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Hello RMN! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone here that has posted, I have found a lot of useful information in only a few short days' time. I am looking forward to 'finally' trying to finish a game in my newest RPG Maker (VX Ace this time, used multiple incarnations over the years).
Finishing a game is a skill, not just something that happens! It takes persistence and tenacity and a lot of effort, but man is it worth it.

Welcome to RMN!
Welcome to RMN, Veldrane~ :D
Thank you for the welcomes. Sorry I haven't responded sooner, I had some issues with my cookies not erasing (thereby not letting me post anymore). All is resolved now, and my project is (at least partially) underway! I am looking forward to contributing once I get the hang of things, especially since scripting has caught my eye.... Hopefully I will be able to grasp it enough to pass on help to others. I am trying to steadfastly move forward on this project, and if anyone has any helpful hints (to help keep my sanity, possibly? ;p ), I will gladly listen.
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