RMNverse just got a little bit of justice!

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This event was finished Dec, 14th, 2015.
These characters add to the RMNverse.

Let's Draw is all about drawing, and this one is no different. Go figure!
Previously on, Let's Draw! We looked at Character Design!, and now we did it again!

After receiving vague instructions as to what to draw, the completed contributors sent me their creations. Listed below in the hide tags, you can see everything that was made in time!



Vaquita is from Purradise, a place where the souls of all the cats of the RMNverse go when they die. There they take upon new forms in order to fulfill they destinies... Vaquita was a very sickly cat when she was alive, but she never lacked love. Her owners always took good care of her and were with her until the end. And is thanks to this bond that Vaquita took into the form of a super tough Cheetah-like cat lady, ready to rise against all odds. She loves traveling the RMNverse helping people in need, and that's why she joined the Alien Police. She dreams with one day meeting again with her once owners to let them know she's Ok.


1. Name: Neila
2. Sex: F
3. Race: Molestar
4. Bio:
The Molestar are a blind or near-blind race relying on their other keen senses to navigate in the world. Their homeplanet sees little light and is very cold and windy so that most cities are either completely or partly underground.
Feet and/or hands can have clawlike structures, and while they reverted with the increased use of instruments, they are still tools to either climb or dig and especially useful in tunnel systems. All of this makes their planet a safe fortress, as enemies avoid attacking them for their guillera warfare, their superiority in dark spaces and their home tunnels. It is often used as a neutral ground for refugees or outlaws to stop by before deciding on their next steps, sometimes even negotiations - Molestars try to keep these activities well-controlled. They also tend to be a little rough around the edges in their manners, and often appear clumsy, which is why they surprise others with their ability to focus under pressure or danger.

Neila is an advocate of Plan B. She is gifted with the rare gift to freely shapeshift, and always has another well-hidden ace up her sleeve.
Her shapeshifting takes up a lot of focus and energy depending on how far she mends herself, but she is able to completely mimmick another person or creature if she has a clear enough image of them. Once she loses focus or lacks this image, the shifting becomes shaky, changing or bubbly. She can even transform her metal parts (an accident of her childhood, when she tried making her own explosives) if need be, and, although she was born naturally blind, she can even recreate eyesight.
All of this she uses as little as possible, but trains it as adamantly. Both to conserve energy (by not transforming her metal parts, for example), and to have as many opportunities to strike surprise attacks as possible. Few know how far her abilities take her, or how extensively she can actually use them.
In fights she mainly relies on her trusted kama. By choice, she has learned to wield many more weapons and always carries a few hidden knives with her. Every board meeting she gets very upset when people critize her entering armed. It makes her feel a little bit safer, and she can use any feeling of safety she can get.
She is a stubborn and chaotic personality with a drive for justice and moral - so earnestly, in fact, that she inspires a newfound honor in other creatures to serve the system humbly, and step back a little bit - until she notices someone (definitely!) went into her office and she goes into a frenzy to dig up what may have been changed, stolen or otherwise damaged, leaving the formerly tidy office a mess. Thankfully, the lower ranked members and underlings are kept out of her office (the administration enforced this).
Her whole senses are very keen - but always overstrained searching for the next danger and wrong in the world. And while she does notice whenever something is off, she has trouble identifying what exactly that is, throwing her into a state of panic. She trusts few and relies on fewer, always keeping a little bit of distance and room for constant observation.
In fact, her whole admiration of moral and justice is an attempt to bring a little bit of order into her life of constant paranoia and need for urgent action. She is plagued by constant nightmares and has scared many a roommate by transforming part of herself into dream images of cloudy skulls unconsciously. Over time she has learned to bounce back quicker, but she is still thrown into the same depths every time.
As many other Molestar, in immediate danger her assessments are much more reliable, making her a very valueable companion on top of her fighting capabilities nonetheless.

Clothing/build concept:

Figure with weapon:

Power blade:

Face concept:

Expression sheet:

Hybrid mode:

Character bio + backstory:
Zethra Barl is a descendant of the Cet-Cil race, a shapeshifting people native to the moon of the planet Cadan. The moon was colonized by the technologically advanced planet below and the Cet-Cil assimilated.

The shapeshifting ability of the Cet-Cil allowed for them to escape danger and was triggered when they sensed an immediate and deadly threat, namely giant moon snakes, lizards and other improbable creatures, as well as in battles amongst themselves. The cet-cil operated then on a much more primal level in order to evade or overwhelm predators. This ability is mocked and derided by the greater society of Cadan, with many seeing the cet-cil as primitive "ferals".

Zethra, for better or worse, feared his own nature and so pushed himself to become a diligent and focussed cadet in the police force, learning to use a number of different weapons so as to remain in control in combat at all times to reduce the risk of the shapeshifting triggering. He became a respected officer, admired for his self-discipline and integrity. Much of this control came at the cost of interpersonal charm. He has no desire for friendships or romance and is generally humourless and reserved. However he has a vested interest in the safety of civilians and treats all with basic respect, never allowing his emotions to cloud his judgement. He is also a fastidious dresser.

There's always a danger his control will slip and he'll transform against his will. It is his greatest fear.

Uses a long range bardiche and a close range power blade, an energy sword activated by psychic link with a special mineral in the hilt. Something like that.

Musk ox theme - horns. Steampunk is his exceptionally high pants and old fashioned uniform, the official dress of the Cadan capital police force


1. Name: Leerin Wu (left, 五) and Leerin Si (right, 四)
2. Sex: Neither
3. Race: Shang-see
4. Bio: The Shang-see are one of the few artificial races in existence. They were created by forcibly accelerating the evolutionary process of small reptiles gathered from Earth. Currently, the Shang-see are thriving independent of their creators in a planet provided for them. Leerin Wu and Leering Si are among the first of their kind to be created, being fifth and fourth respectively. Wu is innately clever, calculating, and with strong ties to magic, while Si is peerless in close combat. Wu dislikes most that Si likes, and the other way around as well. Strangely though, the pair has a strange fondness for martens, which was why Wu entered the school of summoning and necromancy, so that they will always be in the company of marten.


Elle Bison
2. Sex:
3. Race:
4. Bio:
Easily angered, the Osar were used as labour and gladiator slaves for centuries after first contact until they finally rebelled. Due to their strength, and with the help of a more civilised race that reached out to them in their time of need, they managed to break free of the shackles of slavery. They have a strong sense of justice and once slighted will stop at nothing to make right the wrongs they have suffered.

Elle is the daughter of farmers, who eventually moved to look for more profitable work. She found her place among the Peace Keeper Corp in one of the larger cities of her home planet and eventually met and fell in love with her soon-to-be-mate, Jeran, a diplomatic envoy.

One night another diplomat killed Jeran, but due to their status, they were able to escape justice. Enraged, Ell left her work and decided to follow the killer where-ever he may go. Since then she's been causing trouble for said diplomat when and where she can. She's recently taken up with the group in order to cause even more trouble for the bastard, and hopefully catch him doing something she can destroy him for.

Ell is very powerful, a veritable tank. Her skin, like all Osar, is very tough and hard to penetrate with most blades and projectiles. It takes a lot to break her stride and once charging she is impossible to stop.

She also has decent prowess in Ting La, a skill used by the Peace Keeper Corp, which enables an Osar to boost their natural health in order to ignore heavy damage for a small duration of time, in order to focus on fighting and protecting.

Her nature is to protect her allies, often forming a physical shield behind which they can shelter during battle. She serves as the strong, silent tank, though she can be quite acerbic when annoyed.


1. Name: Torch Larmisse
2. Sex: F
3. Race: Ntraub
4. Bio: Torch is from the Larmisse clan, a clan specializing in the way of animal-themed swords. She decided to leave the clan's dojo, since her master had nothing left to teach her. She was bribed with money into signing a contract and ended up joining the police force, which was due to the lack of manpower in the police force in recent years. With her hatred for the police force, Torch swiftly rose up the ranks, hoping to get back at them in the future. She is now part of the elite forces, and she likes to stir up trouble just to see the police force suffer sometimes.

Ntraubs are land creatures, their legs enable them to leap forwards quickly. However, after new predators invaded their territory, the Ntraubs evolved, developing fire boosters on their backs to propel themselves further with each leap. Depending on where the Ntraub live, they develop boosters on different parts of their bodies, in Torch's case, she has a fire booster on her back. Though few, some Ntraubs even have fire boosters on their feet, allowing them to fly.



1. Name: Gouda von Braun
2. Sex: Male
3. Race: Steinfish - Once nothing but normal goldfish, after being spaced Steinfish are exposed to the dangerous radiation of the endless void, mutating their brain cells and giving them superior intelligence- in addition to the ability to grow hair.

4. Bio: As a Steinfish, Gouda von Braun was gifted with all encompassing intelligence but cursed with the body of a normal goldfish. He somehow managed to build himself a mind controlled, self sufficient power suit which gave him the proportions and abilities of a normal Human, in addition to increased speed and dexterity, allowing him to flawlessly wield a whip and dart around the battlefield. Combined with his superior intellect and cheese conjuring powers, Gouda von Braun is a formidable opponent no matter the situation.


1. Name: Despotess Infanta Arathell Seregaren AKA the Butcher of Ascrof
2. Sex: F
3. Race: Gaerhad
4. Bio:
An elf princess, with the hog theme.
Your weapon is flail.
Your power is Omnicounter. "Omnicounter allows the user to oppose to all things, beings

or powers. The power is split into sections where it counters that all original positions

with opposites. It opposes basically anything with its direct opposites e.g. existence

with nonexistence, life with death, fire with water, or fake with real vice versa, but

not fire with nonexistence or good with darkness etc."
Your character is disdainful and motivated by insanity.

1. Name: Despotess Infanta Arathell Seregaren, the Butcher of Ascrof
2. Sex: F
3. Race: Gaerhad
4. Bio:
"Come here, little piggies! It's time for the slaughter!"
Daughter of a Gaerhad clan leader, Arathell Seregaren made her name early on in a battle in orbit over the planet Ascrof: she boarded a battleship and singlehandedly took out the entire crew armed with her trusty flail, the Tenderizer, and her Omnicounter ability.

Since then, she's risen in power, and threatens to usurp her half-brother, Despot Baugner Seregaren in their clan's leadership. Fortunately for him, the Super Police were looking to broker a deal with the clan, and once a few diplomatic strings were pulled, the Butcher of Ascrof was shunted far away from her clan's fleet, and her attentions focused on police work. Or, at least, on subduing criminals. "Beaten mostly to death" definitely counts as subdued.

Arathell is a loose cannon in the sense that a rabid tiger is a poor beginner pet. Her default attitude in battle is giddily bloodthirsty; outside of battle, it's general disdain for non-warriors or anyone she considers weaker than herself. Should she encounter someone on par with or superior to herself, however, she will warm up tremendously, initiating a friendly but intense rivalry consisting of warm camaraderie with occasional ambushes.

When not creating police brutality scandals, Arathell enjoys cooking traditional Seregaren barbecue and posting pictures of her handiwork to message boards. Her accounts are a somewhat unsettling combination of pork covered in sauce and defeated opponents covered in blood. And sometimes also sauce, because Arathell is not entirely sane, and tends to consider defeated enemies appropriate for meals.

"Today is a good day for our enemies to die!"
The Gaerhad are a fearsome and proud warrior race, based around clans travelling in
fleets of ships. They live primarily for combat, with leaders chosen for prowess and ruthlessness (although generally from a pool of the current ruler's offspring). While some clans have been assimilated (mostly) into normal society, quite a few remain untamed and fiercely individual, and pose quite a threat to interstellar travelers and undefended planets and stations.


Name: Zalma Koluchy
Sex: Female
Race: Mendel (or what little there is of her)
Age: Unknown
Height: Variable
About the Mendel: The Mendel are one of three races that were genetically engineered by humans eons ago. The most devastating plague in Earth history threatened human extinction, and to ensure human survival, the Mendel were created by blending human DNA with an undeveloped, extraterrestrial simian species proven to be immune to the plague. The resulting lifeform was a creature similar appearance to humans, but were physically and intellectually superior to humans in every way. Fortunately for humans, the exercise proved unnecessary as the cure to the plague was discovered shortly after the Mendel developed.
BIO: Zalma, early in life, became obsessed with immortality and dedicated her life as a scientist in the pursuit. It wasn't until she was nearing her retirement age that she was forced to draw the conclusion that the best she could hope to do with her physical body was extend its longevity by a negligible amount. However, she made an interesting discovery: the brain, whether it be a human brain, a Mendel brain, or an animal brain, restructured depending on the connecting tissue and nutrition of the body it was in, meaning that a 60­year­old brain could theoretically be placed in a 20-­year-­old body and possess all of that body's longevity and health (this little bit isn't sci­fi: it's a real, recently discovered fact about brain tissue.). Obviously, stealing bodies would be ghoulish, and cloning came with a host of potential problems, so Zalma turned her eye to robotics. The power systems of a robot could possibly simulate the health and longevity of a living person, and her brain could respond accordingly. Her experiments in robotics were a success. Her original body has long since turned to dust, and yet she lives on, so old that her age is unknown and she has memories of an era of ancient history in space faring. Realizing the awesome ramifications of her incredible achievement, she refuses to reveal her secrets to anyone and hides her true nature. This is why she chooses to work in a seemingly ordinary office, indeed as a scientist, but providing

Rumor: Zalma was the original founder of PSI Corporation. Having been ousted, the modern PSI Corporation having become corrupt and overflowing with illegal dealings. Some think that when she's off duty, she investigates them in the hope of bringing them down. Zalma is familiar with the rumor and has had to warn the staff not to sneak into her office and look for hidden files.

Occupation: Zalma works in the robotics department, providing the police with all of their automated needs, from cybernetic prosthesis, to negotiation droids, to bomb disposal robots.
Occasionally, her creations can get out of hand, but nothing really serious has ever happened.

Abilities: Being almost entirely machine with a brain hooked into a computer has its advantages.
She can download information on the spot to supplement her already venerable memory, but she has come to really think like a machine after all of these years, and she doesn't really understand things that happen beyond what science and logic is able to explain. Her mind would totally short circuit if she ever saw a ghost. Dudesoft writes: "User knows almost everything in existence while being blocked from certain details or being limited in other ways, possibly only being able to see one timeline or universe, or have just small patches of information that are missing or blocked out. Thus allowing one to keep their sense of free will and uncertainty." In other words, I choose for her mental block to be her unwavering faith in logic.

Motivation: Zalma has come to believe that the universe is actually a computer program, and that everyone in it are simply the various variables and program components. As such, she believes that any action she takes should be to ensure that that program is kept running as smoothly as possible, thus working for an organization that works towards preserving social order.

Weapons: She is skilled in the urumi, literally a whip sword, but she doesn't use it.


1. Name: Ynes
2. Sex: F
3. Race: Saa't'Quiot'he s'vnea' magda they're the Yu.
4. Bio: Ynes is a young teenager who lost her family to a disaster. Desperate, she attempted to preserve them inside her body (the Yu are capable of regenerating a new body with a few catalysts, but they must stay under the nutrition of a host for the meanwhile.) but shit went wrong. She tried to affix her mother, father and younger brother to her own body but they all died in the process, tainting and rotting her own body that was also near dead. She hibernated for years, and when she had woken up, she had regrown into the shell of dead corpses surrounding her in the failed attempt of housing them. Now she's a mass of weird flesh and strings, covered with the faces of her familiars. She has a rod made from the hair and bones of her deceased family, which she uses to control death around her. By controlling death I mean, she has control over everything that is dead, and control over people relative to their health. She is also fated to live four times longer than a normal person as she robbed the life force of her family.


Name: Xavier Reborn
Story: On the planet of Morass Tei 114, comprised almost entirely of jungle and large oceans, there lived a race of gorilla-like apes. They were wiped out by a waterborne disease called Starfecticide, and around one month later they rose from the dead hundreds at a time as zombies. The gorillas’ brains were all calibrated by the disease and they gained super-intelligence, seeking to prolong their dead bodies’ existence through the use of cybernetics; starfish shaped cybernetics. After a short period of extreme technological burst, the Cybernetic gorillas, or Reapians as given by the Galactic Police, soon made star ships and traveled the galaxy, looking for a way to revive their tissue so that they may reproduce.
Xavier Reborn, from one of the first groups of zombie gorillas to revive, is a highly trained mercenary, taking the risk of destruction to bring funds to his people to help with their research.
His cybernetic enhancements allow his body to be reconstructed, but still technically dead. The signature weapons of the Reapians, the Zoar Spear, is a high-powered internal energy combustor. He is careful not to be destroyed, as his race cannot reproduce. He’s bitter about how his original race was wiped out, however, and hates having to go through this to regain life.


I did 5 faces after, but I added the one I did for the first drawing since I already had it. I hope you don't mind n.n'

And a special version for the upcoming star wars (This was actually the first version)

Miles Harvis
Race: Chromaslug.
-They are slug humanoids.
-Their ''normal'' eyes that suffer of myopia, and the eyes that are located in the ''ears'' suffer of farsightedness.
-Their ears are actually their hair.
-Other than that, their nose and their mouths almost identical to the human beings.
-They change of color depending on their mood. So they are easy individuals to read, which can make them very shy or really temperamental.
-The slimy water that they left is actually their waste, it's an inevitable part of their digestive system, but they actually take most of the nutrients of the food that they take, so the the liquid isn't that smelly. It's due to this process that also makes them able to climb up on the walls and ceiling.
-They are slugs, they do not move very fast.

Miles born in the city of Old Joke, he was bad at school because he loved to have fun and even to this date he still has a passion for adrenaline. He enter to the military as a pilot. He was very good and was honored as one of the best pilots of the Darludian air force. The soldiers loved him, but not so much those who have higher rank than him. At the end he had a fight with his boss; fight which he won; and he was ordered to quit his position.

He quit the whole force, and started to work for the mafia in secret missions. And he was also very famous for his flying skills... until he got trapped by the police.

He spent two years in prison until they offer him a new task. He join the police force of...

Special Power: Visual Linkin
-He got this power before joining the military forces, he met up with a gipsy, and she taught him how to open his third and fourth eye.
-If one of his "ear" eye targets someone or something (a camera) he can change the point of views. He watches in the eyes of the other and the other in his eye.
-He has two "ear" eyes so he can change of vision to two subjects while he remains seeing normally with his normal eyes.

Weapon: Chakram Drones M33
-Charkam with flying DRONES!
-It has many guns and other gadjets hiding inside.
-They have voice recognition and can work with orders.
-The Red one name is Rosefinch and the yellow one is Palila.
-When flying, Miles can control them by moving his hands and arms (as well as voice orders.)
-Miles tends to use his visual linking with the drones when they are flying.
-Great weapons for hidden enemies or enemies that are far away, but the closer the enemy is to the drones or to Miles, they are not that efficient.

Mr. Gigglebutt the Destroyer

Name: Mr. Snigger "the Destroyer" Gigglebutt
Sex: Male
Race: Turfis
Bio: Born into the mountain town of Heffaroo, Snig often wondered of the stars. He enjoyed making people wonder, pulling pranks to lighten the mood, and telling jokes. It was not very long until the lad was forced by the stern, no-nonsense Turfis people to attend church and join the ranks of their clergymen.
After years of painful indoctrination, Snig ran away at last. Fleeing town into the circus passing through. There, his old ways of being ever the prankster found a home. Many, many moons passed, and the young turfis grew to be the most memorable clown in all the universe. Until one day, his circus returned again into the mountain town Heffaroo. When his parents and people refused to buy a single ticket to his star show, Snigger Gigglebutt confronted them. No one would look at him, or even acknowledge him. Only the high priest of their church would say a word, and that was word was, "Repent!"
Something snapped inside Snig, and before he knew it, there was cream pie dripping with red throughout the town. Ever since, he has bounced and bonked through town after town, no force of Turfian (his homeworld) could stand a chance to such silly mayham. As a desperate final plea from the few remaining Turfis, the Galactic Super Police were called into action.

Gru'Mpei the Endless

Name: The most pronounceable version of his name is "Gru'Mpei", anything else would cause the speaker's tongue to physically rip out of their mouth.
Sex: Asexual
Race: Elder Thing
Bio: From the depths of time and space, before the crawl of evolution sprinkled genetic crumbs across the cosmos, there were Seven. The Ancient Seven were born in the sludge from whence the galaxy was formed. A stew of endless thought and being. Each of the seven grew over time into the size of dwarf stars. Devouring cosmic dust and comets as lunch. Until at last, their corner of the universe became scarce, the Seven were satisfied. That day came. The only choice was to exit their hallowed ancient halls and venture into the evolved unknown.
Of the Seven, only Gru'Mpei turned towards the RMNverse. The others scattered towards other parallel universes, and alternate dimensions. This is a problem, because as a snack, Gru decided to start with one of the nine Horc moons orbiting Patooie! The Horc empire retaliated in full, to no avail. As a last ditch effort to save the RMNverse from utter destruction, the Galactic Super Police were called into action!

For informational purposes only, from what the interrogation team can gather, the Seven are named:


Name: Slobber-X09
Sex: Male
Race: Trysarrius Rexius
Bio: The prehistoric ancestors of these technological marvels were once the king of the world. Until, that is, the ice age came, and nearly wiped them out. The few who survived lasted the long days of ice on sparse pockets of desert around the equator. It was not enough to live off what meat they could find, and in a few short years the race would have died.
Luckily, passing a philanthropist Simian, Dr. Mozaick, decided to save this rare specimen. Abducting what few Trysarrius Rexius' his team could, Dr. Mozaick raised these monsters on a not-too-distant planet. Using Simian-science, the species' brain capacity increased from that of a walnut, to something more befitting a dolphin. Not exactly Simian, but it was the best that could be done. Yet, the lack of use for this species became quickly apparent, as all they seemed to be capable of was drooling impossible amounts of liquid, and eating livestock.
So, bringing in a robotics expert, General Khan of Khan Industries, they were able to construct useful arms for the creatures. Basing the designs on their own ape-like features, while finding an improbable way to weaponize their drool. Dr. Mozaick protested, of course. As a philanthropist, he only wanted to save the species. General Khan, however, saw these creatures as tools of war. Best sold to the highest bidder. A tank that can think!
Naturally, General Khan won the debate with a fistful of money, and took the Rexius Unit to the black market. The units sold like hotcakes, until the final one came on display. Slobber-X09. When prodded into place, it strangled out a few words:
"Get your stinking paws off me, you damn, dirty Simians!"
The audience of Simian warlords was stunned by this affront to nature. This creature had insulted their hygiene! Of course, the Galactic Super Police were called straight away!

Lady Vulgate the III of Downsburrow, Planet of Trade

Name: Lady Vanadine Vulgate the III
Sex: Female
Race: Bovillians
Bio: A purebred Lady of Downsburrow, there was simply nothing to be done about her life of crime. This was the family business, after all. Being the only born of her parents, she naturally was to take their place just as soon as she learned to hold a pistol. After their death, it was simply a matter of paperwork.
For decades, the fair Lady brought forth much prosperity to the Downsburrow planet. Extending their black market to as far as Atargatis. No one was the wiser, of course. For her front was that of old money. Nothing to be done about old money, what what.
With a tap on the chest from her cane pistol, any who opposed her would be seven feet under, if you gather my inference.
One dead undercover cop later, and suddenly these ghastly Galactic Super Police were knocking at her door. Oh the bother!


Name: Dreay Starlin aka The Mandrillman
Sex: Male
Race: Osoulon
Bio: In the year 7825, there was a boring old museum guardsman by the name of Dreay Starlin. After a shipment of strange vials came in, the downtrodden no-body was standing guard (asleep). During the night, burglars broke in to steal the priceless Goatsemus Tapestry. They managed to trip the alarms, and woke up Dreay. During the chase that followed, the burglars smashed the case with all the strange vials on top of Dreay. In the following hours, his genes were spliced with several Power Serums from ancient times of gene-modification.
His body was turned into a half-mandrillian, half-osoulon with the ability to shoot high-powered spitballs from a straw, super strength, super agility, and travel through time. This uncanny matchup of skills made a new man of Dreay. So, donning a costume he made himself, he became Mandrillman! The furry hero!
Alas, his lack of understanding where Heroics are concerned often left situations worse than he found them. Before long, Mandrillman was hunted by the current time's Galactic Super Police. So, he fled far into the past. Stopping off in the year 69XX, where he's be unknown. Plus, he could meet the fabled Super Boat!

Osferius Knio

Name: Osferius Knio
Sex: Female
Race: Flarmyiarod
Bio: The mystic child of prophecy born into the wrong hands. One who was supposed to unite the galaxy with her cosmic magic, instead was turned by the cult who raised her. Learned in the darker cosmic arts, Osferius was only 12 when she first caused the meteor strike on Creacorn-9. Killing millions at a time, she is on the Galactic Super Police most-wanted list.

Dr. Heckle and Mr. Byte

Name: Dr. Edmun Heckle / Mr. Byte
Sex: Male
Race: Hyellah
Bio: The professor of psychology at the leading Horc university, Dr. Edmun Heckle, based his research on the idea that we can digitize our personalities. Doing so would allow individuals to live longer lifespans through cloning or robotic technology. The application of personality mapping was limitless! Of course, like all brilliant minds, Dr. Heckle was laughed at for his theories and denied funding for his scientific research. If the university would deny his brilliance the necessary equipment and manpower, then he would do it himself! That would show the board of directors. The fools!
Using a prototype data-mining engine, the professor managed to shift his entire mind into the Net. His mind was opened to the overwhelming expanse that lie beyond the physical realm. In the Dataverse, Dr. Heckle met a shadow of himself. It called itself Mr. Byte. According to Mr. Byte, earlier studies of his mind had accessed the Dataverse years before. Those drunken college experiments be damned!
Mr. Byte immediately fused himself with Dr. Heckle, and rejected their collective mind from the Net back into Dr. Heckle's body.
Now, with the teachings of a sage-like Mr. Byte, they constructed a chamber that could absorb Dr. Heckle's entire body into the Net and spit out a larger creature controlled by Mr. Byte. Once in this form, Mr. Byte constructed a belt that would allow the change to occur, as long as Dr. Heckle hooks up to a Net port.
Unfortunately, the change was temporary, they would revert into their original form.
Nonetheless, while in Mr. Byte's form, Dr. Heckle rejoiced in the delicious power. Over time, the cost was his madness. Losing concept of his own sense of self, and morality, it wasn't long until Mr. Byte killed the board of directors and vanished into the Net. The Galactic Super Police are investigating!


Name: Blackgills
Sex: Male
Race: Atargatian-Gilost
Bio: Born in the depths of Atargatis, this race of shark-like short folk were overlooked by the Explorer's Guild. All the better, for their warlike race. Leader of an assault team, Blackgills, took things a bit too far while capturing the shore-based city, Finlora.
After the siege, Blackgills became aware of the RMNverse, and considered a greater purpose than their simple, backwater world. Unable to escape gravity on their own, Blackgills found a way to send out a distress signal from the planet surface. To his delight, Horc Imperial troops landed to assist the protected planet in need. Only to be taken by surprise, of course! Once the Horc troops were leveled, save one pilot, Blackgills and his men left to find a great ship to claim. These space pirates are notorious throughout the galaxy. If you see them, call the Galactic Super Police pronto!

Special Agent Hook

Name: Real Name Classified
Sex: Yes, Please. Oh, what? Male. Sorry, my mistake.
Race: Doublosefen
Bio: The finest agent in the galaxy, or at least he was. After being compromised during a routine infiltration of a nuclear terrorist organisation, his personal identity was released into the public. No longer could he operate as a Special Agent.
Receding from his line of work into the black market arms' race, Agent Hook took it on himself to start up his very own nuclear terrorist organisation. After all, he'd seen it done dozens of times before!
The Galactic Super Police are on the way.


Name: Spore
Sex: Asexual
Race: Morium and Gam Mak mushroom
Bio: The Morium are a theocratic race of ant creatures. This individual was a soldier, and a damn good one too. Trained in the stealthy skills of Moriutsu, Spore stood against few others. Bottom of his class, he was given the more riskier challenges because few cared if he died.
During the fateful incident that took him to a deep cavern, the morium found a cluster of incredibly rare Gam Mak mushrooms. As a simple drone, he was not privy to the knowledge that these were deadly most organisms in the known RMNverse. Once a single spore is ingested, the Gam Mak eats the victim inside out, leaving more mushrooms to be found by other hapless victims. The cycle continues.
However, when this drone was taken, the Gam Mak mushroom found the insectoid body resilient. While the drone did die, the body did not lock up in rigor mortis. What's more, as the Gam Mak grew inside the body, replacing tendons and meat with it's own flesh, the mushroom found the extensive moriutsu training at it's disposal.
It became sentient, and comfortable in this undead body. Hoisting itself through the morium ranks, the Gam Mak drone seeded more spores to be eaten. Though, sadly, by the time a week had passed, the entire colony was dead. Saddened, the creature fled to a not-too-distant space colony, and found his way aboard a ship. The crew died soon after, and the creature was again alone.
Slowly, it adopted language. Though, the rudimentary insectoid body it clung to was unable to speak in more than single word sentences. It took the name 'Spore', as it seemed fitting. The last thing anyone would ingest wafted from the large mushroom growing out of its back.
A string of deaths followed Spore, like the Black Plague. It wasn't long until the Galactic Super Police were dispatched!