A big component of games is the story, but there are games out there where the draw is not the story, the characters, the setting or the gameplay (well, not as much, anyway). It's the sidequests, and that's why we're here today - to make a game based on quests!

What is a Sidequest?
Sidequests are quests that are, quite often, optional. They tend to add more meat to a game and often require the player to do particular tasks in exchange for treasure. Different kinds of sidequests tend to have particular expectations on how to complete them.

They are as follows:

- Fetch Quests: Find items and bring them back to the quest giver. These can be as simple as buying an item from a shop, or as hard as going through a whole optional dungeon in order to find a lost item. They can be integral to the story, or not at all a part of it, but the main component is "Go here and get this for me".
- Battle/Exploration/Tutorial Quests: Usually revolve around aspects of the battle system, exploration or tutorial, which help your character learn how to use various aspects of the game. Usually these are once-and-done miniquests that aim to teach by example. "Jump over 10 logs/Create 3 potions/Use Combo-attack 5 times against an enemy" are all examples of these kinds of quests.
- Kill Quests: Kill x number of enemies for me! These are the most simple of quests, usually, though they can be annoying if the monster in question is hard to find.
- Chain Quests: A series of quests that connect to each other. "Bring this to my friend > it's the wrong item, go get me the right one > take this back to the original guy > now use this to kill an enemy for me > etc". They usually can contain various different types of quests within them.
- Escort Quests: Protect a character or thing until you reach a specific area. Some of these will require in or out of battle protection.
- Gather Quests: Like the Fetch Quests, this requires that you gather a set amount of items, whether from enemy drops or interaction with the environment. They require finding specific items, collecting an amount and bringing them back to the quest giver.
- Timed Quests: You usually have a set amount of time to do this quest in, and usually it overlaps with other kinds of quests, but the main component is that race against the clock.
- Hybrid Quests: Quests tend to overlap various quest types to create a particular quest. For example, a kill quest that also doubles as an escort mission, where you must help an NPC to kill a set amount of monsters for them to pass a test.
- Story Quests: Not usually considered sidequests, these are quests that move the story forward, but can also be used to delve deeper into the lore or characterisation of the game world or characters. They usually involve any of the above quest types but are centred around the story/lore/characters/etc of the game.

- Miniquests are sidequests in miniature. They tend to require very little of the player beyond what they've already done in the game, and rarely (if ever) ask the player to leave the immediate area/zone in order to complete them. Such quests can include aspects of any of the above, however on a much smaller scale. For example, giving someone a potion, asking you to kill rats in a room, asking you to talk to someone in the house next door.

What are we doing?
In this event the idea is to create a game that focuses on what would usually be an optional aspect of a game. The story of the game can be quite short, in and of itself, as the main aspect will be the quests themselves. In this event you can structure the game to follow only sidequests, or have a short story as an aside to the quests, but the main component of the game, the main focus, must be the quests.

You will be tasked to create a game with at least ten sidequests within it, if not more, and those required ten must make use of ten of the listed quest names below, either as direct reference to the quests themselves, or as inspiration for them.

That is: Make game with 10 or more sidequests, but 10 of them must be directly inspired from the listed quest names below. An actual over-arching story/main quest for your game is completely optional.

- Start on the 21sth of January. Remember to set your site time zone so that you can check this page for the event start and end times!
- Games must be full games. As the story isn't the main aspect, you can have something very short.
- When you have enough details about your game, CREATE A GAME PAGE, at least a few days before the end of the event (remember, game pages need to be checked over. Give time just in case it gets denied and you have to fix something! Last minute game pages will be met with face-palmage and me crossly flailing my arms around asking "Why?! Why do they do this every goddamn event?!")
- End date is midnight of February 19th. Again, please set your site timezone preferences so that you can tell when that is!
- You may team up, if you so wish.
- You may be part of multiple teams, if you so wish.
- You must include a list of the named quests you used in a Read Me file in the game folder OR someplace on the game page.

- Your game must have at least 10 of the named quests below.
- Your game can have no main quest, or something short. The main component must be the quests, though.

The Quests
Pick at least ten of the below names to base ten of your quests on. You may have more than ten quests total, or exactly ten, but a requirement of the event is to have ten quests within your game based on the quest names/titles below.

+ Blood on the Snow
+ The Ballad of the Grey Man
+ Suzy's Catastrophic Day
+ Oops! Suddenly... Cthulhu!
+ The Good, The Bad, and the Etc.
+ Where-ever I Lay My Head
+ Any Port in a Storm
+ Vape Me!
+ The Wrong Bees
+ The Case of the Empty Coffin
+ Midnight Rendezvous
+ Visions and Voices
+ The Last Dancer
+ Dark Side of the Road
+ Curses and Curls
+ The Shopping List
+ Her Sigh
+ Wendigo Mountain
+ Abigail Road
+ Luxuries of Lamplaw Lookout
+ A Twisted Beauty
+ Oops! Suddenly... Cthulhu! Part II
+ Twin Souls
+ The Mystery of the Missing Misao
+ Flowers at Fanninglow Fen
+ The Terrific Tale of One-Legged Lon
+ A Grave Remembrance
+ The Mistress and Her Cicisbeo
+ The Diamond of Gugglebug Gulch
+ Rune of the Moon
+ Ye Olde Guitar of the Blood God
+ The Toprock Narratives
+ The Downrock Diatribes
+ Power Moves and Freezes
+ Kitten Kabootle
+ Precognitive Dissonance
+ Chaos Emerald Weapon
+ Bone of Contention
+ Lord Jim: A Tale
+ Centaur for Disease Control
+ Fedora the Explorer
+ Temporal Pair of Socks
+ The Dragon, the Witch and the Wardrobe Malfunction
+ A Bridge Over Trolled Waters
+ Good Knight, Sweet Prince
+ The Littlest Megabiologist
+ The Dog Who Cried 'Woof!'
+ There's Snow Stopping Us Now!
+ On the Hills of Hervanen
+ Bandits in Bunkaloo Bush
+ All's Well That Ends Well
+ The Mourning After
+ rand(x) Time's The Charm
+ The Merchant of Riffolk
+ Of Dice and Men
+ Little Buoy, Blue
+ My Name, My Rules
+ "Normal" aka "Your Idea of Normal Hurts Me Deep, Deep Inside"
+ Help Me, Gobi One
+ The Golden Idol
+ A Stitch In Time
+ A Parade of Pandas
+ The Great Goatsby
+ Tex-Mex on the Beach
+ I Know What You Did Last Drummer
+ #blame(insertnameherebutesbyworksbestby)
+ Money Talks
+ Witch Upon a Star
+ Hello, Is It Bee You're Looking For
+ Which Hour?
+ Paint it Black-ish
+ These Ain't The Right Trousers
+ Lit Green with Envy
+ The Miracle on Ice
+ Three Crowns, One Euro
+ Dude, Where's My Griffin?!
+ Blackhawk's Down
+ The Gretzky Escape
+ Not Just Another Sidequest

To submit your game to the event, follow these directions:
- Sign up for this event.
- Create a Game Page when you have enough information about your game to do so. (Please leave enough time for it to go through the queue and to allow for uploading/fixing/etc.)
- When your Game Page has been accepted to the site, upload your game to the game page.
- When your game has finished uploading, come to this page and hit the "Submit" button in the top-right corner.
- From there pick the download of that game and submit it. It should show up next to your name on the list of entries.
- If you have any questions or issues, about this, please PM Liberty before the end date.
- Make sure to include the Read Me file with the names of the quests you were inspired by in the download (or somewhere on the game page).

How obscure can we be?
A little obscure, yeah, but not so obscure that people can't figure out where the idea came from on the list. You can fudge the spelling on some of the words, too, as long as it remains similar to the original. For example "Morning > Mourning".


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For whatever reason, thinking your users would change out fonts was not a thought in the developers' minds...

In MV there is an issue with kerning on non-default fonts when using the name-input window...
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Does anyone know how to change the font in RPG Maker VX Ace? I'm working on a project for Winterruption, but I do not want to use the default font of the program. Help!!

Edit: The event is ended?
Use Yanfly's Ace Message System, have the exact name of the font you want, create a folder in your project file called "Fonts", make sure the font you want is in that folder. On line 203 of Ace Message System, replace the name of the first font you see with the name of your new font. It can be done with the regular scripts, but it's easier to do it this way.

Just one more hour...
Just fifteen more minutes...

Just five more minutes.
Why are fonts rendered so TERRIBLY in Ace? Like, I am trying to use a retro font, but inexplicably some of the text is super squished and small. What gives?

Certain fonts work better than others. Just keep going through fonts until you find one that fits Ace's font renderer.

Edit: Also, a backdrop I've drawn and what I'm using it for:

It wouldn't be RPG Maker if it could actually render font correctly!

Anyways found and posting my spirit animal comic as it'll be applicable every day until the 12th!

Did the entire thing with this beat on loop XD

Welp, time to go back to sleep then.
Timezone did not allow me to jump right in.


I am here for you.

With special cheer for team "Nobody wants to team up with me", now known as "This Team has Nothing Whatsoever to do with Dragons!" for the idea!

You good at eventing? Particularly variables? I can turn pages and randomize stuff with variables, but that's about all I know.

I'd like to think so. If not then I am not good with anything and should uninstall. :/
I killed Deckiller
does anyone want to carry me? I don't think I have time to work on a full project for this, but I can map and do other stuff and would like to contribute. I have four days off next week
I wouldn't mind, Deckiller. If you want to work with me and all :)

I could use help making the sidequests and stuff.
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This sounds pretty fun. Count me in.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
So, what is a good retro font for Ace that doesn't render like shit?
Jack of Most Trades
@kentona I recommend getting a pixellated/bitmap font:
A-Actually Deckiller, I'm gonna have to retract my offer from a while ago; I realised it would be difficult to split up the game I'm trying to make.

Sorry, really...
You're magical to me.
So, what is a good retro font for Ace that doesn't render like shit?

I've had luck with Press Start before, but I had to change the font size in Yanfly's scripts to like 12 to make it work. Or was it 8? Something like that.
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Decky, wanna join Team Oh but it's Klold outside?
I think Fixedsys was alright. Yeah, the thing is that some retro fonts are pixel perfect and need a certain size.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
The TM is for Totally Magical.

-_- Another kitten in a tree? Really?

Yes, really.
Why can't we have puppers in trees too?
Puppers aren't really known for climbing trees and then demanding someone get them down.