A look back at some classic Rpg Maker games

  • Tau
  • 05/21/2013 03:38 AM

What is Looking Back? A series of articles talking about those classic Rpg Maker games from the past.

Created by: Delita Hyral X.
Made With: Rpg Maker 2000
Download: Final Release Here

Like any other FF game with respect for itself, Final Fantasy - Endless Nova is set in a completely unique and detailed universe. Delita Hyral X has looked up at the sky and invented a whole civilization amongst the stars. The inhabitants of this world live in a solar system with a sun that has entered the beginning stages of a supernova. For some unknown reason the sun does not explode, and years go by with all the people forgetting about the impending danger. A great war that took place over 400 years ago left a once mighty nation in ruins. For decades the once proud people wander the planet Coyas aimlessly, not managing to begin a new civilization. Then an unknown scientist discovers the secrets of space travel and a way to make asteroids habitable, and the people start migrating to outer space. And thus the mighty asteroid colony of Finel Capital is born. As they start to explore the solar system, they discover that it is surrounded by an impenetrable asteroid/debris dome. This dome traps them from the rest of the universe, and thus the name Hells Dome was given.

You start the game as the carefree young Deren, previously a soldier under the command of the evil Sho. Sho left you to die on an asteroid after you refused to follow his orders. There you teamed up with the android Motor, who was discarded for being faulty, and you have stood against Sho's dictation ever since. One day you get a chance to make life a little bit worse for Sho, as a friend of yours has been taken by Sho's soldiers. He stole a weapon prototype your friend was working on, and now you have to bring it back before Sho uses it on innocent people. Needless to say, things don't go exactly as planned, and you find yourself hunted all over Hells Dome. You will, however, get away from Sho with the weapon prototype, but also with a new team member; a small girl who has lost her memory. Feeling sorry for her, you decide to try and help her to the best of your ability. Your first idea is to take her to a doctor who once saved your own life. He lives in another city, on a different asteroid. Seeing as you can't stay long in the same place, you decide to make him the first stop on your journey. The fact that she looks different to any human in Hells Dome doesn't help your escape. You will have to keep a low profile and disguise her as best you can.

This is how the hunt of your lives begins. It is a hunt that will make you travel across the whole of the known universe, and even beyond into the unknown. You will team up with others along the way, and together you will fight for god, country, universe and most importantly for friendship and love.

There are 7 different playable characters, each of whom uses different weapons and has unique special abilities. There are about 300 different maps to explore, as well as many mini quests (and also a working arcade and casino), not to mention the items, weapons and armor available in the game. As with every Final Fantasy game, you must try to make the most out of every character. This means that you cannot have it all, instead you will have to compromise - should he or she get more Vitality at the cost of a low Speed? Should you try to enhance the good attributes further, or should you try to make the character balanced? Whatever you decide on, it had better work as there are lots of different monsters loose in Hells Dome.

(Not a particularly good game but I'm fond of it)

In the late land of MistDeSoto, there are two races, the human race and the Ky race. Similar in body structure, but very different in spirit energy. The Ky knew this and this drove them insane on why GOD would make such a useless race of beings. The Ky began to kill in the name of perfection, this started the first national genocide known to man. The Ky killed any human they could find. Slowly the human race began to be no more. Then finally, the Ky were stopped, but it was almost too late for most of the human race was destroyed. The Ky that survived lost their memories along with the knowledge of their powers. What if a Ky was to regain his knowledge? What would be the fate of MistDeSoto?



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FFEN made crazy rounds on the net way back when. I remember finding it on every freeware/abandonware/whatever game download site I went to.
I loved FFEN. And dream star? Well, I remember ManaMoon for his Manabat game, that was just silly enough to be heaps of fun. The only comedy game I've played that's actually funny.
I don't remember if it was this or Ara Fell that was my first RPG Maker game. Both left a lasting impact on me though.
I remember Endless Nova. I liked it a lot. Would've beaten it too if my computer hadn't crashed. >:|
Devil's in the details
FFEN was one of the first RM games I played, too. I remember it having pretty good pacing. Almost completed it on one session, so I could say it totally held my attention.
A great game, Delita Hyral X. I'm drawing all the characters of your game, but with the style of Yusuke Naora (character Designer of Lufia DS), and posting in my account of Deviant. If anyone wants to see them, here is the link:


I'll post them when I finish each (there is Deren Star at this moment, and I'm making Motor ^^ )
Hope you enjoy and like them ^^/
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