Working with RMMV and RMMZ

It only works on Windows with NW.js platform.

Version: 0.4 (BETA)

Paths (param -> location): Here you define the path to the savefiles

{Game}\save\ (Default) {Game}

{Game} is where files are located, like Game.exe
{SO} is the drive where the operating system is installed, like C
{User} is the current windows user folder

Folder name (param -> dir_save_name): Here you define whether you want savefiles to be created in a new folder. This option does not work with "{Game}\save" or "{Game}".

GameTitle: The folder will be named the same as the title in the game bar GameTitle (without space): An extra option GameTitle (underline replaces spaces): Another extra option Developer defined: To set a different name change to "Text"

Warning: Symbols, accented letters and non-English characters will be removed automatically, except "+", "-" and "_"

Example, path 4 with directory name 3: Result C:\Users{User}\Appdata\Local\Project_1

License: Free to Comercial Non-Comercial


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