After not playing Dark Souls in a long time I decided to pick it up again today (I got my younger brother into Dark Souls and him giving me his blow by blow commentary of how he is doing made me want to pick it up again). And given I'm a little rusty it was remiss of me to go up against Manus.

I've shelved Final Fantasy Tactics for a while. Even though I'm on chapter 4 and determined to finish the damn game. I'm just not having that much fun with it. The battle at the Golgollada Gallows, and the the first, and last battle at Riovanes Castle is three bullshit fights to many. I basically had to blind luck my way through the fight on the roof against totally-not-sephiroth and his two one-shotters, and hope that Rapha didn't walk up to the assassins cementing my defeat.

And while we're on the subject of Tactics games. I've been eyeing up Tactics Ogre on PSP. Is it worth me getting it if I'm not having much fun with FFT?
Yeah I would say FFT is the more approachable of Matsuno's works and Tactics Ogre is a natural step up only if you're invested in Tactics games. Funny thing about FFT is that I feel like I got really lucky with that game in terms of all the fights people complained about, my first playthrough was all monks w/ ninja side job which meant double fist attacks. I had a really fun time with that game.
I've not got all monks. But Ramza and a generic are both monks with another generic as a samurai, they're my main damage dealers. I've been training up Agrias and Mustadio. I have a black mage and one white mage who come in useful only very rarely and are really only used for when I want to cast Flare or Holy, and instead of White Mages I have chemists, throwing items doesn't take any additional turns. All my units have auto potion and have reasonably high bravery so battles aren't that much of a chore. I find the battles with FFT are either ridiculously easy, or ridiculously hard, there seems to be no middle ground. The only thing that's really keeping me invested is the story. Oh, and recruiting Balthier, he was my favourite character in FF12.

EDIT: Ok, why I say the story is the only thing keeping me invested, while this is true. I must say however that I find Ramza to be perhaps one of the most boring protagonists ever. And while I understand Delita has to be off doing his own thing he is by far the more interesting of the two.
I forget, is there any combination of jobs/sub-abilities in FFT that lets you dual wield guns?

FFX...just plain sucks. There, I just said it. If there is one good thing about that game I can't name it. There. I said it. FFX-2 I've been meaning to try because of sexploitation and also dress-up.

Anyway, I just got to the second disc of FF8. (I like how Darken beat it in a third of the time it took me to get to the second disc, lol, and I'd be willing to bet he has a job whereas I currently don't.) Here's something I definitely didn't notice when I first played it as a little girl! Is Selphie some kind of adorable little ultra-violent latent sociopath? She has said some DISTURBING things thus far that every one has pretty much ignored, but it was the suggestion of skinning the stupid-not-Red-XIII-thing-in-the-jail and wearing its pelt to escape that really made me stop and go....WOW.

Is this what the Japanese call Tsundere? I know the Japanese have their own words for things (tropes) but I can never remember which ones mean what.
I think it's Yandere. I replayed FF8 sometime last year and honestly didn't pay attention to anything anyone said. Do you have any other examples or Selphie's disturbing behaviour?
She was really stoked on blowing the missile base to bits and if you trick the guards to go into the circuit room during the missile base mission and knock them out off screen, Irvine thinks something like "Wow, Selphie seems way too into this." or something to that effect.

FFVIII came out before Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare "discovered" that the character you're playing as in a videogame can actually, narratively die, and long before all popular media went all fucking Sopranos Red Wedding all the time and half the Marvel Universe is literally dead as I type this ... so basically it was a different time as far as killing off characters ... but I think following on the heels of the infamy of Aerith's death in the preceding game, that FMV of the missile base blowing up really is a rather strong head fake in the direction that whatever three characters you sent to the missile base actually just fucking died. Like even watching it with foreknowledge that none of them did.

Final Fantasy 8
Squall's just returned to Balumb Garden, finding it in the middle of NORG's attempted coup de dat.

I cast Zombie on the T-Rexaur. Then I cast Life on it. I felt smart.
Fun fact that I never knew about, but you actually get some extra text/cutscenes with Rinoa if you put her on the Balamb team instead of the missile base mission. People kind of complained about her development as a character but you really have to snag all of the optional stuff (like the band distraction in fisherman's horizon) to get the most of it.

Guardian of the Description Thread
...I can't remember if I ever put Rinoa on the Missile Base team, now that it's been mentioned. The FMV of Rinoa on the deck of Balumb Garden while it's on the move would absolutely be out of place if it ran, and she's not there. I forget what, exactly, she says about Squall's reaction to seeing the Missile Base team when they return in Fisherman's Horizon, but, yeah, that might be extra text? No clue.

I really like that time when Squall's promoted by Cid, and he hands Squall the mic for a speech, and he's all "Hell no!" and the scene with Rinoa is her in the library, just laughing it off.
Yeah it's the Rinoa on the CGI deck scene, and I think you get to show her around the Garden, then a walk with her. Although additionally there's also a scene if you have Quistis instead, she'll follow up on the 'secret place' scene. Then after when the entire team meets up at Fisherman's Horizon I think Rinoa's dialogue is alternated differently. The way to avoid all of this is to roll with Irvine and Zell (You can't bring Selphie since she's leading the missile base), but I think Rinoa takes priority if you bring both Rinoa and Quistis to Garden so there's that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Mostly just some SNES Mini, and NES games on the Switch that come with the subscription

im old.
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Had an urge to go back to Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition after seeing the DMC5 gameplay trailer. I never attempted a DMD run, so I wondered how that would work.

Nero's half was just fine, but that's mostly because he's really simple to use. A little too simple, really. A DMC character with no extra weapons was... unexpected, to say the least.

Dante feels... unrefined. Going through stages that were clearly build for Nero is already a minus, but the best way to kill enemies feels more glitchy than anything. Purposely attacking an electrically charged enemy while holding Royal Guard doesn't feel intentional, for example. I've seen some combo videos with Dante, and those make him practically have a seizure with style switching. So yeah. Dante's really rough to play as.

Lady and Trish are loads of fun, though! Obviously Lady is the easiest character to use since she's all about guns, but it's still satisfying all the same. Based on marketing, it doesn't look like they'll take center stage with Dante and Nero in DMC5, which is a real shame.

And Vergil is Vergil, so Vergil is epic.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Mega Man 11.

It feels like a really nice return to form. I was worried that the "soul" of Mega Man wouldn't be there, but it totally is. Great gameplay and the bosses are really fun, but a few stages go on for too long overstay their welcome (especially Bounce Man's stage where you're bouncing around on balloons for 90% of the level).
It is really funny in FF8 how Irvine's just openly wanting to get laid in like a psychologically healthy, socially acceptable way is viewed through the collective Japanese lens of "Main" "Character" Squall Leonhart as some kind of gross sick perversion.

Apparently crippling sexual guilt is like, THE STANDARD.

Maybe it's just me. Also is it just me or does Squall exhibit a LOT of the outward traits of a sociopath (or worse)?
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I've already posted here about the game Tomodachi Life for 3DS.

I've started a new game since mid-September and there are plenty of weird facts featuring familiar characters:
- Princess Daisy and Wario are currently dating each other !
- Wario's BFF is the femme fatale Faye Valentine from the anime Cowboy Bebop
- My BFF is the Dr. Neo Cortex from the Crash Bandicoot series !

You can see some of the weirdest events in my DeviantArt (some contents are also related to RPG Maker)
arglebargle frickin frackin bullshit dragon swordfight minigame

EDIT: So I got past the part in FF8 that I couldn't when I was like 14 or whatever, which was the Propagators on the Ragnarok. Man, those things really are sonofabitches. Enormous spike in difficulty with no warning when your party is reduced to 2 yayyyyyy! They just hit insanely hard (dropping Rinoa in two punches, Squall in 3-4) and fast (even junctioning 100 Tornados to Rinoa's SPD vis Pandemona, they were still going almost twice as often as I was (Average Party Level Squall 46 + Rinoa 24/2 = 35) and also Silence is a nasty nasty spell to get hit with if you don't happen to have 100 of it junctioned to ST-Def.

So I'm not really surprised that as a 14 year old I threw up my hands in the air and said "fuck this" at that point.

But one thing we didn't have when I was 14 was the Final Fantasy Wikia, from whence I learned that in-the-opposite-of-what-Squaresoft-is-known-for these bosses (they are technically bosses, just endlessly respawning bosses if you don't kill them in the right order, and are susceptible to Zansetsuken) were super vulnerable to basically all status effects. The spell Pain was made for these fuckers because it's got around an 80% chance of sticking Blind, Poison, and Silence on them. And their insane speed seems to work against them with the poison part, as they just get poisoned faster, spend half of their turns whiffing physical attacks and half of their turns "Can't cast magic". Beautiful.

If the general trope of "Status Effects do not work in Squaresoft games" wasn't a thing, I probably would have thought to try this myself. But I gotta say, in general FF8's use of status effects has been pretty solid.

There's my random rambling of the day.
You'll love the use of status effects if you decide to farm Malboros (harder than anything else in the game imo).

Been playing RE: Code Veronica, actually kind of unfamiliar with the series despite loving 1 and 4. Every scene Steve is in though... FATHHHEEEEEEER!!!!!!!!!! This scene has zero setup btw and is hilarious.
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I legitimately have no idea why they thought anything about Steve was a good idea. At least they fixed him in Darkside Chronicles.

Does that make Darkside Chronicles a better Code Veronica game than Code Veronica? Maybe.

I bought Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 1 on PS3 yesterday and literally went home and saw that remastered versions of both games with all DLC included are coming out on PS4 in January. Should I wait for January to pick them up? Or get started on the fist one now?
Screwing around with ARMA 3's Eden Editor. I'm making a mission about a Nationalist Party sniper in Chernarus.
You'll love the use of status effects if you decide to farm Malboros (harder than anything else in the game imo).

hahaha yeah after I got back from my date I actually spent the rest of last night farming Marlboros in Grandidi for their tentacles so I could get Doomtrain because I took like three tries at the Deep Sea Research center and I got my ass kicked three times, and only the last time by Bahamut. So I was like "screw the deep sea research center, let me do some other quests".

Anyway what finally wound up working, I think, was junctioning the 71 Berserk I had betwixt my party members to Irvine. That way when it squirted acid on him he'd only be blind, silent, poisoned, and petrifying and fortunately had the Item command so he could throw around some remedies. Fortunately they don't seem to Bad Breath again for a good long time after the opening one. Fuckers have a lot of HP too I was pretty shocked when I demi'd it and saw 9999 come up.

I got two by mugging and none on the drop from the one high-level Marlboro I legitimately killed using Demi, Firaga, rinse, repeat, and then a lucky Zansetsuken scored me another 8 on the drop. It was probably the happiest I'd ever been to see Odin. If Zansetsuken is indeed a flat 12.9% percent as everyone said, my Zansetsuken "dice luck" has been ridiculous. There was a long string where Odin was showing up two out of every three fights, easy. It was getting to the point of being more frustrating than anything else, like, let me fight some battles, damn it, it's the point of the game!

Now I just gotta get Alexander to learn Med Data so he can learn whatever the thing is that lets me make a Remedy+.

I remember really quite hating 8 when it came out because it was not more like 7 and I think a lot of people still feel that way to this day, at least I've always had the impression it was the dark horse of the series. As I recall the process of leveling up in 7 was very straightforward and in 8 it's intricately counter-intuitive (keep your levels low but your GF's levels high and all that really matters is what spells you junction, how much, and where). The only thing that I still dislike about the game that I disliked when I was young is that Squall is one of the most unrelatable, unlikable protagonists in anything, ever, but at least he does have a clear character arc, even if it takes forever to develop and he's still mostly an asshole to everyone after he remembers how to have FEELINGS.

There's a part of me (the part of me that clearly doesn't ever want me to get a real paying job lol) that really wants to systematically play all of the Final Fantasy games and compare their writing and mechanics in a kind of quasi-ethnography of Square/Squenix based on their cultural output. Or more likely that's a fancy academic sounding excuse for just wanting to binge videogames (and overthink them). Still though I wonder, if I did that kind of pseudo-academic study, would anyone read it?

IS FINAL FANTASY 8 THE MOST "HIGH TECH" FINAL FANTASY SETTING? I know it's hard to tell because the world-building re: technology is highly obscured by magic and monsters and nonsense. But it seems to be, at least on the surface. I had no idea what the tech base was supposed to be in X, it was just a gibberish world made of nonsense where you used a fucking soccer ball as a weapon.

I haven't played RE:CV since it was new (true of most of the REs actually though I did play some of the REmakes). I remember at the time being stupendously amazed by it and thinking it was the best RE evar. I have literally no recollection of Steve (mercifully?), but that scene was hilarious. Is it me or does Steve look like a cheap knockoff of Rion from Galerians?

Screwing around with ARMA 3's Eden Editor. I'm making a mission about a Nationalist Party sniper in Chernarus.

Very unfamiliar with ARMA, but anything where the level editor legit lets you make a mission about something immediately peaks my interest.
Very unfamiliar with ARMA, but anything where the level editor legit lets you make a mission about something immediately peaks my interest.

It's kind of like having those little green army men toys, only they move and actually shoot. It has its own scripting language and if you get the hang of it you can make pretty cool stuff. Here's a playthrough of the "Pilgrimage" scenario, which is about a mercenary trying to find his brother's body after the main story. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_w7PHYkMUQ4KERf5C82_dTBx7XJhZLSb