Welcome to the Game Name Game event! The goal of the event is to take a game name from below, create a synopsis, mockups and concept art, and pitch it to RMN!



Voting ends Friday.

The genesis for this idea came from this game name ideas thread, and that is from where the list of available game names for this event have been compiled.

This is a short event.

You are not going to be making a game. You will be making a pitch and mockup and description of a game. The challenge will be to come up with a good idea for a game based on the name alone! Also, the game submission doesn't have to be funny or a joke - serious game idea entries are welcome.

First, pick a game name from the list below! And then provide the following:

Mockup the Game!
Type of game
The coolest unique thing about it
Give context
Describe an example of play
Create 3 mockup images (minimum)
What question is your game trying to answer?

Pitch the Game!
Short pitch - in 15 words or less pitch your game.
Long pitch - write the content that would show up on the back of the game box
Description on RMN - write the description as you would present it on RMN

An explanation of the above submission requirements...

The type of game would be akin to its genre (or blend of genres), try to use a word that reflects what you actually do in the game. ie- "Platformer", "2D exploration", "top-down hack-n-slash".

For the coolest unique thing, you can summarize drastically. We don't need to know how it works, but we want to know why it's cool. ie- "you can manage four parties of heroes at once!"

Next give us some context: who am I, where am I, what am I trying to do? The plot will never sound good in ten words, but the fantasy might. You're a ninja? You're a knight? You're a ninja-knight saving kittens? You're a kitten-knight saving ninjas? Give us the setting or framework of where the game takes place, and the story behind it. You can go into greater detail here, if required. Also spoilers are allowed.

Now describe a moment the player can experience that's typical of the game, and illustrates the best of what you've just told us. Explain the gameplay.

The mockups can be concept art, rips from other games amalgamated into a new frame of reference (this is pretty common in the industry (most movie industry but hey)), game titlescreen, storyboards or wireframes. Try to explain the aesthetic.

Lastly, what question is your game trying to answer? You might not realize it, but your game is answering a question. Games are a form of self-expression (like any other artform), and as such give a venue for us to answer questions we might have. Seeing as how games are primarily about gameplay, it follows that your question will be about gameplay mechanics. Like, "What if you had a platformer, but played as an enemy?", "What if you extended the concept of the multiparty dungeons in Final Fantasy VI to the entire game?", "What if a traditional RPG had non-traditional classes?". Figure this out for your own game.

For the Short pitch, you have to get to the point, incredibly quickly, in plain and simple language. This is critical to pitching your game. GET. OUR. ATTENTION. 15 words might be too much! Shoot for 10 or less. Imagine you are in an elevator with a game publisher and you had 30 seconds to make your case. Go!

For the long pitch write the content that would show up on the back of the game box. A player is attracted to your cover art and short pitch, and grabs the game for further inspection. You have about three sentences to hook him and about three more to sell it. Go!

This time, the game is on RMN, and your potential player saw your main image, title and short description and clicks on your gameprofile. Write the description as you would present it on RMN, so that he PLAYS your game. Go!

  • Compile your mockup and pitch into a zip file and submit it to the event.
  • Post your mockup and pitch as a post to the event page for others to view in full BBC glory!
  • Make as many submissions as you like.
  • Multiple people can use the same game name if they want!
  • DON'T MAKE A GAME (at least not for this event - it's not required)
  • Have fun!

The long list of game name ideas from which to choose:

The Unicorn of Death
The Dragon, the Witch and the Wardrobe Malfunction
Ye Olde Guitar of the Blood God
The King and Guy
How To Evolve Your Dragon
A Hard Day's Knight
Knight for a Day
Imaginarium of Some Kids
The Ways and the Rules of the World
The Goin' Gets Tough from the Get-go
Death Did Not Want to Kill Me
Tractor of Innocence
A Bridge Over Trolled Waters
Android Dryad
Time is Not a Limitless Commodity
Bwarf Dortress
God isn't dead. He's just hunting you.
Good morning, you have amnesia!
Coolio McStreets and His Famous Dancing Bear
Ninja Knight, Master-at-Arms
Guitar Hero's Realm
Lennon is not the Leader (Batman is)
Explore Because Stuff!
Death by Misadventure

The Imaginarium Kids in "There's Snow Stopping Us Now!"
The Imaginarium Kids in "A Bridge Over Trolled Waters"
The Imaginarium Kids in "Good Knight, Sweet Prince"
The Imaginarium Kids in "That's a Nice Wagon, Your Dragon"
The Imaginarium Kids in "The Dog Who Cried 'Woof!'"

Legend of Legend
Final Legacy
Legend Saga
Gaia Chronicles
Dragon Fable
Story of the Epic Adventure
Chaos Destiny
The Retelling of a Teenage Swordsman's Exploits
Dubious Gentlemen: Lizard Rogue
Mineral Geyser Reckoning: Revengevenge
Quest Simulator 2008 June 20th 5:42pm
Killer Romancer: Song of the 40 Devils
Campaign Goblin: We Will Rock You
Finite Discovery
Water Filter
God Foot
Cowardly Variant
Under the Under

Under God's Gaze
Paint Your Dragon: The Musical
The Adventures of Plastic Hair Man! (I give credit to my wife: she'd kill me for putting it out in public)
The Watchtower Crumbles
Chaos Weeps
Pandora's Reign
The Prometheus Protocol
Emerald Secret
Crimson Mind
The Painted Warrior
The Girl With No Eyes
Belial's Deception
The Last Hero
The Woman Without, the Tiger Within

Chaos Welps

Captain Flatulence and the Invasion of the Poo-Poo Platters
Begone, Sweet Mace
I Am A Game, Honest!
Crass Defect
I Went Back In Time
Brum: the Video Game
Love Is An Open Wound Full Of Tears And I Want To See It Break
You Are Wrong
Ignore This Game: It Is Not To Be Downloaded Or Touched
A Mattress, Curled Up and Ready To Be Slept On
Left Toe
Justice Power Love Anger Hatred Beauty Revenge Jealousy Annoyance Affairs Drama Cowardice, and the One Potato Chip That Started It All

When Death Wills
Tides of Time
After Day Ends
Empty in the Sky
A Waking Dream
Of Life's Lost Loves
Little Star Lost
Freedoms' Chain

Chaos Over Hoardes

When Death Wills: Underworld Accountant Agency
Tides of Time: Clock Ocean
After Day Ends: It's Night
Sunlit: The Prequel to Bronzed
Bronzed: Jersey Shore Quest
Empty in the Sky: Boring Weather Forecast Simulator
A Waking Dream: Electronic Oxymoron Encyclopedia
Of Life's Lost Loves: Interactive Sex GPS
Little Star Lost: Oh, There It Is

Under God's Gaze: Trust Me, You're Guilty
Paint Your Dragon: The Musical: The Book: The Game
The Watchtower Crumbles: Uneducated Architect
Chaos Weeps: And Other Tales For Children
Emerald Secret: Now in Every Box of Lucky Charms
Crimson Mind: Surgicational Funsploration of the Human Brain
The Painted Warrior: Face-Painting Booth Adventures
The Girl With No Eyes: She Also Has Lobster Claws Instead of Hands
Belial's Deception: Demon in Drag
The Last Hero: The Last Action Hero Video Game Remake 2014
The Woman Without, the Tiger Within: Her Refrigerator

The Dead: When People Are Killed
Shonen Fist
Fighting! PUNCH: the RPG
Yu-Gi-Oh! 2014: It's Time To D-D-D-Duel Tournament XX: Screw the Rules, We Have Card Games On Motorcycles: Aeroplane Edition
Playing Games: The Game
Senpai's Notice

A Dream's Nightmare
Dusty Town
Shadow's Shadow

Mister Monster Man
Right Finger - The Sequel to Left Toe
Gam Mak Galore
Fluffy in the Land of Bleeding Hearts
Death needs Friends too!
Mary Sue and the Bishies
Spoiler: Everyone Dies

Lucy in the Sky with Cubic Zircons
Wimbledon Death Match Xtreme!
A Life in a Day
A Hard Day's Knight
Warrior's Soul: Ex Machina
Do Broken Toys Go to Heaven?
Avalon's Eclipse
Goth Girl: Through a Compact Darkly
Doctor Who and the Island of Bones
The Age of Poseidon
Among Us
Death to Bunnyscotch!
Common Ground
Descendants of Camelot
The Man From R. M. N.

Chancellor Yakra: Ace Attorney
Double Trouble 2: The Third
Vindication 2: Extra Crispy
Vindication: Complacency

When Death Wills: A Guide to Building Effective Organizations
Tides of Time: A Problem-Solution Approach
After Day Ends:A Practical Framework for Successful Change Planning and Implementation
Sunlit: Emphasizing Speed and Innovation to Beat the Competition
Bronzed: Global Executives Share Strategies for Success
Empty in the Sky: Achieving a Higher Level of Effectiveness
A Waking Dream: The Marketing of Politics
Of Life's Lost Loves: Execution IS the Strategy
Little Star Lost: Best Practices for Managing Projects in the Real World
Freedoms' Chain: Developing Collective Transformational Leadership
Stark: Optimizing Value Through Programs, Portfolios and Organizational Change Management

Brian Okam's Free Throw Challenge

Space Journey to the Center of the Sun
Police Chase
Fender Bending
Monkey Business
As the Wheels Turn
Sunset Dawn
Eternal Whisper
Careless Echo
Froggy Dew
Mumbo Jumble
My House is on Fire!
Would You Like Fries With That?
25 to Knife

Control Fever
The Abandoned Booze
or The Dishonored Samurai Still Lives
Charlie Actually Rules the World
Emo: The Crying Talking Diary
Crack saved a Crack Babys Life
Ex-Smokers Band Together to Save the World
Mentally Ill: One Patient to Rule All the Patients in the World
Earth Leaves the Solar System
The Terror of Patience: Waiting in Line
Walmarts Are Actually Spaceships
The Alien and Me: Pregnant

Laser Train Disco

Phoenix Down: Ace Attorney - Turnabout Undead
Oh My Guitar Hero
Darkness and Star Power

The Chocolate Dragon
Bubblegum Robot
Cotton Candy Combat
Words Speak Louder
Rhythmic Journey: Final Mix
Fatal Fate
One Million Steps to Home
Dance Into Mordor
Muscleshirt Minnie & Miniskirt Max
Young Albert Einstein: Mecha Calamity
Accidental Zombie
Fashioncleaver: The End of Malls

My Words Speak Louder Than My Actions
New Forgotten Lands
47 Zone Eaters
New Years' Revolution
Readers Reading
The Bone of Contention
The Magical Quest of the Philanthropologist
The Ballad of Dyce Gamblor: Gambler Extraordinaire
Fighter Mage Healer
E.V.O.: Earth Intruders
Chaos Emerald Weapon
Precognitive Dissonance
Laser Cowboy
The Day The Breakbeat Broke

Zodiac Dynasty
The Earth Hungers
Pandora Sings Sweetly
Falcon's Final Flight
Aeon of Atlantis
Attila the Nun: Escape from Sunday School
The Reclaiming: Return to Earth
Children of the Waste
Feast and Famine
As the Gods are Amused, So Earth Shall Stand
The Frost
The Martian Frontier: Conquest of Valles Marineris
Survivors of Mars: The Secret of Ius Chasma
Judgement: The Last Days
Daughters of Artemis
The Horn of Heimdall
The Diary of Morgan Le Fay
The Hunt for Black Friday

Hot Chips in Vinegar: A Real Life Story
Hi I'm Charlie, And I Make Sick Beats, Yo
One Won, Two Won Too! 2
That Feeling When You Die Suddenly Without A Purpose
Tragic Backstory Generator
Ayn Gel: Rand Re-Married
Aremen's Folly: The MS Mishap
A Dry Spell Wipes Out Humanity: The Next Stage
Life As We Don't Know It
Just A Game Where You Live Life And Stuff I Don't Know I'm Making It Up As I Go Along, Geez

PMHL: Prairie Man Hates Life
Municipal Man
Mother Of Men
Get the Net!
Intensity in Tent City

I will select a winner from the list of submissions after the community voting period (The submission deadline is May 5th, and the voting ends May 9th). The voting will factor into my decision but won't (necessarily) be the winner of the community vote.

Grand Prize:a copy of RPG Maker VX Ace! and a special Game Name Game achievement
Community Vote Prize:a special Game Name Game vote winner achievement
Participation:a Game Name Game participation achievement

The copy of RMVXA will be delivered via Steam. You will need a steam account to receive your prize. If you already have RMVXA I have some alternate prizes for you to choose from.

(If you want to be a judge, send me a PM and we can work something out. I am limiting the judging panel to 5 if there is that much interest.)

Good luck!


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Sorry about that. I'll just delete the one I've uploaded and resubmit it with a shorter name. Is that ok?
No, it is beautiful, do not change it.

lol If you say so then that's that :P
The Man From R. M. N.
What if your ideas or creations turned back against you?

The Man From R. M. N. Title Screen - By Treason89

MOCK UP (Images)

USB Driven Travel to your Portable Hard Drive.

IPS Attack!

TAG Allies to the rescue

Facing past sins

I also can't believe he used it...

Type of game:
2D Turn-based RPG

Coolest Unique thing:
Full open world inside a PC with tech-like powers (Debug, glitch, etc).

The main protagonist is a RMN fan who has used RM since childhood, but has never finished a Project. Being a consummate gamer his PC is also full with games that he has played once and again. His desire to become a RPG Hero transports him inside his PC. Inside he discovers that the AAA Games love “the User” as they call him, but want to destroy the “underling creations” he has made. His abandoned projects hate him because of being abandoned and a war is erupting from beneath the System32 frontier, as all the viruses from his pirate downloads threaten to erase all his hard drive information.

Openly explore your PC folders in order to integrate or destroy data of applications, games or viruses. Use data to enhance your weapon, the mighty “Pointer”, abilities. Random encounters with fragments of data.

How would it be if in-game decisions (what you do in the game) affects how the character’s abilities grow (and not just a pre-made tier of abilities, ability tree, etc)?

Short pitch:
What if your ideas or creations turned back against you?

Long pitch:
A barefoot carefree gamer had a hobby: try to make his own RPG game, and then just dump it. But how do his incomplete creations feel about this? An epic journey inside his own PC will reveal him not only that, but the truth about his passion and mission in life.

Play as a hobbyist developer in a 2D turn-based open world RPG, exploring your PC folders to assimilate or destroy data. Your childhood RPG heroes may be willing to help you at a painful cost; while corrupted data and viruses will attempt to destroy everything you hold dear! Will you be able to protect the information that is really the most important for you?

RMN Description
The Man From R. M. N. is a 2D turn based open world RPG. The protagonist is a fan of RPG games, and also likes to do his own games… but he just manages to desist about them before ever ending any of them. You play as this hobbyist developer who has managed to go inside his PC just to find everything is messed up. As “The User” you have the most powerful weapon that can exist, the mighty “Pointer”. But even if so, you need to know how to manage all the information inside its functions, as many things are not objects but just codes or programs. To do so you will have to retrieve and eliminate data from the folders inside your PC.

In your PC world, four factions will show up. You may join them or destroy them:
AUP (Abandoned Useless Projects): They are the protagonist’s projects. They hatred for “The man from RMN” is almost limitless, as they have been forgotten by eons (in PC time). You may try to bond again to your passion, thus making an alliance with them. They are just interested in your love and attention, but are non-popular weaklings that will need a lot of data from you in order to survive your informatics menace.

TAG (Triple A Games): They are the powerful famous boys around. Ark, Cloud, Chrono, Ryu and many more heroes will be there for you. They love you as “The User”, as they call you, because you have played with them many many times. They will probably ask only a little thing: the destruction of the AUP faction.

IPS (Illegal Pirate Downloads): The IPS, or Piraloads, are the tough guys. They have infiltrated in both the TAG and AUP, as well in other kind of software. They are trying to reset everything in your hard drive as the war between TAG and AUP seems never ending and meaningless. Maybe you think like them so they will offer a fresh start the way viruses know best: delete and corrupt everything on their path.

NPC (Neutral Program Codes): You can’t join to them, as they are neutral, but you can destroy them. Assimilating their data will give you wonderful powers to forge the world inside your PC. Instead of the Piraloads “fresh start” you may take your role as “The Administator” to manage the world you have created, even if that mean a path of loneliness and hardships in order to assume the responsibilities of everything you have done… or have left undone.

The alliances you do and the data you retrieve/eliminate will decide the fate of your PC information, and also your own aims for achievement in your real life in the outside world.

- 100+ folders to explore the vast world inside your PC.
- Diplomatic relationships with and between the four factions that will decide the course of the game.
- A character whose abilities will grow and change according to your decisions trough the game.
- Data system will allow you to unlock 15 new abilities of “Pointer”.
- See your old favorite RPG heroes tag along with you, or teach them who the real boss is!
- Up to 40 hours of gameplay on an epic journey inside your PC, and more important: yourself.

The TM is for Totally Magical.
Lennon is not the Leader (Batman is)

Type: Top Down Action beat-em-up/music sim.

Short Pitch: John Lennon has been kidnapped by the Joker! Batman must take his place!
Long Pitch: The evil Joker’s latest scheme to trap the Batman involves kidnapping the lead Beatle! Batman doesn’t know what that devious devil is up to, but this could be devastating to cultural revolution of the 60s! There’s only one solution: Batman must take John Lennon’s place as lead singer! Meanwhile, with the help of the Boy Wonder, Batman must try and locate the Joker’s lair and where he’s hiding the most visionary member of the Fab Four.
Gameplay: As Robin, you’ll use stealth and your fighting abilities to evade the Joker’s henchmen, but don’t take any risks. If you find yourself in a tight spot, call in Batman to help you out. As Batman keep the Beatles’ tour schedule on track. Sing the right notes and keep the Beatles’ rates up on such hits as:
Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band/I Get By with a Little Help from my Friends
I am the Walrus
Here Comes the Sun
Norwegian Wood
Revolution 9
Come Together
Yellow Submarine
Twist and Shout
Get Back
Rocky Raccoon
And many more!

The Coolest Unique Thing: Stealth action while singing…badly (You’ve heard Adam West sing, right?)!
The British Invasion and all of music history depends on the Dynamic Duo and their cheesy special effects! Can they save British Rock? Will John Lennon be rescued? Will Batman successfully carry a tune? Find out next week: same bat time, same bat RMN network!

I'm totally interested! I'll get on this now! When I find my actually computer, because iPads are totally not made for this sort of thing.
Alright, I'm on this one. I'm taking The Going Gets Tough From the Get-go, and right now I need to decide if it would work better as a fake platformer or IF game.

Short Description
Unite the schools and liberate Japan.

Long Description
The Great Tankoushoku Student Alliance spreads across Japan unhindered, the ferocity of their conquests matched only by the underhandedness of their methods.
As the areas under their control closes in on the small town school of Heiwatani High, one banchou, Shoyu Kumako, and his small group of yankis will use strength, charisma, and the power of fighting spirit to raise an army and bring the battle back to the Student Alliance Committee's doorstep.

RMN Description
Shonen Fist is a Suikoden-style RPG.
The player must build an army by recruiting schools and gangs to provide the numbers, and powerful fighters to provide the leadership.
But an army is an expensive thing to maintain, so the player will have to secure revenue by seizing supplies from defeated Student Alliance bases, stealing from yakuza, gambling, roughing up normal students for lunch money, or getting jobs all of the above.
The war begins and the future of Japan will be settled in a glorious tapestry of blood, honor, sorrow, chivalry, love, and valor. This isn't just some tussle between kids. This is history in the making, and the course of the next century will be decided by the ones left standing...

-= Features =-
-A cast of over 100 recruitable delinquents, including yankis, sukebans, bosozokus, ganguro girls, and more
-Lead an army of over 10,000 violent troublemakers
-Duel with strong guys until one of you is face down in a pool of blood
-Tons of side quests involving both the new skill/item and character development kind
-Multiple endings based on how much you exercise charisma vs brute strength
-'Matchmake' to unlock powerful paired/group attacks
-Upgrade your motorcycle and compete in illegal street racing

Type of game
Suikoden-style jRPG.

The coolest unique thing about it
Good old fashioned jRPG set in a modern japanese world of yankis and high school warfare.

Give context
You're a banchou in a small town, trying to prevent his school from being absorbed into an evil conglomerate.

Describe an example of play
Convince unaffiliated schools to join your cause, and help rebels within the Alliance break free.
Skirmish with the evil Student Alliance in the streets, or wage a huge turf battle behind the old factory.
Subdue your enemies with numbers and strategy, or settle it with a decisive one-on-one between banchous.
And don't forget to get the girl.

What question is your game trying to answer?
*lights cigarette* ... Why must men fight?

This is my first game contest ever so I hope I did you all proud :p
Here is my submission, enjoy.

Laser Cowboy

Action Role-Playing

Explore the galaxy in a customizable ship with your customizable weapons doing the talking.

As Laser Cowboy you are traveling around the galaxy accepting ad completing bounty hunting requests in order to gain enough money to afford a medication that is supposed to cure your sister from certain death.

While on your ship you receive bounty requests from the ships message console, from there you travel to the last known location of where your bounty was and collect clues. In some cases you will have to keep a bounty mission active because there is no last known location given until you come across some clues by questioning people later on in your travels. After finding your target you will battle them and in some cases have an option to execute or restrain your bounty which in turn changes how much you receive from the mission giver.

Located below

Will you gain enough money to save your sister?

Travel the Oleander galaxy collecting bounties to save your sister from certain death.

The “cold-hearted” and “reckless” bounty hunter known as Laser Cowboy has been in the bounty hunting business for three decades, and in that time he and his pulse laser pistols have carved their way across the galaxy creating friends, foes, and legends in his honor. Fate has intervened and Anna, his sister, has succumbed to a lab created virus known as “VA13” which is slowly draining her life away. Laser Cowboy must take every bounty he can to get one step closer to getting the answers and the coin necessary for curing his dying sister. But will money be enough?

Anna, your sister, has fallen ill from a virus known as “VA13.” It is up to you, Laser Cowboy, to pull away from your selfish life style of being self-absorbed and focus on someone who has been there on the side lines hoping that each bounty you take won’t be your last. You must travel the galaxy in this Action RPG style game collecting and completing your bounty contracts and collecting the reward of money or information they provide you so you can save your sister and find out the truth to how she came in contact with the lab created virus.

• 12 companions
• 1,320 team combinations
• 50 weapons
• 12 planets to explore
• 60 quests
• 30 ship upgrades
• Expanding universe


Freedom's Chain

Game Type: 'Pet' simulation

Breed and fight gladiators to save your people!

Gladiators battle it out in the arena to gain fame, fortune and standing. Gain fame through winning battles to get the best sponsors. Use those sponsors to kit out your gladiators, unlocking better weaponry and armour and making new contacts among the elite. Breed your best, weeding out weaknesses and enhancing good traits. Retire the worst to keep them from deaths' door. Save your people from the horrors of the arena one at a time, all while pretending to be one of 'them'.

Can you destroy the colloseum by using their own tactics against them?

Short pitch
Fight the good fight! Manage a host of gladiators to save the day!

Long pitch
Avenge your people and save them from their plight as gladiator slaves by beating 'the man' at his own game! Using your skills to manage your own gladiators, win battle after battle, gain the best sponsors and make your way to the top of the arena just to pull it down behind you.
Only you can save your people.
Only you can destroy the Sport of Kings.

Description on RMN

Half-bred, illegitimate and unknown, all your life you've grown up with your mothers' people, working hard to make ends meet. Then came a letter, one that would change everything and give you the chance to make a real change...

Congratulations New Noble!

You have just been left five gladiators and a title by your last living relative. Report to the arena before the date issued below to take ownership of the above and we'll give you the grand tour. We look forward to seeing you soon.

A plan is hatched. A way to get back at all those who looked down on you in your youth. A chance to save your people. Get ready for the games to begin!

- Fight - Raise your gladiators through the ranks of the arena, aiming for contracts and supporters.
- Fame - Achieve fame and fortune by outfitting your gladiators with the best weaponry and armour money (and sponsors) can buy!
- Fame - Win, win, win! Claim fame and glory. Buy the best gladiators and fill your team with them! Gaining more fame will net you better sponsors, prizes and open the gates to the upper tier of the arena!
- Breed - Pair up your best gladiators to create better ones! Breed certain traits into your new stock and weed out bad ones to create the ultimate warriors!
- Save - Retire your older gladiators, saving them from death.
- Revenge - Use their own game against them! Gain a monopoly and save your people one at a time. Shut down the arena and kill off the gladiator games for good!

Screenshots (more to come)
I don't have a Steam account or an interest in VX Ace, but I'm entering anyways!
So, here we go, prepare the vomit buckets and appropriate music!

Senpai's Notice

Game Type: Graphic Adventure Romance

Coolest Unique Thing: Up to eight choices per dialogue branch.

Context: You're an ordinary high school student who finds a love note in your locker signed only with "Senpai <3".

Play Example: You decide to use the "Look" command to stare at someone's chest. When they ask what the hell it is you're doing, you'll have a multitude of respone options, from sexually aggressive ("Just admiring the view") to adorably shy ("Oh, nothing...") to mean ("No much, apparently"), in addition to some joke responses like "Using my laser vision to monitor your vitals".

Question: What if a "harem" romance game had the more elaborate mechanics and story branching of a graphic adventure game?

Short Pitch: Solve the mystery of who's your secret admirer!

Long Pitch: When you find an anonymous love note in your locker from an upperclassman, its up to you to find out who wrote it! You'll investigate nine of your "senpai's" using a combination of classic adventure game mechanics and extensive dialogue trees and story branching. An androgynous protagonist lets your pairing of choice be as hot or awkward as you'd like!

RMN Description:
Senpai's Notice is a graphic adventure romance game with a heavy emphasis on dialogue choices and branching storylines.
You're an ordinary high school student who one day finds a love note in your locker signed with just "Senpai <3". Who is this "Senpai"? Only one way to find out! While asking around and snooping about, it becomes obvious that this fellow has competition, though! Ultimately you have a choice between nine upperclassmen, so what will you do? Will you try to find out who the author is, or just go with whoever you like? Or will you just be a total moonbat and tell people you're a tentacle monster from the planet Katalox V? Its up to you!


Using the "Look" command to investigate someone's locker

Conversing with an upperclassman (the little girl's a prodigy, yanno)

I feel like I may have forgotten something critically important... guess I'll find out tomorrow.
Also, I am strongly tempted to actually make this game.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
OK turkey dawg those screenshots are beauts. I really really like that idea too.
I ran into somewhat of a wall while working on my entry for this contest. So in my downtime I made a simple Pitch Wizard to possible help out those last minute entries. Screen shot and link below.

The Game Name Game - Pitch Wizard

I will be submitting my entries tomorrow, once I figure out the mock-up/concept stuff.
Here's my entry!! :D

Love Is An Open Wound Full Of Tears And I Want To See It Break

Cause havoc for a mission... by breaking people's hearts!

""Aren't you working in a blindier way than me?"
That's what he told me. But I have to do it no matter what."

In a world where everything's managed by deities and their workers, you're the angel that controls heartbreaks: Deirdre!
You've got a mission to complete: To break everybody's hearts and tear relationships appart! Will the reward be worth it?
However, your counterpart, Cupid, won't let you do so because of some reasons...

Yes, Gods exist. So do angels. Angels are, basically, the managers of the world, while the Gods watch over so everything's alright.
You play as Deirdre, the angel of heartbreak, and she had to keep the world's love balanced along with Cupid... until few years ago, when she started heartbreaking more than usual because some deity told her to do so.

Help Deirdre to finish her job!
Dead arrow shots, extremely cute wings, and a big BIG mace... that's all you need to erase all love in the world!
In the end, you'll get a juicy reward, but... will it be good enough?

A 2D RPG with a fresh new attack system that will make you want more and more!


-Play as a villain instead of a hero!
-Battle against love feelings themselves! Stronger the love, harder the battle!
-Gauge-based attack: Press Z when the attack gauge is at its fullest to cause even more damage!
-An 'Efficiency Points' system: the more and faster heartbreaks you produce, the more points you get
-Cities and roads to wander in!
-Meet more angels in Heaven!


Title screen

Boss battle (against Cupid)

Promo wallpaper

Type of game
2D RPG with some exploration elements

The coolest unique thing about it
Defeat love itself with a fresh gauge-based attack system!

Give context
You play as Deirdre, the angel of heartbreak, and you have to break everybody's hearts to fulfill a mission. Do it as fast and better as you can.

Describe an example of play
You must go roaming the streets looking for potential parings and ships and break their love. When you find a good one (you'll have help of the map, don't worry), you must battle with and defeat it, so the ship stops to exist. Do it greatly to win Efficiency Points (EP), so your boss gets satisfied with your work.
Losing the battle means that that love will become stronger, and the next battle with it will be harder. Also, you'll lose EP.
Sometimes you'll find Cupid and you'll have to fight him. Defeating him will give you lotsa EP.

What question is your game trying to answer?
Bad actions to reach your goals are really worth it in the end?
Geez. I thought I was doing okay, but now the big guns are coming out.
I took the liberty of moving around details from the checklist in the interest of presentation. Because this is a pitching contest.

Name: Final Legacy

Type: Fantasy RPG

Cool gimmick: Quantum turn-based combat!

Short pitch: Dictate the space-time continuum of your foes!

Long pitch: This isn’t your wimpy time-travel game where time is just part of the plot or watered game mechanic. Argue with your enemies about what actions will occur when. Force them wide open to your strongest attacks while setting up a perfect defense against theirs and save your timeline or destroy it.

Description on RMN
A desperate magician invented magic to manipulate the space-time continuum to save the world from a prophesied soon-to-be apocalypse. All the world's nations have marveled and agreed to change history so that the oracle dies before she can deliver the prophecy. Unfortunately, if those efforts go as planned, many, including you (a descendent), will cease to exist in the past, present, and future. World war is brewing between the martyrs willing their own cessation to save humanity and the citizens of the current timeline who think humanity can survive the apocalypse.

Argue with your enemies about what actions will occur when. Force them wide open to your strongest attacks while setting up a perfect defense against theirs and save your timeline…or destroy it.

-Quantum turn-based battle system
-2 separate campaigns
-3 endings

(More details)
Context: It plays like a normal RPG (a story set in a world on the brink of an apocalypse and two factions fighting to control the timeline), except you argue with your enemies over which sequence of moves actually occur. Therefore, game flow is similar to a standard RPG, but there are additional rules dictating what moves occur and when. You and the opposition take turns presenting moves that could occur and one side eventually forces a decision. There is a balancing act between presenting moves and forcing a favorable decision because both actions draw on the same resource, space-time points (STP).

Gameplay: For example, two characters named Charles and Xin are battling their first boss, a mage and his slime familiar, and the mage is glowing from built-up energy for his super move.

A) Player opts to present 2 possible turns (turn1a…Charles: Triple Attack on Mage, Xin: Ultra Counter Stance) + (turn1b…Charles: Guard, Xin: Attack on Slime), some of his STPs are consumed.

B) CPU simultaneously presents 2 possible turns (turn2a…Mage: Super Magic on Xin, Slime: Attack on Xin) + (turn2b…Mage: Super Magic on Charles, Slime: Attack on Charles), some of its STPs are consumed.

C) Player sees his STP running low and has to decide between a) creating turn 3a/3b and letting the CPU decide on the actions or b) decide on the order of actions. If the CPU gets to choose, the Player can predict that it will choose turn order 1a-2b, but the Player can sneak in an extra turn for the next set…which could be a retroactive move for making: turn1a…Charles: Guard, Xin: Attack on Slime. Retroactive moves can even force recalculation of moves already executed! If the Player wants to choose, then he plans on turn order 1a-2a, but the CPU could sneak in an extra turn for the next set.

C1) If both Player and CPU tried to settle the turn order, 1a, which both agreed upon, will become the moves for Charles and Xin and execute immediately. The STPs that both sides spent (for turns 1 and 2) return to their STP pool. Turn 2 carries over into the next set and the stakes go up as both sides must start by suggesting turn 3 and 4 (in addition to settling turn 2 with 3 and 4).

C2) If both Player and CPU tried to make an extra move, and neither now has enough STP to settle the moves, the stakes go up as turns 1 and 2 carry into the next set with 3 and 4. Both get their STPs back to begin arguing over their next turns. And if the Player made that retroactive move, his max STP for the rest of the current battle goes down. Settling will determine moves 1-4.

It turns out that the Player settled 1a-2a, and they execute for Xin doing a perfect counter off the Mage and Slime’s attacks as the CPU presents its turn 4a/4b (which becomes turn 3a/3b). The Player and CPU will now present for turns 4 and 5.

It’s a lot less complicated than it might sound.

What would a game look like if magic treated space and time seriously?


Geez. I thought I was doing okay, but now the big guns are coming out.
Well, its only natural that entries with more time put into them show up as you approach the deadline.
(P.S. I'd play the fuck outta Shonen Fist. And Little Lost Star.)

Hey Turkey, do you have any plans on making actual games (other than being temped to do Senpai's Notice)? I'm quite impressed, you know, I wouldn't mind seeing your first serious effort. You certainly have a room to grow.
I do have pretty big stack of ideas piled up. Probably more than I have years of my life to make them. Most of them are of the STG, Beat 'em Up, and/or Platforming variety, though, which is why I'm not much interested in RPG Maker.
But yeah, just trying to make those mock-ups reminded me of just how little I've really learned after all these years. All I've been doing lately is concept sketches, so trying backgrounds, coloring, planning and layouts... gah! No idea what I'm doing.

I also learned that I really fucking hate GIMP's text functions...

Among Us

Type of game
2-D top down, dark, RPG
The women you play as will have these flashbacks and what you do in the flashbacks will possibly change the gameplay.
Give context
You are a woman who is isolated and constantly tortured by her husband with his.. experiments.
Describe an example of play
The player gets to choose what the wife will say to her husband, causing different events to occur, depending on what she said. While in one her flashbacks,she is walking through a forest with her children, you can choose whether to pick her fire element skill and burn the forest down, causing one of her child's deaths, or choose a water element skill, and have a playful water fight.

What question is your game trying to answer?
Can you find the power in you to take down the monster who lives among you?

Short pitch - A monster dwells within your home, is it you, or is it someone else?

Long pitch - Experience being a woman who must undergo her husband's freak experiments. Will the pain be too much for her, or will it not be enough? Perhaps she deserves this. Be careful, the choices you choose for her could endanger her life even more.

Description on RMN -
Abbi the wife of Alton Harris recently discovered her special skills, when her husband found out he became so fascinated. So fascinated, he ran experiments on her, and began treating her as one of his lab rats. Before all of this happened Abbi had freak accidents, due to her uncontrollable powers. However, with your choices, maybe you can help her with her constant trouble and abuse. Or even, make them worse. It's up to you.

+10 flashbacks
+Crazy adventure dreams
+Choose her fate
+Watch her appearance change
+Unlock secret events
+Using keyboard combos for interaction

wat is dis. I dunno.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Oh My Guitar Hero is a rhythm game.

One of the greatest video game scenes of all time, now a heavy metal rock battle.

The game is a reimagining of the famous opera scene from Final Fantasy VI as a rock opera. The original lyrics are closely followed, but the music has been changed to heavy metal.

As a heavy metal version of Darkness and Starlight plays, shred your guitar controller to play the notes that appear on-screen. Optionally, sing the lyrics as you play. Well-sung lyrics will add more complicated notes to the opponent's sheet music, making their guitar-playing harder - but they can do the same to you, which might not leave you with enough concentration to sing as you play.

This game answers the question: Oh my hero, so far away now, will I ever see you rock?

Short description
Rhythm-battle through a rock opera version of Darkness and Starlight.

Long description

Play the notes and chords of each act of Final Fantasy VI's Darkness and Starlight on a guitar controller as they appear on the screen.

Rhythm-battle through one of the most famous musical scenes in video game history, remixed with a new original heavy metal soundtrack by The Black Mages. Play as the original opera characters - Maria, Draco and Prince Ralse - or unlock Locke, Celes, Setzer and Ultros as hidden characters.

An opponent, either human or AI, plays against you on-screen, battling you for Maria's heart. If you're feeling confident, sing the lyrics into the game microphone to make things harder for them!

RMN description

Play the notes and chords of each act of Final Fantasy VI's Darkness and Starlight as they appear on the screen.

Rhythm-battle through one of the most famous musical scenes in video game history, remixed with a new original heavy metal soundtrack by The Black Mages. Play as the original opera characters - Maria, Draco and Prince Ralse - or unlock Locke, Celes, Setzer and Ultros as hidden characters by earning achievements in single-player mode.

An opponent, either human or AI, plays against you on-screen. Try to earn all achievements on the highest difficulty against the computer, or battle your friends for Maria's heart. If you're feeling confident, sing the lyrics into the game microphone to make things harder for them! Well-sung lyrics will add more complicated notes to the opponent's sheet music, making their guitar-playing harder - but they can do the same to you, which might not leave you with enough concentration to sing as you play.

Compatible with Guitar Hero and Rock Band brand guitar controllers. Local multiplayer only. Online play not supported.

Aaaand another one.

Imaginarium of some Kids

Explore 7 vast mind worlds and decide the fate of the 8 kids living in them!

8 kids have the power of biulding and living in their own imaginary world. They can go there whenever they think of it, or when they sleep. However, one day, they couldn't wake up anymore...

Join Gene in a journey to see and discover his friends' imaginary worlds! Help them with their small problems and venture into their most terrifying fears. Fight any dangerous enemies and find the way to wake you all up.
However, will you want to wake you all up?

Russell, Octavia, Yasmin, Gene, Beatrice, Ian, Piper and Watt: these 8 kids have the power of creating their own imaginary worlds. Acessible whenever they think of it or when they sleep, those worlds are made of all of their dreams, likes... but also nightmares and fears. They were very happy with their worlds, using them to escape reality... until one day, when they were unable to go back to it.
Without knowing what happened, they kept living carefreely together, until Gene noticed something was really off... and wanted to wake everybody up again.

Play as Gene and explore your and everybody else's worlds! Meet your friends, fight nightmare enemies and find all the worlds' imaginary cores so you can all wake up. But is this a good idea after all?


-Adventure-Exploration game, with 2D RPG and platformer maps and some horror elements
-Each kid has their own weapon and way to attack
-Dreamy and miscellaneous worlds
-Depending on what you do, you'll get an ending or another
-Deep story


Title screen

Talking to Yasmin

Going through a Nightmare

Type of game
Adventure + exploration game, with RPG and Platformer sidescrolling maps, with humor and horror elements

The coolest unique thing about it
Use all the kids to find even more about these worlds

Give context
You play as Gene, and your goal is to find all of the imaginary cores so you and your friends can wake up again.

Describe an example of play
Explore each world while you interact with things, talk to imaginary people and your friends and fight enemies in the nightmares.
Just press Z to harm and defeat an enemy when it is on display. You can ask help to one of your friends to control them and use their weapon as well.

What question is your game trying to answer?
Do you really want to bring back everybody to reality?