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My review of Uchioniko has been accepted. You can check it out here.
I'd really appreciate a review for mine, please :3

Name: Miraculo Island
Link: http://rpgmaker.net/games/7195/
Status: DEMO
Genre: Adventure/Visual Novel/Mystery/Horror/Comedy
Estimated length: 105 minutes.
Small description: You play as Nicholas, a guy who had an accident and lost part of his memories. Because of this you're sent to a special school seminar in an island. But strange things begin to happen...
Special requests: N/A

Give it some love <3
Updated. Don't forget to let us know if you write a review for one of the games, guys!
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I've been trying to write reviews but I've been in a dry spell lately. I type a few words out and then I'm disgusted at what I've written so I just delete it all. Sorry, guys.
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To be honest, I forgot this even existed!
I've been trying to write reviews but I've been in a dry spell lately. I type a few words out and then I'm disgusted at what I've written so I just delete it all. Sorry, guys.

I know dem feels. I find it helps to just write whatever, then nitpick it afterwards. Get the words out (even if it's gibberish) then edit.
Or just make a dot-point list of things you notice/d and then expand on it until you have enough by making notes and asking yourself questions.
So, like:
Graphics -
- pretty maps
- facesets don't match
- some passability errors.

And then:
- pretty maps
= Uses RTP well.
= Some of the graphics didn't match quite as well, but they didn't stand out too much. (Why?) Some of them were rips from Zelda and while they were edited to fit the colour scheme, the actual graphics themselves were too different in style to the RTP.
= The construction of the maps was decent. (Why?) There were some overlarge ones that were a little bare, but for the most part you knew what everything was and could tell at a glance where to go.

Then, to make it flow, reworked:
Graphically, the game was pretty decent. Maps were well constructed, and looked good, bar a few cases where they were over-large and bare. For the most part you could tell where you were supposed to go at a glance and you knew what each thing on the map was supposed to be, which is always a good thing.

There was an issue with some of the graphical resources, however, in that they didn't fit the style of the RTP. This is due to a few of the graphics being recoloured rips, which, while using the correct palette, did not use the same graphical 3/4 style as the RTP. This could come off as a bit jarring in certain areas, but for the most part it was easy to brush it aside as a minor detail.

And so forth.

Well, that's usually how I do it in any case. Just a constant chain of expanding. It might help, it might not. ^.^;
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Cash I write mine in a similar fashion, it's all note taking as a I play, things that leapt out at me at the time that I noticed for either good or ill, and then immediately on finishing the game the last note I write is my overall feeling, since I believe that is the best moment to catch it. After that I go back and expand.

On occasion I'll run across something in a game that makes me stop and write a few actual sentences about it, but usually it's just a dot point or a single sentence.

Sometimes I'm amazed that my reviews are actually coherent given the source document.

I also tend to read the gamepage and character information (if available) that the dev has provided, it gives me a counterpoint to what I see in the game, and enables me to see if they've managed to carry off their vision in a game format rather that just in their synopsis.
Name: Gatekeeper
Link: http://rpgmaker.net/games/3658/
Status: Demo
Genre: Fantasy
Estimated length: About 5-6 hours
Small description: Sandbox-style RPG about a group of saturnals trying to survive attacks from what appears to be one of their own.
Special requests: None, really. Written or video is good for me. A review that covers everything would be just fine.
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Well the team is looking for feedback and we don't seem to be getting many downloads compared to profile views, so here goes.

Name: Temple Eclipse
Link: http://rpgmaker.net/games/7540/
Status: Technically complete, actual levels in progress
Genre: Adventure puzzle
Estimated length: Currently about 10 minutes, finished levels will hopefully take an hour or two.
Small description: Help a Mayan priestess gather gems and avoid statues in a colour-coded phase-based puzzle game where staying out of sight is the only way to survive and beat the eclipse.
Special requests: As the main thing we have in our downloadable package right now is gameplay and we haven't completed our official set of levels for the final release, I'd prefer a gameplay-centric review but any and all feedback is welcomed and appreciated.
Name: Megaman Tournament
Link: http://rpgmaker.net/games/2274/
Status: Complete.
Genre: Strategic RPG battler.
Estimated length: 2-3 hours roughly to complete the main game, 1-2 hours more to complete any extra content.
Small description: You are LAN using your Net Navi Mega Man to battle a whole slew of battlers in a RPG side-view battle only game. The goal is to rise up the ranks, earn new equipment and open up strategic options to take down harder opponents.
Special requests: The game can be pretty limiting at first, but the more you beat Tourneys and open up goods in the main store, the more options and diverse strategic options become available to you. So don't judge it solely on the first 10 mins, preparation is just as important as the actual battle itself.
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I reviewed Last Minute Gift and I'd link it if I wasn't on my phone. ;)
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Name: Canvas
Link: http://rpgmaker.net/games/5517/
Status: Demo
Genre: A puzzle RPG with action elements
Estimated length: ~4 hours without tackling optional content and sidequests.
Small description: In the midst of completing a job and evading their sworn enemies, the Knights of the Thorn, two thieves are presented with a bigger job. Much bigger...and far more noble than they would typically agree to.
Special requests: I'm actually less interested in a review than I am in getting confirmation that somebody out there has played through until the end of the demo. I'd love feedback as well, but that's secondary. Thanks for considering it.
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Name: Nachtheulen
Link: Here.
Status: ""Complete""
Genre: RPG. With vampires.
Estimated length: About 1hr-1hr30mins
Small description: Made in a month for a competition (Lite Cook-Off apparently). Follows two vampires as they have to relocate. I'm planning a 'renovated' version, but I'm always planning those.
Special requests: Just having a formal review would be nice, though a detailed commentary on the story and the characters themselves would be great. I'm looking at starting work on the sequel, so...
Name: Feral Solidarity
Link: http://rpgmaker.net/games/6880/
Status: Complete
Genre: RPG
Estimated length: With battles/leveling: 2+ hours. Without battles/leveling (there's a secret): 1 hour tops.
Small description: Gotta push it to the limit to survive in the world when you're a helpless house pet.
Special requests: Details here.

Wait, no-one's reviewed it yet? I saw that blog post and thought people would jump at the chance to review a commercial game, so I didn't apply. Anyway, I'm in, assuming my 13 reviews, averaging about 2 K words, are sufficient proof.
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Review for Miraculo Island is up!
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Name: Finalbound:Clash of Gods.
Estimated length:2 Hours or even more the demo is really long..
Small description:Jack travels to the depth of hell and to the highest heaven so that he retrieve his father's soul.
Special requests:Just the overall gameplay.and yes i know my grammar sucks!
Name: Vigiles Lucis
Link: http://rpgmaker.net/games/7719/
Status: 1 Episode out of 3 complete
Genre: Horror/adventure
Estimated length: 2 hours
Small description:
Twelve years have passed since you've heard from your father. To your own surprise, you don't remember what led to the separation of your family. After meeting your old friend Meja, you both decide that it's time for a family reunion.

Special requests:
- Play the game normally
- Give a rating
- Talk about the dialogue, story- and character development.
- Talk about the atmosphere, sound design and music
- Everything else is appreciated. (Riddles, scares, secrets, exploration...)
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Special requests:
- Play the game normally

I will play the game weirdly in spite of you.