The resource creation event you've all been waiting for!

Make monster graphics from my 7 year old's crayon designs

On RMN's official(ly bad) twitter @rpgmaker, I posted some pictures I took of my son's monster designs. @plsvotetuckie then took one of those designs and made a pixel art version!

An idea was born.

In this short event we will:
  • Create pixel art version of these monster designs for use in RPG Maker
  • Try to decipher my son's horrible writing
  • Come up with descriptions and movesets for these monsters
  • (Optionally) Create a short battle demo
  • Submit them all to this event page

I will post the 6 designs below, along with a link to a higher resolution version. The deadline is December 4th.

Submit your entries using the toolbar in the upper right, and then make a post showing them off in the comments below!

(or Coulddus or Coyldday (sometimes his Ys look like Ss))

High-res version

Are those arms? Feet? Spikes? Is that his mouth, or some mouth-tentacles, or maybe tusks? Is he wearing an eyepatch?

(or Backbe or Baelbe)

High-res version

Is he a ghost? Is that a giant tail or a gargantuan arm? He looks mean.

(or Wutewalk or Watowark)

High-res version

Wings, perhaps? Or is he a really short caterpillar and that's a floating blade or whip in front of him? Kinda cute!

(or Netstop or Ivetslop)

High-res version

Claws or wings? So tall, majestic and menacing!

(or Peek or Pedl)

High-res version

His friendly face belies his terrible nature...

Yoidu Keeprel
(or Yoida Keepall?)

High-res version

The event's mascot. Of course.

These were found in my son's room after I cleaned it the other day. Feel free to make enemies out of them, as well! Maybe I will make a bonus achievement, too...

(and then a bunch of sight words...)

High-res version

A three eyed turtle, maybe?

(or Bee Boon?)

High-res version

A tall ghostly figure with a crooked nose, methinks.

If you submit at least one monster, you will be deemed a participant and receive a Yoidu achievement worth 5ms. If you submit all six monsters, you will receive an additional Netsop achievement worth 10ms.

Participants who submit a battle demo will receive a Balbo achievement worth 5ms.

The fan-favourite (as determined by voting after the event) will win the Coulddas achievement worth 20ms.

Unleash your inner-7-year-old and make some monsters!

update December 15th:

..:: Pinchy ::..

high-res version

Here is a monster my 4yo designed. He told me he has "pinchy arms". I'll call him Pinchy. (We are a family of RPG makers, apparently).

Anyone who designs a monster from him by Monday will get the special "Pinchy" achievement.


  • 11/24/2016 08:00 PM
  • 12/19/2016 08:00 AM
  • 12/24/2016 11:59 PM



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Participants Entries
Sgt M


They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
Tentacle Coulddas best Coulddas.
Princess Beeboon the bloodthirsty

She is so thrilled by battle that she will spend all her energy on healing the damages to both sides, never wanting the fight to end.


a'Afte will not react to anything you do, just freeze and stare past you. Blast him with fireballs, punch him, dance naked for forty regrettable minutes. It won't make a difference. He'll only scream internally for you to leave him alone.

They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
a'Afte is so cute OMG
Okay, here's my first batch of critters.

Yoida, Plucky Robot Minion
A service bot built by Balbo Technologies to transport materials, Yoida uses its crystal electromagnet "ears" to hover. Its antennae allow it to tap into electric currents, giving it a number of electricity-based attacks and limited telepathy, which it uses to scan enemy weaknesses.
Yoida escaped from Balbo Technologies after stumbling upon their nefarious plans; it was last seen traveling with Al Afte.

Al Afte, Alien Dinosaur
A green dinosaur who speaks in an alien language and carries a mysterious egg-like artifact. Al Afte's greatest priority is protecting the artifact, and he will attack anyone who he perceives to be trying to steal it. Al Afte can attack by bodyslamming or tail whipping his opponent, and he can also cast spells by channeling the artifact.

Beel Bool, Combat Marionette
A prototype robot soldier with detachable arms and a long nose designed to sniff out intruders. Beel Bool has a variety of arms it can swap out in order to complete a variety of tasks, including a punching glove, a plasma cannon, a short blade, and more.
It's really cool and inspiring to see all of these different art styles. Keep up the good work, yo!

Welp, I decided to give this a shot anyway, even though I'm not ready for this kind of thing at all.

Going to put this hideous pixel creation of mine in a spoiler (you can thank me later).


They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
IDK why you say you're not ready for this. Your dude looks fine to me.
@Luiishu there's nothing wrong with that drawing!
Thanks for the compliments, guys. I guess what matters most when you're a complete novice is that you always try.

Here's another I made:

Yoidu Keeprel, the King of Potato Chips
You're magical to me.
Okay, did the extra monsters! :DDDD


Born in the dream world, Bee13oot casts helpful boons on its allies and has dark, troubled thoughts thanks to absorbing one too many nightmares. When it talks, all you can hear are the voices of long forgotten memories, playing back in twisted melodies.


a'Afteallahahaw looks like some warped fleshy UFO with eyes, mouths, and a giant beak where it eats. Monsterologists aren't quite sure what to make of it except that it is very deadly, blasting about with rays that damage and cause various nasty status ailments and chomping heroes with that giant beak.

Still working on the gameplay parts! Hope to have something to show for that soon ^_^
Wow I really like how everyone's interpretation of a child's drawing is so different from one and another! 〃^▽^〃
I'm giving this a shot despite me not being amazing in this sort of thing ^^;


Coulddas composes off several cadavers hidden and stuffed away in a robot suit. Yet over time the outside has slowly rusted away. Using the energy powered by the vengeful souls of the people that have perished, Coulddas hunts down others to add to his collection of carcasses to make him even stronger.

He doesn't inflict a lot of damage yet since there are so many bodies all inflicting damage at once his overall inflicting damage becomes immense. But this can also be his weakness as with many souls being inside you there lacks any unity which leads to low accuracy at times.


To say that a Peelc can be deceiving is an understatement. He often has a welcoming face, lovely hospitality and yet by the end of the encounter he can make the trip to hell sound like a vacation. However, if you see through his tricks it won't be as inviting or as...friendly...

When it comes to combat a Peelc isn't as strong at it seems. He mostly decreases your attack by playing mind games on you. With a swift body a Peelc tends to avoid attacks often. See through his lies and once the effect wears off it'll be easier to beat him.


Long ago the poor Neri had a mine of his own, until the parasite Balbo infected him. Neri used to lead people to the afterlife and guide them. However Balbo pierced the side of Neri's head and controlled Neri from there on. Balbo uses Neri's mystical powers to kill those that are the most happy; to use their joy to make him experience it whilst trapping the crestfallen spirits in Neri's blade.

Balbo has a massive advantage with controlling such a skilled and knowledgable swordsman like Neri yet without the body Balbo is helpless. It may be hard to get an accurate hit of Balbo himself(maybe 8% chance?) but once you managed to damage its achilles heel, you've won.

Wow this actually ended up being quite long ._.
Oh well what can you do haha... ^▽^;
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
In a world of Vooid, color is everything. The white energies, known as "llayck" to the Vooid's inhabinants, surrounds and contains blackness, the mixture of all, and destroys it until only one color remains. These colors amplify and emphasize attributes of the creatures of this world, the Vooidlings. However, the creatures detailed below are not true Voidlings, for they are dominated by Llayck. They forever seek to absorb color and reduce it to white, for the creation of more monstrosities that take on these curiously aberrant forms. If you come across one, be sure to destroy or absorb it's color, as that's the source of it's powers.


This tentacular monstrosity is tipped in red, giving it minimal physical combat prowess. It is easy to destroy for Llayck residue, but do not underestimate it. Many a careless Vooidlings have been crushed or pierced by those tentacles, and it's eye has an unknown power.


The blade, fist, and eye of this creature are all dangerous weapons, while it's beak offers minimal physical defense, and it's wrists of orange pierce armor; Enough that most Vooidlings militia cannot harm it and their armor is pierced, thus allowing it to massacre Vooidling villages, collecting more color. They are hated by all Vooidling kind and are beserking creatures of Llayck.


This unique creature is brimming with dexterous yellow, making it the first to attack with magic. If an organize war against the Vooidlings would ever occur, these would be suicide bombers, dropping into deep blue (heavily armored) territory and annihilating the front line with it's purple magic. Fortunately, all creatures of Llayck are mindless scum so no scenario is possible.


A dangerous creature, long lived with a long history of collection and creaion of Llaycking creatures. It's cyan eyes pierce through a mages's defense, while the claw dispatches of any annoyance around it. It's yellow wing allows flight, making it a deadly foe for even the most trained Vooidling.
Alright, I have the main 6 done!

The Watewart is a really tiny creature that delibrately looks unfortunate. From the eye that never was to the useless, unclosable, constantly drooling mouth. This pathetic appearance is meant to evoke sympathy in anyone who sees it and allow it to feed off the energy of the sympathetic.
Wail: The Watewart emits a cry that reduces the defense of the target a little.
Drain: Attempts to feed off the energy of the target.

People joke that the Yoida is a glass of Tomato Juice posessed by an insect that drowned in it. It's not the most dangerous creature one could fight, but as long as the glass of its body is intact it can generate a seemingly infinite amount of the red acidic liquid held within. Watch out though, that the liquid doesn't hit you when it dies.
Drip: Dribbles internal liquid onto the player for damage.
Smash: When HP hits 0, attempts to smash itself against a target for massive damage.

The Netsop is an odd one, appearing like a human like being that wants to be left alone so it disguises itself as a lopsided monster. All recorded attempts to communicate with the Netsop have failed, as it tries to run away often.
Screech: A yell that confuses targets.
Glare: The 'disguise' glares at all targets, doing damage.
Glare Flash: The 'disguise' glares and blinds targets.

The Couldas is the fruiting body of a very nasty fungus. The Couldas takes on a form similar to a human child in the hopes of luring in either a concerned human or some predator looking for an easy meal. To enhance this, it uses the flute in the side of its head to channel air into the twin mouths and imitate wails. Once it lures in a target it quickly infects the target with painful spores. Ideally, the target flees and carries the next generation far away but it is not uncommon for targets to die to continued attacks by the Couldas.
Spore: Damages all targets.
Wail: Damages all targets and causes confusion.
Stab: Stabs a target with the 'flute'.
You're magical to me.
Okay! My battle demo is done! Please enjoy!

The Darnedest Trial!
I can see some awesome stuff around here. These demos look great Gredge, unity.
I'm probably too busy studying to push something out now. But I want to.
notorious rpgmaker 2k3 shill
Oh, well darn. Thought I had another day to finish. Guess I can't submit then. :/
Oh, well darn. Thought I had another day to finish. Guess I can't submit then. :/
Oh, well darn. Thought I had another day to finish. Guess I can't submit then. :/

It's noon on the 4th my time and the contest ends at 8am on the 5th my time. You can still do it!
Well, I had enough time this morning that I could whip up the whole gang.

(Forgive the jpeggy quality on Netsop and Balbo. I dunno what happened there.)

Anyways, from left to right:

Weet-wack is a bumblebee with jam buns for wings! This makes him a natural target for predators. He uses a poison sting to make them go away.

Netsop is a silly beast who disguises herself as a human lady to lure in her prey. But anyone who can see her green face and hair knows she must be a fake. And the more you look at her, the more inconsistencies pop up. Like what's up with her dress, and is she coming or going? Such are the mysteries of Netsop.

Peel-C is a cross between a brown bear and a birthday balloon. He loves bubble baths, playing with his brothers, watching the big game, dance club, and doing his enemies grave bodily harm with his boxing glove.

Elvis was a hero to most, but Cauldas takes her obsession farther. She styles her hair after the famous musician, and longs to travel back in time and date him. Failing this impossible task, she would love nothing better than to pelt her foes with music based attacks.

Yoidu Keeprel is an acorn that was magically brought to life by a misaimed wizard's spell. She thinks existence is so-so. Eh, could be better. She does nothing but lazily glide along with her leaf propellers, occasionally casting a wind spell as she goes. Such an opponent would be easy to defeat.

Balbo is a muscle-bound jerk whose only love is himself. No one would declare him hero of the beach! He replaced his right arm with a drill because he's obsessed with transhumanism, which he really only knows about through forum posts and Dresden Codak. When he's not beating people up, he likes to think up misguided fan-reboots of popular franchises that are mostly just excuses to draw pretty girls.

Netsop believes he can fly, but really all he's doing is jump around a bit with the ability to confuse others like him. Also, jumping through and out of windows.
He can flap his wings, and his beak is still sharp, so prepare for some pecking action.
Confuse, Dive (1 target damage), Wing flap (low group spell), may randomly hurt itself

Baelbe is a floaty flying something something. Its huge beak is very long and Baelbe can use it to dive down from some height (becoming invulnerable for a turn, think Pokemon Fly), it can also wiggle and wrap around an enemy, stunning it. The next attack also will be targeted towards the wrapped person and do extra damage. Lastly it can also raise the speed of its flock/comrades.
In short, Baelba is just annoying to deal with.

Yoidu is a living skull disguised as a tulip or other flowers. It has knifes to bind and cut anyone who gets close enough, and also has a poisonous bite.
Poison bite (1 target, chance of poison), Evil laugh (lowers defense of group), Cut (2 hits, random targets)

Creepl LOVE magic. So much so, they will answer to you showing magic by shoving a spell right at you to show off their own.
They do get confused easily due to that love for magical display as well.
They have a range of magic, tho they prefer fire magic both as a fireball or a fire-rain.
Magic Magic-retaliation (does not cancel the effects of any spells), Fireball (1 target), Fire-rain (group, 3 turn duration which uses their turn, extra damage on third), lightning strike (1 target), Magical Surge (increases magic damage for all units)

Damn finally having some time to clean them up. Let's see how far I can go tonight!

Here are the old two:
bonus ones coming maybe.

Watowark is a cute big bee, a little ditzy, and with a big gaping teething hole in their stomach. They like to surprise their enemies.
They have a higher chance of taking you by surprise on a resting place than other enemies.
Bite (1 target, causes bleeding), Saliva Drip (reduces Def greatly, one target), has a chance to cause stun/paralysis upon attack.

Coulddas is a well-hidden foe. It's sticky and its tentacle try to hold onto the enemies, or hold itself close to them.

Hold (holds onto the enemy for 3 turns, causing damage over time, person they are attached to get damaged whenever Coulddas is targeted on-top of them. No other action possible during the duration), Throw Feces (blinds and damages one target), Sticky Goo (slows speed of group)
You're magical to me.
Archstone, my battle demo/minigame has been released!

Hope you all enjoy it! May make a game page for it in the future.

Finally got a chance to play!

This is a fun game, and you did a lot with the combat and the bosses, and the game keeps you on your toes! A lot of really inventive, cool stuff here and I enjoyed playing! ^_^ I died to several of the bosses (Coulddas took me like four or five times because the Nightmare part kept killing me) but it was satisfying to figure out how to win.

I found a couple of things that I didn't like as much. For one, the battle animations are very short, which on its own isn't a bad thing. But text displays only while the animation plays, and if the text goes by too fast, it's hard to keep up with what is happening in battle. For your characters' skills, that's really not a problem, because I already know what they are supposed to do. For the bosses, however, it was difficult to read the effects of their moves and thus it made the battles a little hard to follow sometimes. Adding empty frames to the end of their move animations would allow time to read what the bosses are actually doing.

Also, while the music selection was great for a feeling of dread, I feel like tense, drawn-out horror tracks without any sort of backing beat or flowing melody actually detract from the enjoyment and flow of the boss battles. They are fine everywhere else, but in battle I feel like they really do more harm than good. Some horror tracks like that can work better for battles, if they have a beat, such as perhaps this one from SH4, but it's a difficult line to walk.

Despite these small issues, I really enjoyed the game and liked the characters and the battles! ^_^ Very nice! :DDDD