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The TM is for Totally Magical.
Umm...what is this question? Any music made on a computer is MIDI. The sound of music on a computer isn't determined by whether or not it's MIDI. It's determined by the quality of the interface, the soundfonts and samples used, and a computer's ability to interpret those sounds. Do you mean a specific type of MIDI or do you mean music created on computer versus music created with traditional instruments?
Do you mean the original .mid format, standard MIDI? If so, then it depends because there are several types of that specific format, too. To clear up any confusion, even music made in Fruity Loops Studio is MIDI.

If you are talking about file formats like MP3, OGG, and WAV, then I hate to break it to you, but those aren't music formats. They're compression formats. Any sound based file can be put in them, including old Beatle's recordings and President Kennedy's "We Choose to go to the Moon" speech.

If you're asking whether or not we like or dislike just all computer generated music, it's a valid question, because all MIDI music has an unreal sound, but it is reaching the point where it's sometimes impossible to tell it wasn't created with traditional instruments. I write music on my computer, so it should be pretty obvious what side of this question I'm on.
@pianotm midi is a format. and more specifically it has no sound information. it lists notes, pitch, instruments, ect. the sound card then reads it like a program and plays its own variation of guitar, piano whatever at the tone, pitch ect(so different sound cards can end up playing the same midi slightly differently)
mp3, ogg, wav are compressions of a sound wave and as such sound identical on each computer.

Dude, it's pretty well established that midi means a .midi file. You know, beeps and boops. Old obsolete music files from the stone ages that we all used to use in our games. This is an RPGmaker site not AP Music Theory :P

Plus this topic was made in 2012, when midi was still kind of relevant and sometimes a necessary option. In the age of fast computers and even faster internet, better formats are the norm.

This whole discussion is obsolete.
@link_2112 was your comment directed at me or pianotm?
@link_2112 was your comment directed at me or pianotm?

The P-man. Your post was very informative!
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
i have a midi version of snoop's the next episode in one of karsuman and i's unreleased games

it's good, dude
Midi has a certain charm to it.

I'm not over the moon for it, but do have some fondness for the format. :)
dead user posting in dead topic here :v

since it was in regards to RMXP then clearly the question is in reality "do you like stock DirectMusic Microsoft Synthesizer GM.dls sound" aka "cut down Roland SC-55 sound"

I actually got into music composition from listening to Mega Man MIDIs :D
something similar to that sound (Edirol Virtual Sound Canvas) was pretty much all I had in those early years, so I have a severe fondness for the soundset these days

on a whim a few months ago I decided to amass a giant pile of "Free Usage MIDI Materials" from various Japanese sites (most pretty old and a few I had to track down in Internet Archive) and have been listening to some of this stuff quite a lot lately. Like, some of this shit is legit better than many actual game soundtracks, and these dudes never made a dime off of it :o
I've also been playing a bit of ghetto JP freeware games lately so its kinda funny when I can play a game and be like "oh hey its GreenTone music this shit is my jam"

ps: while writing this post I've been listening to Cyber-Rainforce's "Past the Fog.mid" for like 10 minutes now
I do like midis myself but I'm old so its to be expected because they were so common in my era. In my grimoire of worlds I was thinking of changing over to bit crushed music or midis because the game is very retro inspired. I just think that if I do a lot of people will hate the music, I know some will love the midi/retro feel but with mp3s I imagine I will get a lot less complaints.....
Could always just have it as an option. I mean, if its genuine MIDI or Chiptune files, they typically only weigh a few dozen Kilobytes each, so they could be bundled in pretty easy.
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Using midi music in it's native format in 2018 is lighting a stick of dynamite that you dont know might be a dud. Why? Because every other computer/laptop has a different sound card and makes midis sound differently, with some computers even lacking a midi driver altogether, making midis go silent. The experience you're crafting in your game might be affected by this.

If you give a toss about audio in your games you need to face the fact that most affordable home computers today have loads of space. We're not living in an age where 128GB disc drives are the norm anymore. You really, really don't need to sacrifice audio quality to the extent of using an unreliable set of instructions packaged as a "music" file in an age where compression for full audio files exist.

If one cares so much about the nostalgia factor, there are reliable ways of rendering midi files to mp3, wav, ogg, etc which keep the blip blops sounding just the way you like consistent across all machines.

This kind of topic (i realize this was a necro) always remind me of how nobuo uematsu, after finishing final fantasy 7's soundtrack and begginning to work on final fantasy 8's, realized that a bit more loading time and slightly bigger files were a good sacrifice to make if it meant he could bring better audio quality to the project. If he could realize this back then, it puzzles me when people can't realize that NOW that we have so many alternative options.
If one cares so much about the nostalgia factor, there are reliable ways of rendering midi files to mp3, wav, ogg, etc which keep the blip blops sounding just the way you like consistent across all machines.

This is what I was going to do(If I decide to go with midis) it just depends on what I decide to go with in the end. At the moment Im using mp3s from Kevin Mcleod which are nice but they are obviously not original and don't have that retro feel. If I go with a retro sound either I make midis(and convert them to mp3) or I get somebody else to make retro music for me and then it will be their choice if they go midi or bit crushed
Since you're using Blitz3D, which seems to have FMOD, you might also be able to use module/tracker files (.mod, .it, etc)

every other computer/laptop has a different sound card and makes midis sound differently, with some computers even lacking a midi driver altogether, making midis go silent.

Depends on the engine and target platform. A lot of more modernish Windows engines, like RMXP~VXAce, or Game Maker 8, render MIDI through DirectX software, so it should sound the same regardless of the soundcard. Others might actually use something like FluidSynth or Timidity to run MIDIs through whatever Soundfont you give it.

but yeah regardless there isn't really a normal use for plain MIDI files anymore
Not really looked into it. But I will now ;)
yeah the time where it was used for reducing filesize is long gone. but they do still have a nostalgic sound which can be useful for certain projects
admittedly lost interest in midi ages ago. I like orchestral tracks better;;
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
I am real nostalgic for MIDI music, and even listen to it now and again these days. I used to get them off of VGMusic dot com all the time before I had good access to video game OSTs. :o

In terms of using them for RM2k/3, I'm totally all for it. I'd considered using 2k for a legit-feeling 8-bit game though, in which case I'd definitely use WAV files with chiptunes in that case.
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