Oh, thanks aqua!
Oh, thanks aqua!
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Guardian of the Description Thread
Just noticed your edit, aqua. OP has been updated to reflect the changes.

*Edit: Though, mostly because we've a review event going down, and I sorta directed people here :P
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Name: Canvas
Link: https://rpgmaker.net/games/5517/
Status: Completed (recently)
Genre: Action/puzzle fantasy RPG
Estimated length: 15 hours
Small description: With this game, I've tried to stretch the engine (VX Ace) beyond what you might typically see done with events. Use an assortment of pixel-based attacks and abilities to dispatch your enemies, solve puzzles, and find plenty of secrets scattered across the world. There is a complete item guide and full walkthrough included in the download.
Special requests: As of now, the only review for this game is based on a demo (thank you aquatorrent!). This may be an unrealistic request, but now that the game is complete I would hope if someone decides to take on reviewing it, that he or she plays through the entire game before writing one. Thank you.
Just noticed your edit, aqua. OP has been updated to reflect the changes.

*Edit: Though, mostly because we've a review event going down, and I sorta directed people here :P
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Name: Strangers of the Power
Link: https://rpgmaker.net/games/9940/
Status: Completed (recently)
Genre: Dungeon Crawler Fantasy RPG
Estimated length: 2-3 hours
Small description: I've never made a dungeon crawler before and most of my games have been story oriented ones, this is me trying out something I've never done before. I'm looking to expand this game with more characters if it gets well received. The game tells about twin evil witches who have been terrorizing a city and taken over the beautiful castle. You play as a traveler, who may be the only one who can stop them. The game features weighted loot, a mage will not receive a giant full plate armor that they can't wear and a warrior will not receive magical spell books.
Special requests: Try out the different characters! Each of the three characters is extremely diffrent in the ways their tactics differ depending on bosses and their loot changes too, along with a lot of flavor text!
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Game: Toxic Remedy
Link https://rpgmaker.net/games/9647/
Time: 2 to 3 hrs.
Description: Murk awakens to a reset point in his old hometown with a dagger by his bed. A deity appears and wants him to keep the dagger by his side. Murk and his friend discover the power of the weapon and seek to use it to destroy the local monster.

I've made the game easy to get through with a lot of save points and healing opportunities, but please message me if you get stuck.
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Name: Legends Of Illarion 2: Sins Of The Gods
Link: https://rpgmaker.net/games/5527/
Status: Complete (Version 2.0 on Oct 1st, 2017)
Genre: Classic Fantasy JRPG
Estimated length: Approximately 15 hrs

Small description: This is an old school JRPG about warriors who will one day be known as the Younger Gods. As they fight for their homelands and other motives, the current gods manipulate them and interfere for their own purposes. Features include touch encounter, voice clips in battle, and some customized menus/skills/systems.

Special requests: Please only review this game as a whole after finishing it to the end, but you don't necessarily need to do the extras or beat the 11 Dragons. This game shouldn't be too hard or need any grinding. There are many possible party configurations though, so if you are having trouble in battle, please message me first and let me know which characters/weapons you are using. Thank you.
Name: Legend of the Silverstone
Link: https://rpgmaker.net/games/9524/
Status: Demo (4th demo, 14 years of development), Hiatus until 300 downloads...
Genre: Classic Fantasy JRPG
Estimated length: Approximately 25 hrs
Small description: A mixture of my favorite jrpgs like Final Fantasy 6 and 8 and Grandia 2. Story is about a soldier trainee named Taka who findes a mysterious silvery stone which makes him encounter strange and lifechanging events...
Special requests: Be kind :)
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Finished Reviews:
Name: ZEGIS Battle Arena
Link: https://gamejolt.com/games/ZEGISBA/271452
Status: Complete
Genre: Fantasy RPG
Estimated length: 3-4 hours
Small description: Heroes fighting against evil Corruption and Infection Forces!
Special requests: Each constructive critique to that game will be appreciated
Name: Grimps: A Christmas Puzzle
Link: rpgmaker.net/games/10237
Status: Complete
Genre: Adventure / Puzzle
Estimated length: 10 - 30 min.
Small description: A young penguin journeys home to celebrate Winter's Eve with his families and friends. But to his dismay the village has been attacked by the evil Grimps who captured all it's inhabitants.
Special requests: Anything goes.
Name: At Last Alone: Risen
Link: https://rpgmaker.net/games/10132/
Status: Completed
Genre: Tactical RPG
Estimated length: 60-90min.
Small description: A team of heroes investigates the disappearance of a small village and has to fight their way to safety.
Special requests: This was made for IGMC and I was really proud of it, considering there haven't been many isometric tactical RPGs made (especially ones that are complete). And it has been completely ignored... Few downloads. Very few comments. One negative LP from a notoriously grumpy youtuber who admitted to not liking tactical rpgs as a general rule. No feedback from IGMC judges and no votes in any category. I can't tell if it's not attracting interest because it's hard, broken, boring, etc. Or if it's a fine game and it's just one of those games that's flown under the radar for all the reason's in Kentona's recent article (it wouldn't be the first time I've been accused of being not interesting! :D ). Any insight would be great! Thanks!
List has been updated! Please remember that this is for games on RMN, not those on other sites.
Name: Wooden Ocean
Link: http://rpgmaker.net/games/8852/
Status: 50-66%
Genre: Fantasy RPG with some Sci-Fi
Estimated length: About 40-50 hours
Small description: A difficult RPG that takes place in an afterlife built for ancient artists from the 22nd century. Lots of places to go with solid combat. Don't let the front view fool you.
Special requests: An actual review for this website. The game has been reviewable here for 18 months now, and despite being let down multiple times on reviewers not giving it a single review, I will still give you a steam key. But only if you've reviewed large RPGs on here before.
Name: Perang Cemen Devil Boy Quest
Link: https://rpgmaker.net/games/10194/
Status: Demo (15%)
Genre: Fantasy Rpg with some sci-fi
Estimated length: 8 hour
Small description: In a world, where monsters take many forms, one boy is fated to change everything forever.
Special requests: Please try to reach end of demo, but you don't have to if you don't feel like it, if you stuck but you want to reach end of demo just PM me. (probably there two boss battle is kinda tricky)
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