O

Sprites and planned demo

Damn, that battle scene if F-ed up now. It looks like a Hellraiser movie swept through. Also, I really like the ironic lush greenery of the forest.

In other news, your spriting is still awe-inspiring :O

Dreki DevVLOG - March 2015 #2

Everything happens so fast, it's kinda hard to make anything out.


That is one intimidating knife Merel has.

Paypal is the most Parasitic creature on the internet

Well part of the issue is: Paypal is not actually just a money transfer service, it is a bank.

No, it's not. It can function like a bank for convenience's sake, but it's not covered by the FDIC (or equivalents), and it doesn't pay interest.

"Hey I bet we can get away with keeping this money for a while since these guys don't seem to have a lawyer or any business experience, mwahahaha"

Actually, that probably is what happened.
Paypal's jumping headfirst into the kickstarter world without a clearly defined plan is their fault, not anyone else's. Freezing a fund transfer and trying to arbitrate it on subjective grounds is a bullshit bandaid attempt on their foulup, but they tried it, and tried it knowing these guys don't seem to have a lawyer or any business experience. A classic case of Big Evil Corporation screwing the little guy.
Odds are, the only reason they dropped the idea is because sentiment might turn against them and push them out of the kickstarter market.

even if it's just a few thousand dollars of project,
if you are considered to be a professional, your product has to be delivered and so is your service.

And paypal's service is that of guarantee, it's normal for them to maintain those trust between you and your client.

Neither of these are valid reasons why Paypal has the responsibility to be kickstarter's new arbiter. If I donate $1000 to LockeZ's game and it goes vaporware then that's my tough luck. Paypal had as much skin in the game as ten $100 bills sent by mail did.

To me, this whole debacle (described in the first post) was a trial balloon launched by Paypal to gauge community response to the practice of placing kickstarter funds under lock and key for an undisclosed amount of time, to be released on undefined and arbitrary reasons, so they could generate interest on it while the donors and recipients sat on their hands. It's a guarantee that if people said "Okay, that's fair", they'd still be doing it.


Huh. Well, I guess the speculation phase is over. Tristian : Lady of the Lion is yuri, straight up.

Paypal is the most Parasitic creature on the internet

Paypal does the right thing, but i'd rather if they release the money periodically.

Paypal's job is to facilitate transactions, just like debit and money orders. They have no business withholding funds based on arbitrary grounds like "ready for distribution". You might as well justify banks withholding paycheque deposits because they don't feel you deserve it yet.

Even if the original post's problem isn't a thing, the thread title still stands : Paypal is the most parasitic creature on the internet.

I want to finish Blackmoon Prophecy II so badly, because I've decided that my next game will be a fantasy epic starring otters. Lots and lots of otters.

It's as good a reason as any to get Blackmoon II all finished up.


With each update, this game gets more and more adorable.

Pushing Pixels

I will someday. Hold me to it.