Love the screenshot! Can't wait for this game to come out.
Just testing out some graphical tweaks on system windows and fonts to try and match Time Fantasy (TF is worth every penny btw). Map is a placeholder test map.

Is that MV? Font looks really nice.
Is that MV? Font looks really nice.

It is yes, I just put all the system stuff through gimp and added a pixelation filter to match the graphics.

Here's a work in progress. Can you tell what this might be inspired by? ;)

Didn't get much done this month, but managed to make a new Userinterface. (the old one got some negative feedback for being too large)
Still WIP, but it's got the feels of my upcoming game already.

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That looks super neat calunio. Cool concept! Something I'd like to see made.
A game about being a therapist is such a rad idea

It reminds me a little of that one game with the movie clips where there's a murder in a therapists office and you're a therapist who has to figure out which of your clients is the murderer. The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker, iirc.
@DrMadFellow: It fits very well together. I like the font.

@Sam: Nah, I can't tell what this might be inspired by but I can tell that it looks neat. Apart from that, I like it if the proportions between people and cars in games are well choosen.

@Lihinel: This looks pretty much like you're doing the first Stronghold Crusader game for RM. That's probably the most impressive thing I've seen this month.

@calunio: Oh, that looks very professional. Are you going to tell me more about what kind of game this is?

@Sam RE 2, obviously :D wasn't too sure, but then I saw the truck. Looks very nice indeed. Although if you are going for a similar creepy mood, I'd go for a nightscene, just like the original. Would enhance the mood.
It's a night scene for me, only the fire light makes it look like dusk...
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oh golly ESBY, that looks wonderful
Beautiful, Esby~
And I assume the computer on the side is for Pokémon-esque swapping of that tiny robo’s metal skin?
@ESBY: Nice, very clean and minimalistic style (at least in terms of textures), looks great!

@Topic:I guess this would be better as a blog post, but my game page is pending since Friday, so I can't really do that. Anyway, I got the basic mechanics for creating buildings done now. (Resource costs and construction times subject to change/placeholders)

@Esby: That looks lovely. I really love the clean art style.

Been working on a roguelike in 2k3. So far I got a dungeon generator working