ALWAYS directly open the inventory by cancelbutton or event command instead of main menu.

This IPS patch for RPG_RT.exe (RPG Maker 2003 1.12, NOT compatible with Maniac Patch ABOVE ver 210414) replaces the process for opening the menu (affects cancelbutton AND event command) with a redirect to the inventory and if that one gets closed, it also skips the main menu, going all the way back to map-screen instead. CAUTION!: With this patch you won't be able to access any menu contents other than inventory.

IPS patches are an old type of patch files applied to other files by using tools like LunarIPS, ipsXP, etc., ask a search engine and pick your favorite if you are new to this.

This patch was originally created by Cherry for RPG2000 1.07 and RPG2003 1.08 back in 2012. I've just altered the latter to match the internal structure of RPG2003 1.12, the code that gets changed remains the same.

Use at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage or problems caused when downloading this file, applying the patch, using its features or publishing creations (e.g. games) that include it or anything related.



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Thanks for uploading this. It was exactly what I needed.
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