Current Administration


  • Current owner of RMN. Still likes hockey.


  • Head of our Australian operations, plus site administrator and is in charge of the submission queue. She also has an awesome accent and was bequeathed the holy banne hammer by kentona himself! (It's shiny~)

Feldschlacht IV

  • In charge of the social media circus and our current Manager. Used to be a moogle.


  • Head of our European operations, plus site moderation.


  • One of our moderators. Don't make her get her sass out on you.


  • A moderator who is happy to help kick bot butt.


  • One of our moderators. He's gotten more 'More Helpful Than You Are' awards than anyone.


  • Editor-in-Chief. He manages the review submission queue. No reviews get through without his sayso! He also has moderation powers, because most people assumed he had them anyway.


  • Head of our Philippine division, she deals with the Facebook and Twitter arenas. Also helps with the front page and is busier than a bee.


  • One of our Youtube duo. He makes sure stuff gets shown off.


  • One of our Youtube duo. Talk to them about videos some time.


  • Event-runner and looking at learning how to break open the site code to take a look inside... without breaking the site.


  • Eventing is his name and his game (okay, it's not his name). He helps run events.


  • Event-runner and Engine manager. He sounds tasty.

Past Administration


  • The past owner and operator of RMN and the founding father of RMN. He paid out of pocket to fund this site for years. He has recently stepped down from the RM scene.


  • Server management and programmer and founding member. He is the man behind the curtain setting up the webservers and even to this day he helps out with server management and bug fixes. If he ever left, RMN would be screwed.


  • Programmer and developer and founding member. He spent many many (many) hours coding the framework of the website you are viewing right now. His parents went to Utah and all he got was this stupid game development website.


  • A recent administrator after WIP stepped down. He was also the game submission and quality control manager and head moderator. He had the worst job. Really.
  • Admining RMN and managing submissions made me lose faith in humanity. True story. ~Karsuman


  • ex-Redactor-in-Chief. He used to manage the games submission queue as well as site moderation and acted as a backup administrator. This guy used to be a Wikipedia moderator, so crossing him was a bad idea!


  • Site moderation and all around cool guy. Has joined his brethren in the great RMN sky.

Know Who To Talk To

Got a specific question?

  • Overall Site: Liberty
  • Game Submissions: Liberty
  • Review Submissions: Solitayre
  • General Submissions: Liberty or Feldschlacht IV
  • Moderation: Shinan or Feldschlacht IV
  • Discord: Zeigfried_McBacon
  • Donations: kentona
  • Youtube: Illy or Eplipswich
  • Social Media: Feldschlacht IV or Archeia_Nessiah
  • Adding New Engines: Zeigfried_McBacon
  • Server Issues/Crashes: ankylo
  • Community (events, etc..): StarSkipp
  • Bugs: ankylo or Liberty