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I'm not familiar with Grandia II.

Baldur's Gate had a neat system, wherein what you could carry was limited by your STR. You also had a limited number of slots. The weight limits were still exaggerated (I think someone with 18 STR could carry 400lbs), but it was an intuitive way to limit inventories.

Diablo II's limited inventory space - though frustrating at times - is another reasonable way to limit the player from carrying around 99 longswords.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
A simple change that Karsuman and I are currently using is that the player can only hold nine of anything except coins. So, yes, nine giant sledgehammers, but also nine loaves of bread.
How very Dragon Quest of you.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
If you want to be technical it's more like the Tales series. =3
I don't what recall Grandia 2 did. Was it 20 item limit of everything?

Although not an RPG, Resident Evil 4 had a good idea in which you had limited space in your briefcase. You in fit in tons of herbs or a few big guns. Being smart and rearranging well meant you could fit some more items in. It was up to you what you did with the space.

I'm not 100% but I think you could buy bigger briefcases later on?
Castle of the Winds

Every item has a weight and bulk. Weight is how much you can carry based on your strength and applies to stuff in your pack and what you have equipped. Bulk is how much you can carry in your current bag and only applies to its contents. Want to carry more bulk? Buy a bigger bag! Strength alone doesn't cut it.

(It's been ages sine I've played CotW so I might be wrong somewhere)
I prefer to make inventory management as little work as possible, really. In RPGs I've rarely said, "That dungeon was great - now, even better, I get to go back and carry out the stuff I didn't have room for the first time!" or "Wow, my play experience was really improved by the fact that this game had an inventory limit."

As far as matching seamlessness with not being able to use 99 Megalixers in a boss fight (assuming you have some reason for giving the player that much stuff, which isn't really a given...) I think Seiken Densetsu 3 had a pretty good idea. Space in the local inventory is limited, and anything you loot that you don't have room locally for goes to storage. Storage has essentially unlimited room but your ability to get stuff out of it is constrained to certain situations (e.g., inns).
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That's why modern technology allows you to see where a link goes before you click on it. ;)

I don't like fantasy games with limited carrying capacity that can't be increased using magic. It's fantasy, forget realism. Let me carry 99 suits of armor.
The game I'm designing has a limit:

Each party member has 15 backpack slots, 8 quickbelt slots, and slots like armour and helmet. All items take up 1 slot and they can only bring the contents of their quickbelts into battle, which would include weapons, skills, and items.
I prefer low item carrying limits because carrying around 99 extremely cheap healing items that basically give you unlimited survivability is retarded.
It's also a lot more easier to moniter what the player will most likely have for a boss fight. I really liked Mother 3's system of actually mixing the healing items with the others, there's no numerical limit for each item (9x potions, 9x antidote) it was just realistic (heh in an earthbound game).
I agree, except it got annoying sometimes when you had a bunch of healing items and all you could do to make more room is sell/drop them.
Golden Sun had a similar item system except you were allowed 99x of certain items.

I personally think items systems are worthless because some people (me) don't use items too often. That's why we have magic for healing, buff, and revival >_>
I blame Final Fantasy. When you can't realistically run out of MP, you tend to forgo all items except maybe Elixers.
I hate inventory limitations. I don't like the hassle of juggling items to make sure I can fit them in my sack or am strong enough to carry them. It's just distracting and not fun, realistic or not.
Max McGee
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I wish there were highly convenient and customizable scripts to do this for VX. I really wanted to do this for EtG and it would be a good feature to have in Deeper as well.

I'd like it if carrying capacity could be based on abilities/variables (say have capacity be based on combined Strength (Attack, w/e) of the party.
I preferred Earthbound's system as well. Each character had a limited amount of space in their inventory, (like, 20 items?) and could only use their items in battle. It added a little strategy (give Paula some food so she can heal people in a pinch, give Jeff just enough items and then stock him up with Big Bottle Rockets).

It also helps discourage farming, because if some idiot can plow through the game by repeatedly killing Hydracondas for Megalixers, making Lavos a joke... *ahem* It just removes part of the game's strategy. Why heal when you can spam your 99 full heal pots?

Of course, you could make items great, but never the best... or make truly life-saving items extremely rare. Basically, if a person ALWAYS wants to potion instead of Cure, and he can carry x99 potions, you might as well not have even made the spell.

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