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I've been asking a lot recently, and guess what I'll do again ;P

Anyway, how do you create a party-switching event? Like, press a button and then switch parties (or in my case, between actors)? I couldn't think of any examples other than kefka's dungeon in ff6 and the system in m&l superstar saga. I'm aiming more on the mario rpg-style, though.

I have no problems with binding a button to a command, my main prob is how I'll make the command itself.

Not to sound impatient, but I need this guys...

Here's some additional detail:
My game would have two characters, and there will be a section/series of puzzles that will force them to split up. So I need a way to be able to store each actor's location, and switch between the two in the push of a button.

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First You need Yanfly Engine Ace - Button Common Events v1.00
(or someone else's, but Yanfly's is awesome and I use it in Chips Challenge.)

Then you make a common event that ties in with that button being pressed. The event could check who is in your party and if that person is in the party then the event would change party members and transfer to where the other party is. Though if you want to be able to use this at any time (and not at select locations, which might be easier) you will need some way of recording the location of each party through variables (X,Y position needs to be stored, etc...)

Yep, in a way. But only between two actors, that will be referred to as 'parties' for convenience...

(didn't I mention that already? Kefka's dungeon and all...?)

Edit: Gah, slow refresh.

Anyway, Button Script? Is this for binding commands to buttons? 'Cause I already have that covered (Parallel Process + Conditional Branch + Script Calls).
Kory, I have an idea...

What If I create events that will replace the player as the specified button is pressed, and then switch with the other event that replaced the other player.

In logic, it'd be something like:

actor A == event1
actor B == event2

If Button Z is pressed:
...If Actor A is in party:
......Set event location: /ev1 >> player location/
......Transfer Player: /ev2/
......Set event location: /ev2 >> player location/
......Transfer Player: /ev2/
...End If
End If

But I'm not sure if this will work, or if it's possible to do in Ace.
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Had this in my locker already. The parallel process here is keeping track of the player. You might be able to keep track of specific characters instead and have a set of 4 variables. (Only refer to the first two lines for how to store the x and y of your "party.") In your transfer event you will need to find a way to use what you have already stored in the database. I'm sure this can be done somehow, but it will require a lot of complex understanding of variables. Note if you can only use this skill at certain locations then this will be much easier. This method I have described below will allow you to do this whenever you want.

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