The resource creation event you've all been waiting for (again)!

Kids Design The Darndest Things 2
Make monster graphics from my 5 year old's designs

At the end of 2016 I held an impromptu event for you to create monster sprites and/or game art based on my then-7-year-old's crayon artwork. This time, I want you to make monster sprites and/or game art (battle sprites, concept art, facesets, charsets, ...whatever you want!) based on my 5-year-old's artwork.

In this short event we will:
  • Create pixel art version of these monster designs for use in RPG Maker
  • Come up with descriptions and movesets for these monsters
  • Submit them all to this event page
  • Vote on our favourite entries
  • Pick an overall fan-favourite entry

I will post the 11 designs below. The submission deadline is January 25th31st.

Submit your entries using the toolbar in the upper right, and then make a post showing them off in the comments below!

If you submit at least one monster, you will be deemed a participant and receive a Big Pig achievement worth 5ms. If you submit at least six monsters, you will receive an additional Spikey achievement worth 10ms. Participants who submit an entry for all eleven monsters will receive an additional Megalord achievement worth 15ms. That's 30ms in total!

The fan-favourite (as determined by voting after the event) will win the Chompy achievement worth 20ms.

Big Pig

"A very big blue pig with ice powers."


"He is small. He likes to break things."

Roar Dragon

"He has a super big roar! (the large R is his roar). He likes to eat ghosts and people."


"He got spikes on his head. He's very strong."


"He is covered in super-spikey fur."


"He flies and bites people."


"He's got a really very long body."


"He is superduper tall and he likes to chomp with his teeth."


"He is a sun that uses magic spells. He has angry guys that help him."


"He has long arms that grab you."


"He is the boss monster. He is superduper strong! The strongest."

Submissions are due by end of day January 31st (UTC)

Introducing some bonus artwork to this event! If you submit at least one bonus monster, you will receive a Wormy achievement worth 5ms.



TT and TtT




Submissions are due by end of day January 31st (UTC)

At the end of this event, the event page voting will open from January 26th until January 31st. This will be used to vote for our overall favourite submission! The artist will receive the Chompy achievement.

Also, starting on the 26th, I will create voting topics in the forums so that we can vote on each monsters' fan-favourite entry. There are no rewards for these voting rounds beyond self-satisfaction. I will update this section with links to the voting topics.

Unleash your inner-5-year-old and make some monsters!


  • 01/11/2018 11:00 AM
  • 01/31/2018 11:59 PM
  • 02/07/2018 11:59 PM



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Participants Entries


Might as well try at least 1 this time around.
Also, if the timelines seem too tight, let me know and I can modify the end dates to something more reasonable. Right now it is a 2 week event.
This looks fun I might try to make one or two of these guys :3
Yessss, bring on the designs! Last time I was too busy but I'll be participating this time~
If we choose to make a certain resource, like a battle sprite, does that mean it has to be within a specific size?
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
i like that sunmagic is quadruple genderqueer

also i want to actually make a game doodle this time around. we have MEGALORD to defeat, after all
MEGALORD is the best villain name since EVILGOD.

If we choose to make a certain resource, like a battle sprite, does that mean it has to be within a specific size?

Probably? The superficial goal is to have usable monster sprites for an RPG Maker engine of your choice, but it doesn't have to be. You can also just make some concept art, or charsets, or facessets, or any sort of digital reimagining of the submissions. heck, make some theme music if you want!
You're magical to me.
I will be making as many of these as I can and they'll probably show up in Weird and Unfortunate like the last batch XD :DDDDD

Can you confirm if Wigglyarms teeth are actually purple? It's hard to be sure.

who said they're teeth? it's up to you to interpret!
Archstone 2? I think I'll make an Archstone 2.

Though Archstone took me a couple of days work straight to finish. No promises this time.
I just want to say that Big Pig is the awesomest. I want to play a game where Big Pig is the main character.

So I hope someone makes a Big Pig character set.
They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
Ugh, what a time for my computer to be in the hospital!
Welp, I got excited here's the first one:

This is *some* pig~<3
Aw hell yeah. I'm gonna design these so hard.
who said they're teeth? it's up to you to interpret!
True, but it would be nice to at least get the color scheme correct. Whatever form it takes. I'm going with purple.

EDIT: You're right though, turns out they weren't teeth after all.

Those are rabbit ears, giving Evil Wigglyarm approximately 1.5 times the hearing of a rabbit.
The Magical Spirit Wiggleyarm

Here's another version I made to look a bit more pixel-ish

Which do you prefer?
Can I submit both of these?
@Red Ooh, the second one is very aesthetic, I love it!

@Link Lookin' good! Th-the choice to make the purple things legs was... bold. Yeah, bold is the word! XD
Thanks Gourd_Clae

Yeah it might be best to make these 3D models look more 2D.

Here is the Wind Spirit Ymunwv
@Link Lookin' good! Th-the choice to make the purple things legs was... bold. Yeah, bold is the word! XD

Demented is probably a better word. He started out kinda happy and 'rawr, I'ma get you' with his silly grin. Then it got really dark, really fast.

I'm happy with the final product haha Fit for a 5 year old.

@Redmask - The first one looks kind of meh, maybe because it's against a white bg. But the second one really pops. I might even suggest just adding black outlines to the first one, but the pixelated look isn't bad.