Until about two years ago I had just spent the last decade playing around with RPG Maker... I'd occasionally get the newest version and toy with it for awhile and then move on to other things. I've been around since the original Don Miguel hack of RPG Maker 2000. I am pretty sure I had the first RPG Maker for the PS1 too... but that was a long time ago.

About two years ago I came back and got VX Ace for super cheap on Steam. I was just playing around with it once again... but this time I started looking at the forums more. No real posting at first as I was just lurking and grabbing up all the resources and scripts I could find. Afterwards I spent countless hours watching youtube tutorials...

Then I heard that MV was coming out... I wasn't far along in a project, but I thought hell I'll just play around learn what I can and move to the next Maker as soon as it releases. I pre-ordered it and waited...

That is when I first started poking around RMW. MV launched and I went headlong into the engine, but it still didn't hold my attention that much. I edited a few plugins but then I started getting interested in what other people had made so I spent my time less with the engine and so much more with youtube.

I took a hiatus for a few months but then my seven year old son approached me about making a game called "Escape the House" so I thought this would be something nice to do with him. I started poking around at the engine again just to familiarize myself with it again before I got into it with him.

Now I am in it full hog... I exponentially increased my post count on RMW. I was working on a commercial project, but I was struggling as I was learning pixel art, parallax mapping, and toying around with javascript too. I felt like the project I was working on wasn't going to cut it commercially so I came up with a new idea.

Remake an old RM classic... I saw some attempted on RMN, but nothing seemed to stick. So I approached the old creator on Twitter and he gave me his blessing... I have spent so much time on RMN looking at gamepages that it was just a natural progress for me to join the community here as well.

That only really talks about my RPG Maker life... offline I work for a large corporation in Shipping and Export Compliance. I am divorced with a seven year old son and I am now half a month away from marrying the girl that I had chased after since I was sixteen (despite being married... she was the girl that had always gotten away. The one I was to shy to pursue and got friendzoned... but after 14 years I got a second chance and now after 3 years of dating we are getting married at a renfaire next month.

Other than RPG Maker I have hobbies in tabletop gaming plus I run my own LARPs (several of them at one time I was running one every couple months). I started up a boffer club about six months ago, but due to heat (and weapons breaking down) it has gone on hold. I ran a successful chat room roleplaying game with my girlfriend for over a year on Oasiz.

All that leads to... a clear obsession with gaming... so now I am trying to take the creativity into game development!
Legion Saga DX
A remake of the original LS and LSR in a more modern RPG Maker using the Time Fantasy style.


09/07/2016 03:14 PM
Trapped in the Matrix... Okay, somewhere in VA, USA.

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