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I'm using rm2k3, and its been ages since i even touched the thing, but i was wondering if anyone could show me how to make a reputation system. I'm looking for a way were you gain rep "points" when doing quests for different factions, and maybe sometimes if u did something big, lose points in the opposing faction.I imagine it would be similar to the alignments tutorial but i'm not sure. But i'm not looking for it to be small, i'm planning on having reps for each town and city u visit, anyone who's played Gothic 3 would know what i'm talking about.
I'm bringing this world back for you and for me.

you'll need to create a variable called reputation, set it at 0. Whenever the player does something wrong or bad make the variable subtract it by any amount, if they do something good add that amount. So:

Negative: Evil
Positive: Good

You'll just have to make a variable for every town or city there is. You can also set event condition to say different thing if your event is to low. Like if your reputation is to low some shops wont sell you their items.
that works perfectly thanks a lot
Don't forget if you wish to see your amount of rep points type:

\V Show a variable value. n=variable's number.
oh i simply had a bunch of pages for what they had lol. but that works better thanks
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