I'm all up for working with rm2k3 and rmxp tho ;w;
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Old gang from the IRC chatroom ages ago. If they are still around.

We live. we most certainly live sleeping wind. ;)

1)Post in this topic that you would like to be a part of this
2)Send me a PM saying you want in
3) post one of these in this thread or PM it to me:

Name: The participants name
Main skill: The persons main skill to bring to the table(or whatever they feel it is)
Other skills: A list of other things said person feels they are at least competent at. (great for when fall back roles are needed)
Engines/Languages/framework preference: Hopefully, this speaks for itself.
Prefer to work on: This should give you an idea of what this person wants to work on, genre/style wise.
Prefer NOT to work on: The exact opposite of prefer to work on; this is what the person wishes to avoid working on and may drop out.
Comment: Anything here to further add some flavor, give people a better idea about you, or express yourself.

I will have a starting list of people with the info provided a lil later.
Name: Housekeeping, aka Kasey if you want to call me by my actual human name.
Main skill: Writing and music. I have a master's in creative writing if that means anything. I don't have any writing samples online aside from my games. I'll write in most genres, but expect a layer of literary fiction in there. Don't be too scared off by that, though--if you've played any of my games, they're pretty genre-focused. I can write comedy and drama, and I enjoy both, so I've got a wide range. I've been playing guitar for about twelve years now. I've got pretty good range with the kind of music I write and enjoy. I'm probably most influenced by 80s new wave and prog/avant garde metal. Here's my soundcloud if you want to get a feel for my compositions:
Other skills: I'm a jack of all trades, really. I have a great feel for the engine and can event some fairly complex stuff. I'm not very good at art, but I can make things look decent if we keep the art style really simple. I'm okay at mapping but I find it boring. I'm clueless at coding.
Engines/Languages/framework preference: I'd prefer to work in VX Ace. If I'm just writing and/or doing music (or resource creation in general), then I don't really care about the engine. You can get the most out of me if we work in Ace, though.
Prefer to work on: Just about anything. If we're talking about writing, I tend to use genre elements to inform the character, e.g. if I'm writing about an alien, I'm more likely going to be focused on a fish-out-of-water story than a hard sci-fi story about alien technology. That stuff might still show up, but it wouldn't be the emphasis. If we're talking about game genres, I like most game genres to a degree, but I'd prefer to go with one that keeps writing in the forefront.
Prefer NOT to work on: I don't really want to work on games with romantic relationships as the emphasis; that's not to say that it's off the table, but it's not something that I really enjoy in media, so if I were writing something like that, it would have a lot of wrenches in the works. I'd also like to avoid any game genres that don't have a strong story component.
Comment: I haven't really worked with anyone other than a few friends who aren't part of the community, and then I pretty much just asked them to draw a few things for me. I tend to feel weird about asking other people if they want to work together, which pushes me to learn new skills, so I think I'm a pretty well-rounded developer at this point, but I'm afraid my inexperience with working with others might mean we'll run into a few snags early on. I'm a hard worker and a fast learner, though. I'd like to work with a variety of people.
Imma edit mine a bit because I think it's a tad too vague now! sorry if all this editing bothers you >.<'

New one
Name: JosephSeraph, or Jo for short~
Main skill: Art! Check my devblog here:
Other skills: Character design, mapping, gameplay design... Pretty much everything aside from coding. I won't say I'm a master of anything, but I can say I'm a Red Mage of gam mak, with an Art Magic skillset equipped. Hahah.
Engines/Languages/framework preference: Pretty much everything. I can work with all rm engines (even SRPG95 or RM95) and I'd feel happy working with Unity (not unity, though I'd like working with her(???) too LOL) or other non-rm engines as long as you can code it ;w;
Prefer to work on: Character-centric dungeon crawlers, survival horror, bubbly romantic RPGs, any pretty much anything that doesn't go below. Also I love to work with "socially inclusive" characters! Ranging from the LGBTQ to the people severed by physical diseases, with anywhere in between.
I also feel like working on a visual novel but I'd have to work with someone more experient
Prefer NOT to work on: non-rpg games? xD idk I really like designing RPG battles and stuff. But I'm pretty easy to convince.~
Comment:I'm a pretty nice person I think, but I can be really stubborn and I have a low self esteem. I'm generally very nice to people and easy to work with, but when I feel bad about something I hardly talk and I tend to put the blame in myself. I'm that kind of person. (Just so that you know what kind of team you'll be dealing with. Although since I know these flaws I can control them to a certain extent ;w;)
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Okay, I'll take this seriously.

Name: Yellow Magic
Main skill: I hate singing my own praises, but based on criticism I've received in the past, I'd regard myself fairly competent at: Battle system balance, eventing, dialogue, in that order.
Other skills: Storyline writing, mapping, a very tiny bit of composing. As an off-again-on-again programmer I can just about hack an RGSS script or two given enough time - but worth pointing out I don't like Ruby very much.
Engines/Languages/framework preference: Any of the RPG Makers.
Prefer to work on: RPGs. I'm not too fussed about genre as long as the game's not too....shonen (hopefully you know what I mean).
Prefer NOT to work on: Non-RPGs.
Comment: This isn't my first time working on a game with other people (worked on a simple Android maze game with IRL friends in the past), but would be my first time in a purely online team. As a result, apologies in advance for being a bit...rusty. I also tend to get very fussy when it comes to project management - if you think I'm going overboard, feel free to call me out on it.
Got any Dexreth amulets?
Thanks, unity! You're right, I shouldn't be so negative.

Ah, what the heck. I'm joining! Time to get out of my "working alone" routine and go on a little adventure.

NeverSilent (or NeSi for short, if you want)
Main skill:
Eventing, eventing and eventing! Given enough time, I can create almost anything purely from event commands: Puzzles, minigames, whole battle systems - you name it.
Other skills:
I think I'm not bad at writing and storytelling. I'm okay at mapping as well. Oh, and I'm also an idea fountain.
Unfortunately, I can neither script nor create art or music.
Engines/Languages/framework preference:
RPG Maker XP. It's the only maker I own. (Sorry.)
Prefer to work on:
Mainly games that focus on an interesting story and original gameplay mechanics, though I'm generally flexible. Genre hardly matters to me, except...
Prefer NOT to work on:
... I hate horror. (No offense to all you talented horror developers intended.)
I'd also like to avoid anything that reminds of dating sims and the like.
I'm usually a very diplomatic person and will always do my best to make sure we get along. I have no problem with doing the majority of the work in the actual maker. I don't use any "social media" or programs like Skype, though, so I'd prefer if we could communicate through RMN.
Oh, and don't be afraid to stop me when I'm talking too much ;)
Why are so many people so anti-horror? Seems like that's consistently coming up as something NOT preferred to be worked on:
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Why are so many people so anti-horror? Seems like that's consistently coming up as something NOT preferred to be worked on:

That's all good with me, it just means I have a higher chance of snuggling up with Snowy.
I suppose it's vastly different in terms of planning and execution.
And horror is something many simply do not enjoy in any form - since the goal is to experience only negative feelings.
I can't really blame anyone for not liking that concept.

But it's really cool to read all those description. I wish you the best!
Ya'll be hatin' on my scary swag?
Perhaps it's just not quite an RMN thing. As far as I can tell most new horror games are made by non-RMNers.
That's racist!
Why are so many people so anti-horror? Seems like that's consistently coming up as something NOT preferred to be worked on:
Maybe because horror relies on immersion and it ain't easy to pull with sprites (not saying impossible though, we have shares of excellent horror games). Definitely need polish to pull it off . It'd be bad if it the jumpscare fall flat.

Btw, I forgot to Add you to the list of preferred crime partner.alter aila ii. The dystopia setting was neat nito and your battle animation is pretty much how i like 'em games even if it can drag battle time out sometimes.

So yeah,you fall into to be highlander-ed list.

Old gang from the IRC chatroom ages ago. If they are still around.
We live. we most certainly live sleeping wind. ;)
I feel bad for forgetting (mostly) everyone's name tag
D..did you use another name before too?
Thanks man :). I'm really too swamped to participate (when am I not?), so mostly just looking forward to seeing how this all goes down.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
TI'm really too swamped to participate

*solumn nodding*
Name: Giaks
Main skill: Mapping
Other skills: Eventing, graphic editing(not so much creation, more along the line of frakenspriting and the sort), creative problem solving
Engines/Languages/framework preference: RPG Maker XP, VX and VX Ace
Prefer to work on: Any project where results and progression is evident.
Prefer NOT to work on: The exact opposite of prefer to work on.
Comment: I'm detail oriented, open minded and creative. I have Skype, Curse and Steam for communication. I prefer Skype as I enjoy having the ability to share screens in order to better communicate. I am willing to download other programs if the team would prefer to use other means of communication. Grammar is less important to me than it should be.
Nothing reveals Humanity so well as the games it plays. A game of betrayal, where the most suspicious person is brutally murdered? How savage.
Name: Jeroen_Sol
Main skill: Writing
Other skills: I guess given enough time, I'm not extremely shabby at eventing, mapping or puzzle design.
Engines/Languages/framework preference: I'm most used to XP, but I own VX Ace as well, and should probably get some time into that.
Prefer to work on: a JRPG, or a puzzle game.
Prefer NOT to work on: Things that are neither a JRPG or a puzzle game.
Comment: I can be a bit of a nitpicker when it comes to things I'm okay at, while slacking off on things I'm not good at. I'm not sure whether that's helpful or not. I'm guessing probably not. I am often available on Skype, but I live in Europe, potentially making communication harder with American teammembers.
Name: Glasses / Mr. Trivel
Main skill: Programming
Rewriting menu system/battle GUI/new systems/tower defense in VX Ace?/you name it.
Other skills: Balancing, Eventing, lil' bit of everything else.
Engines/Languages/framework preference: RPG Maker VX Ace
Prefer to work on: Pretty much anything is fine~
Prefer NOT to work on: Horror. Not a deal breaker though~
Comment: Not the story ideas guy.
I'd love to take part.

I can do sound design (foley sfx, editing, mastering, voice, soundscapes) & music (mainly unorthodox; ambient, electro, dance...i'm not classically trained), writing and storytelling, mapping...

I'm happy to try my hand at chipsets/sprite art but I'm relatively unexperienced in that department. No time like the present to start, though.

I have 2k3, XP, VX and VX Ace, happy to work on any engine. Prefer to work on horror/modern day/non-rpg adventure, but quite happy to work on any genre or setting.

edit: wait do we have a provisional date for this jam? because i am unavailable from 21st January until 7th February, which means i probably won't be able to take part!
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
wait do we have a provisional date for this jam? because i am unavailable from 21st January until 7th February, which means i probably won't be able to take part!

Yeah, I was figuring on waiting out the misaos for the most part and Im sure some people are eager to jump in now, so I dont want to push it any further back then that unless there's a overwhelming consensus to do it in February

Speaking of which, here's a shorthand of the details I'm thinking for the event:
*teams of 2-3(I will up this to a max of 4 if there's enough demand) 2-4 (changed for simplicity sake)
*People will decide on their own teams. Even though this event was inspired by the dream collab thread, don't come in expecting to do said dream collab, at least not yet.

*Under regular circumstances, and assuming this happens beyond this 1st event, teams will be different in later McBacon jams; The team you have this time can not and will not be the same team at a later point. The idea here is to explore new and different collaborations.

*I will announce a theme on 1-21-15 and that is when you can all begin. Given the timezone differences between us all, I will have to ponder a good time to make said announcement. Your team will have two weeks to make something.

*Whether your team wishes to make something that's totally complete or partial and can be expanded upon later is up to you. Just remember to stick to the theme and do what you can. ;)

*After this is all said and done, I do intend on playing everything that is released from this and probably do a webcast talking about.

As always, feel free to weigh in on this.