All chapter 2 cleared in Octopath Traveler. Once you hit chapter 2, I learned to wander around and hit all class change shrines before tackling the bosses. Class change made the game more fun. Unfortunately, a big strategy seems to be to use two merchants so you can donate BP to the damage dealers and let them go to business. Also, bosses who are weak against spear or bow are much easier to break than any other.

For chapter 3, the next strategy seems to be to get key skills from different classes, such as Hale and Hearty for all character who don't have high HP.
I've been meaning to get Octopath Traveller for a while. It was one of the reasons I bought a switch, then they went and released it on PC, the swines.

After thoroughly enjoying Fire Emblem Warriors I went ahead and bought Hyrule Warriors on switch, and I'm enjoying it. It's a lot slower paced than FE Warriors. And even though I've platinumed it, I also decided to dust off my copy of Bloodborne again after watching the best friends play it. And occasionally I play a bit of Megaman Legends.
All chapter 3 adventures cleared in Octopath Traveler. I'll try to go for Tressa's chapter 4 now so that I can bench her. She is over-leveled compared to the rest and sits with a lot of JP (to be used later though). I also used her and had another character sub merchant for two BP donors, but this is not needed for random encounters and energizing pomegranates should replace the need of a second character throwing Donate BP. It's time I optimize how I set up my classes and sub classes.

mario maker mario maker mario maker

does anyone have mario maker 2? wonder if there's enough to start sharing levels in a thread
I've dabbled a bit with chapter 4 in Octopath Traveler. Tressa can finally be benched. I'm making slower progress now though since I'm no longer sick. Holiday it up soon though.

Anyway, the game has an extreme story/gameplay disparity. You fight randoms and bosses with a party of four. However, the character stories strongly implies that the characters faces their foes alone. It's not just that other characters have no dialog and don't even show up in cut-scenes, but a lot of them flat out doesn't make any sense unless the character is alone.

The gameplay demonstrates the main problem with JRPGs. There are a lot of strategies in OT. However, they are near universal. The only difference is what attacks you use to break an enemy and even there I eventually developed a strategy powerful enough to wipe out most random encounters in two turn without breaking them. Further, if I have a problem with a boss, I come back with a more powerful strategy. However, this more powerful strategy would have worked on all previous bosses as well. There is next to no adapting for specific situations.
My mind is full of fuck.
Persona 4: We're the Lesbians, will you let me out, misheard lyrics post edition. Stuck in the minecraft type level, at least I seem to know where to get the final level item to open the door now.
The only consistent game I've been playing for a while now is Dragon Quest 11. It started as a pretty mediocre/okay experience, because it pretty much is vanilla jRPG the game. But then I saw a review of it by Kotaku and it made me realize how I should be playing it. You have to chill through the game. Just enjoy your time with it and not try to hurry forward to the "cool parts". So yeah, I've really liked it since. The game grew on me.

Also playing it on PC, so I have a mod with symphonic soundtrack instead of the NES-style bit music. The whole game got a classical feel to it thanks to the music.
Randomly been playing Banjo Kazooie for the first time. I'm surprised that the game doesn't ever build on its mechanics that much, it feels very lateral in how the collectable chores are pretty much the same in different levels/context. I actually enjoyed that design structure though, too used to games lately that have everything super relevant to what you just learned. Which on paper is good design, but anything good can get formulaic.

Though later on they decide to make the game way more difficult than what even the punishments are designed for. Rusty bucket bay, if you fall off in a certain section you just die. Up until that point you mainly just lost health and I realize that I can't remember any death pits in the first 7 levels since they were just open ended playgrounds. It is natural that if theres no mechanical ramp up you have no choice but to make things way more trickier as the game goes on without actually making you rethink or be creative with your movesets. It's not that bad though (well until I get to the infamous final boss section everyone hates). But I kind of wish Banjo flatlined it's difficulty and just had you worry about finding the jiggies and the mumbos and the jinjos and the wimbo dimbo qimbo.

The highlight of the game for me was early on where nothing was that hard and you got to explore the very top of Treasure Trove Cove on the light house. They cut the music and just have wind turbulence at the top, it was pretty surprising as I thought I was gonna be hearing the Kirkhope motif constantly, but it knows when to shut the music off and when to play it. Idk I really enjoyed the first half of this game more than I thought I would.
I’ve been bouncing around with Darkest Dungeon and Enter the Gungeon. Both pretty solid games!
I finished the DLC in Bloodborne, or so I thought. Five minutes after starting new game+, I realized I forgot about Laurence. Well, he has to go down on NG+ then and I'm thinking about starting an arcane build as well.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Tried my hand at playing Mastumori Days for no apparent reason. Got as far as passing the Divine Trial before I quit. It was something a push to complete Arbiters maybe a few weeks ago, but, I just couldn't bring myself to do it again for MD. I suppose, if I wanted to be a terrible person, I could have used Cheat Engine to drop, like, a literal ton of XP on these characters, and not have to fight as much?

Or, I'd just rather play other stuff while on break from my Xenogears LP.
Playing Monster Sanctuary religiously. This game is SO GOOD.

It's pretty cheap on Steam, and doesn't feel like an early access game despite being one. I highly recommend this game.
I recommended this game to a bunch of people when the demo first came out. It IS really good if you enjoy pokemon-esque collection with metroidvania platformness and RPG battle system/skill progression. X3

It's so great! I just wish I could download it. orz :shakes fist at internet:
Right now I've been returning to playing Guild Wars 2, now that the new Living World season is starting. Other games I've been working on are Tales of Maj'eyal, and Minoria. There are still a lot of upcoming games I'm looking forward to playing this year.
Picked up Blasphemous the day it came out. So far I'm loving it. It's a 2D metroid vania that takes certain pointers from Dark Souls with very strong Diablo vibes. Kind of waiting for the difficulty to ramp up as so far I'm not having too much trouble with it with my only deaths coming from trying to navigate stairs and thinking spikes would not be an instant death.
Well, I just started playing Borderlands 3 and it soretty much what I wanted it to be.

It’s a pretty fun time waster, and I love Fl4k. Story is meh, but I’m here for the looting and shooting and that feels great.
I'm about to tackle the Bloodborne DLC in new game+. I must say, new game+ is far easier in Bloodborne than in Dark Souls. Enemies don't get nearly as much extra attack power in Bloodborne as in DS and Bloodborne also gives out far higher updated exp equivalent. In DS, enemies and bosses would give 2x or 3x the souls, making earlier enemies and bosses give practically nothing whereas in Bloodborne, even the first boss will in new game+ give more blood echos than most late game bosses in new game.
About a year ago as I recall I was on a PSX era JRPG binge. XX pages back in this thread you'll find me posting so much word-vomit about my FF8 playthrough that I might as well have done an LP.

For the past three months (or maybe even longer) I've been on an XBox 360 era & later modern military shooter binge (with a hefty side helping of WWII shooters and near-future shooters). I think I mentioned that these games are kind of a guilty pleasure for me but guilty pleasures are often a first refuge when stressed and I certainly haven't not been stressed. I actually even tried to figure out the chronological order every military shooter I have take place in and replay them in that order. Why am I so WEIRD?

I have games that I bought for money dollars that are objectively better than at least some of the games I'm replaying--like Sekiro, for instance--but I just don't seem to be in the mood for them when I'm in the mood to settle down and play some vidya.

"Big Story" games is a genre that clearly some part of my brain wants to switch to playing obsessively, but I haven't quite made the switch. I'm actually making another topic in this subforum about David Cage so all my thoughts about games like Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human will be there. A rare example of a game in this same kind of genre NOT made by David Cage, Until Dawn is a game I might actually have bought when it was new if I'd known it had Rami Malek, Peter Stormare, and Hayden Panettiere (swoon). Okay, well, no, because it came out before Mr. Robot when I had no idea who Rami Malek was and my appreciation of Peter Stormare has also heightened in the intervening years, but still.

I have these "big story" games in a literal pile that I'm wanting to switch over to, but I still find myself reaching for the games in the military shooter pile far more often.

Most recently, I just rented Just Cause 4 out of a redbox after pretty much ignoring that franchise ever since first having "ehh at best" feelings about the original. I tried it out in the hopes that it could serve as a replacement for the open world shoot stuff and blow things up game I was just wrapping up a replay of. I gotta say, it's pretty cool. It's a bit bright and bombastic for my normal tastes (see above) but it's self-aware about its ridiculousness, the soundtrack is pretty cool (all Spanish-language music all the time!), the world map is absolutely enormous and gorgeous, and the gameplay combination of insane traversal and blowing shit up is just really pure fun. Apparently it was not a commercial success since I can purchase the game to own from the same redbox for $19.99 which I intend to. I'll probably check out Just Cause 3 as well assuming I can get it for $10 or so.
Been playing a lot of good horror games lately, The Evil Within 1 and 2, Outlast 1 and 2, and some old school resident evils. Horror games are my guilty pleasure, I love the ambiance and music in these kinds of titles <3

You should try to get Just Cause 2, definitely was the best one in the series imo!
Had the perfect blend of everything, the multiplayer mod is amazing