Whoa, you actually finished that game?
I tried it once, but things were too random for me to even figure stuff out.
Especially with the random odds with various things. I opened up the game in the editor, but even that felt confusing.

If that was possible, I'd hope you would resume MGS. But since I haven't managed to fix any since last... I really should fix something at least, but I'm not really sure how to go about any longer.

Enjoying some of these other videos though!
Hey! I enjoyed the Yume Nikki playthrough (that game confused the hell out of me when I tried it)!

Just letting you know for when you resume Legionwood 2 that I've uploaded a new version. The only thing it fixes is a late game boss using an attack that cuts his stats down to 1. If you intend on going that far and completing the whole beta, you should get it; don't worry otherwise :)
Finished off Yume Nikki!

Let's say someone would make a game like Yume Nikki, but without the big empty rooms (which seemed to be what you disliked the most, which is the same thing i disliked). Would that be a high class game to you?
@SnowOwl: I don't know. It's very different and unique, and there's so much symbolism. But did I really love playing it? I'm not sure. I do respect the author for making something totally unique though.
It's actually apparently based on an old PSX game called LSD Dream Emulator. That was essentially the same game, except in 3D and in first person. Yume Nikki had more of a structure to it though, in that there was actually a goal, whereas LSD is just a succession of random dreams without a point (it's unsettling, though).
I love that kind of "game". I got LSD from the Japan PSnetwork a few days ago. Inspired (by what though don't ask me...) If you like that kind of thing, Datura is also pretty good, though it's not Japanese so it's not quite so weird.

Although a lot of things that seem to have no logic (poop head, triangular handkerchief, cat etc.) actually does in Japanese. Really so much of what we think of as Japanese weirdness is just due to different cultural references.
I only managed to record one video of Legionwood last night. I was pretty tired, and the game crashed on me during the video; and I didn't feel like replaying it again at the moment.

Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm
Hmm, yes, I see. I enjoyed the video up until the point the game crashed, but I'm still lost as to how I can possibly fix that crash. It seems to happen completely at random to different people. Some report it, others don't; some are able to reproduce it and some can't. I personally have tried to trigger it, but I've never had it happen to me, so I assumed it was fixed by now.

It's probably just a matter of me having to update the battle script (though it's already at the latest version :/) though it could also be a compatability issue or something. Ace uses more resources than VX does.

Anyway, I enjoyed it, and I'm glad you seem to be (I think) enjoying the game in spite of the issue.

Also, just so you know, the Techs and Classes were explained in game. There's a drill seargeant at the campsite that you can talk to who tells you about them. The game prompts you to talk to him, and you did in the second video, but you didn't choose to learn about anything and left.

When you try again, might I suggest, if you want a dedicated healer, to give one of your characters the Cleric sub class, and purchase Techs for it. The Techs basically work like items - you buy them, use them on your characters, and they learn the skill. The character's Main Class determines their skills category, stats and equipment options. You can equip a sub class for an additional range of Techs, but you suffer a small statistical penalty to offset this.

You could also give someone the Magus class and buy a spell or two to take out those Slimes more easily.

And if you really want to play around with classes, you can buy items that alter the Threat stat, so you can make dedicated tanks and direct attacks to a specific character.

EDIT: There was a newer version of the CTB script out, so I upgraded to that. I don't know if it will make any difference, but you can redownload if you like and see.
@DG: Alright, I'll check it out. I'd rather not have that happen again... =_=;;

Started on Dragon Fantasy: REMADE, but hit a bit of a cement wall in the last video.

Dragon Fantasy: REMADE
Part Two: I AM NEO!!
@NicoB: I love how Midis sound slightly different on each computer. Or at least from what I've heard. Sadly they usually sound terrible on mine, which is unfortunate. Lol.

To be honest, I never watched all of the videos yet, but when I read that you'd hit a brick wall, I almost immediately knew what you were referring to. My suggestions would be to have Celes and Sando to at least Lv.4-5, and with the best equipment you're able to get (most of which you'll find in the cave). What helps GREATLY is to have the RECOVER and DARK CLOUD spells for Celes. Baolovar is weak to blind (and also Bolt, if it helps), which if cast should really lessen the hurt.

Other than that, up-to-date equipment and levels ranging from 4-5 should be all you need. A single level usually makes QUITE a bit of difference, as I've come to see from my test runs. There is a BIT of grinding required in the beginning, but it's not all that much.

So... good luck to you! And thank you very much for doing a Let's Try of DFR! Greatly appreciated. If you DO have a rather difficult time and prove unsuccessful, then I'd recommend changing his stats yourself (if you're able). This just means that I need to adjust the boss for future versions of the game.
Hmm, okay. My main issue is walking all the way back to town to buy new equipment and spells. I was also a bit bothered that Sando similarly didn't have any spells when he joined.

Are you enjoying the videos?
I'm really enjoying them! I just made my way to the end of the third video, and I see that some things may be a tad more difficult than what they should be. But it should be noted that my games are (generally) "praised" for their difficulty; rather, how challenging some of the boss fights can be. I tend to incorporate as many status weaknesses and what-not as possible, and relate them to the type of enemy as well as their available abilities. Pretty basic stuff, yeah... but people usually come into my games after playing more mainstream titles and think you can breeze through them by spamming attack. They quickly learn otherwise. Hahaha. =P

About those ">" symbols... I think they're just a random bug/error/glitch that pops up on some other computers. Not everyone has reported seeing it (just a few), but it's definitely not SUPPOSED to be there. It has not appeared once in my version, and I was sure to go back in and check the message boxes after receiving the first report. Maybe there's something that I'm just not getting, or am missing completely? I don't quite understand myself.

DFR is a remake of the first Dragon Fantasy, yes. The plot is BASICALLY the same, as are the characters, but everything is MUCH more fleshed out. It also keeps with the world map layout, as well as how towns are fairly unable to be explored except for a select few buildings and shops. Things like that were kept mainly to preserve the feeling of the original.
Super RMN Bros. 3, Final Dragon Legacy, and Raciela, OH MY!

Super RMN Bros. 3
Part Eighteen: SPIKES BE POKIN'

Final Dragon Legacy

Ugh... High encounter rate is high. I haven't even finished watching the video and even I'm annoyed. Funny, as I just lowered it by half today. Hopefully it'll be more bearable. I guess I was just playing too much Dragon Warrior at the time I made this. I can send you or upload the new version. I'd really recommend it, actually. In fact... I'll upload it after I finish watching the video, and we'll see how it goes.

EDIT: I seriously have no idea what is up with the volume. Holy crap, it's obnoxious. I've never heard of that happening before. I believe you also had sound problems with Super RMN Bros. 3. Not sure what it could be, in this case. In the meantime, I'll try and figure out why that's happening. Also, "Wait" mode is only in effect when the Spell or Item menu are up in battle. They will still attack while the command menu is up or while choosing targets, allowing you to switch between characters if you don't want a certain character to act yet.
Yeah, the issue with Super RMN Bros. 3 was different though. The game itself uses up a ridiculous amount of CPU, which causes the game to lag a lot if I activate the in-game music. Somehow in your case, it actually changes my default setting on my volume, changing the SW Synth volume (i.e. Midi volume) in my volume settings and switching it to the maximum every time it starts a new song or loops back. Really strange...

I use Windows XP, if that helps.
Well, luckily the people who develop the OHRRPGCE frequent Slime Salad and the other forums, so I may get an answer back fairly quickly. At least you're using Windows XP... I suspect whatever bug is causing the volume issues is the same bug that causes the game to crash when the music loops back over again in new systems, like Vista and Windows 7. I'm pretty sure that there is a fix for this, but in the meantime, the OHR games have a built in volume setting. Maybe if you turned the volume down in-game instead of using the master volume control, it may not turn back up again.

Anywho, I'll work on updating the game now.
How do I change the OHR volume settings?
It should be under the Options menu, next to where you changed the Battle Mode to Wait. Use the left and right arrow keys to increase or decrease the volume. That might solve the problem for now. I just edited the game's download... I think. It didn't show a message or anything saying that it was succesfully edited, so I'm assuming that the game has been updated (Now watch, I won't have actually done anything after all).

EDIT: Trying to figure out what was wrong with this has led me to find some game-breaking bugs. Apparently, I've left some things unfinished or unbalanced, so I'll get those sorted out and get back to you.
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You need to remember your spin jumps more, NicoB! I even taught you in the tutorial that you could spin jump on Thwomps! Would've made the end of Mario in a Flash much easier.