Implements a passive skill system.

Passive Skills
Version 1.3
by Fomar0153‚Äč

Implements a passive skill system, where you can equip and unequip passive skills from the Skills menu.

Customise how many points you have to equip passive skills.
Replace skill icons to indicate if a passive skill is equipped or not.


Screenshot uses an x offset of -180 and has the on iconindex set to -1.

If you're not using TP, then the above screenshot is more likely how set the plugin up, this one uses the default on and off iconindex.

How to Use

Place the plugin in your project's js/plugins/ folder.
Inside RPG Maker MZ's editor, open the Plugin Manager.
Create a new entry and select this plugin from the list.
Customise the options to your liking and then click ok.

Passive skills should be of the skill type you set in the options.
Passive skills should add a state with the traits you want the passive skill to have.
A passive skill's mp cost is used to determine how many points it takes to equip.

Setup states for the passive skills.

Add the state to the skill and then when equipped the state's traits will be added.

Q: I got an error.
A: Please be really specfic about what you did when the error occurred, hit F8 and it'll give you some more details that might be useful to me. Does it happen in a blank project?


Terms of Use
As long as I am credited, you may use this plugin in your projects both commercial and non-commercial.

Version History
1.0 -> 1.1 - 22/08/20
Fixed a bug where all non-PP bars, always displayed the max value.
Fixed a bug where the PP bars would show up in battle.

1.1 -> 1.2 - 23/08/20
Fixed a bug that could cause a crash if you attempted to activate a passive skill when you don't have any.
Fixed a display bug where the PP cost of passive skills could be displayed incorrectly when MP cost rate wasn't 1.

1.2 -> 1.3 - 23/08/20
Fixed another bug that prevented any non-passive skill from being used.


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