Improbable Passage (v.2.0)

Thanks so much. I am the creator of the game, lost my original copy and had since given up. You rock!
Your Welcome :D

Got a game request of my own this time.

Does anyone have the last version of Dungeon Ace Alpha for VX ACE that was released here?
Which would be version a9, I believe.

I've only got version a6.
Dungeons - Ace Alpha A9
And, yes, A9 is the last version he released.
Segnin, do you collect anything else other than RPG Maker games? Or is this your main niche?
I used to collect baseball cards & comics as a kid.
Now, I just collect whatever I want from the Innratuebz (like everyone else)

And thanks for DAA

Do you want the A6 version?
Because if not, I'm going to delete it.
You can go ahead and delete it. I have almost every single version of it already. Thank you though. =)
I'd like to see if anyone has a good link for "Until My Finest Hour", an RM2k game. I downloaded the one at queenscourt, and found that the game, for some reason, is... modified. Certain things in the intro has been modified from the original, and all the music files for the entire intro sequence has been deleted for some reason.

Does anyone had any other links other than queenscourt?
RMN sex symbol
Here's the one I uploaded. Not sure where I got it from but it's pretty old.

Same thing unfortunately. Thanks for trying:0

Edit: I found a copy of the original at RPG Palace:)
Hi. I'm looking for a game I ran across on a website a while back, I'm almost certain it was a web/flash port of an RPG Maker game, maybe it was on New Grounds or one of those sites, but I only played it for like half an hour and can't find it again.

The thing that struck me about it was that it used large portions of text when you would find books on bookshelves, like you could almost read the books you found lying around. It was set in a school, and I think it might have been made by someone Japanese writing in English.

I'm trying to make my game with a similar system re: books, and I really liked the writing style of this game. It was very sarcastic... or satiric. I wish I could remember more about it. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Is this it? You didn't say which version of RPG Maker the sprites were from.
This one was made using XP & VX sprites:

Even newspapers have those nowadays.
I'm looking for The Most Stupid Game Ever. Not Re-Duh, but original one. Can anyone point me to it?
Would it be asking too much for someone to re-post the link to "The Shadow of Life" ? The last one was a Megaupload one and well..we all know what happened there ...
author=Ranmaru Mori
I have a game request which could be quite difficult, since I forgot said game’s name, however I do remember some of the details.

The player controlled a character that had long brown hair and wore an overcoat; the first part of the game took place on a speeding steam-punk style train, where the player fought off enemies called “Nuls” or something. After this, something happened and the player ended up in a cell of some sort, where the main character befriended a mouse/rat thing which joined the party and helped the main character escape. I don’t remember much after this point.

The game was predominantly Steam Punk/Western and I think used Final Fantasy 6 graphics throughout, I know for a fact the main character was a modified Final Fantasy 6 Setzer sprite and used a handgun/revolver in battle.

Any help in finding this would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

this game is called "technomancy"

if you ever played any of the flash series alice is dead, the sagittarian, or hood, they were made by the same guy. his site is here: (he's still making new flash stuff to this day)

here is technomancy download if no one else already put it up before:

edit: also jeez i have a ton of old stuff that people may want
First things first, for SalOMac
The Shadow Of Life - Complete

Also, AznChipmunk, don't tease me. =) Do you have a list of what you got? - Here is mine.
By the way, anyone can look through it and request something and i'll upload when I have time. That is a older list, but all the additions I have are mostly older versions of current games and brand new stuff. But, I don't have "The Stupidest Game Ever", the regular version. I checked for you, Rave.

A Blurred Line
ABSProj by AzureFenrir (ABS Spell Demo, from an old GamingW tutorial)
A-CBS Deluxe by Lachsen (English version of Action CBS Demo)
Acetonic Mushrooms #1
Acetonic Mushrooms #2
Acetonic Mushrooms #3
Acetonic Mushrooms #4
Acetonic Mushrooms #5
Acetonic Mushrooms Forever by eNSO
Acetonic Mushrooms II, Episode 1
Acetonic Mushrooms II, Episode 2
A-KS (German version of Lachsen's CBS Demo)
Battle for Genesis Demo V1.0 by Kirbmaster & Jade
Bob's Big Adventure
Book of Three
Coaster Craft Gold
The Chain Game 2 by Gaming World
The Chimera Report
Chocobo Panic X-mas
Chocobo Panic
Clouded Heart v3 by Ozma Omega
Chocobo Panic Space
cRaZy_gUy's Journey
Desert Island v1.3 by manafreak
Don's Adventures
Easy Mac
Easy Mac 2
Epoch 2
Fate of an Angel by ADT
Final Fantasy: Shattered Lands
Final Fantasy: Endless Nova
Final Fantasy: Crystal Wings
Final Fantasy Fighters
Ghost in a Bottle
Idunn Ymiraldor
Sunset Over Imdahl
Iron Gaia - Where Angels Fear to Tread
Jay's Journey
Jay's Journey 2
Kinetic Cipher by Brickroad (2000 version, not 2003)
C'est Lavie! by AdmiralStyles
Love and War 1
Love and War 2 - Demo
Legion Saga
Legion Saga II
Legion Saga III
Miracle on RTP Street
Nightmare 4 (Fear)
Pokemon Hunter
Power Trip by Solosoft
Pokemon: The Evil Inside
Pokemon: The Evil Inside 2
The Longing Ribbon
Rivers of Time by Draggor
RM2kLibrary - A Final Hope by DarkPriest
Seekers of the Sun Demo
SEIKEN by FairyFish
Shattered Samurai
Shattered Samurai 2
Shattered Samurai - Special Edition by ArCsLnGa StUdIOs
Shepherd's Call: Revenge of the Genie
Super Smash Bros RPG v1.2 by Kirbmaster & Jade
With His Father's Sword
Technomancy by Hypotosis
The Blue Contestant
The Frozen World
Hallow's Eve
Three the Hard Way
The Way: Ep. 1
The Way: Ep. 2
The Way: Ep. 3
The Way: Ep. 4
The Way: Ep. 5
The Way: Ep. 6
Whack-A-Food by Doppleganger

The Super Astronomical (And Robotic) Space Fish
Pirates: The Legend of the Silver Crescent
Razorblade Symphony Demo v1.1 by Grimlock
Take Down: Lambs of Destiny
A Home Far Away
ALEX III : A 3 Days Collaborative Game
ALEX IS : A Two Days Collaborative Game
Alter Aila
Ara Fell
Backstage 2 (Ghostlight Demo Day Release)
Balmung Cycle
Befuddle Quest
Blink RSD
Blobagotchi Advanced by Carius
Befuddle Quest 2
Befuddle Quest 3
Loque City by Loque (for GW Breach contest)
The Chain Game 3
Chartley Forest Map by Chartley
Chasing Suns - Demo Day by Malad
Death Proclaimed
Death Proclaimed II
Demon Legacy
Don't Go Out
Eldritch Final Demo
Elegy's Eve
Elephant Memorial by King of Games
Empathie Demo Day III by Potty Ninja
Enter the Cave
Fatal Promise Demo
Fenrir - First Operation
Final Fantasy High
Final Fantasy: Four Soul Saga (Final Fantasy I-2) by Craze
Finding Forever Eden v9.0
Forgotten Origins
Gates of Evocation by Malad & Cheshire Cat
Gondu' Forest by Xeno-soft
Grave Spirit
Harry - Demo Day by Cheshire Cat
Haze, Daze, Curiousness by JPC
Hero's Realm
Horizons Meyaha by Nsm
Iron Gaia Virus
Iris of Emillion RSD Edition
It's Good to Be a Pirate (Multilang)
GW Map Competition Entry by JPC (this later became Eldritch, I believe)
Umbriel Forest by JPC
Jump Platinum
Knights Tale
Legends of Illarion
Lingering Forsaken
Make It Work!
Metal Tears Battle Demo by Meiscool
Pirate Cove by Maxy
Professor McLogic Saves the Day!
Monster World RPG
Naufragar Crimson
Neophyte's Map Entry by Neophyte
Decayed Forest by Neophyte
Nightmare in Flames Preview by AznChipmunk
Chrono Trigger by Ratty524
Reverence by Orig
Paradise Blue
Phantom Legacy
Pillar Town by Teo Mathlein
Pumpkin Night
Surge by Blitzen (for GW Breach contest)
Rainbow Nightmare Ch. 1
Rose Chronicles
Sessions 3
Solar Tear REBORN
Sprite Chaser 2 by David Miles Carter
Take Down Legacy Remix
Tau RMN Mapping Entry by Tau
Taut Demo (English) by Char0n
The Burning Grail
The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone I + II
The Warrior - ABS
The Happy Fun Game
Til Death Do Us Part
what lies beyond that swamp by Chesire Cat
Wilfred, the Hero Part 1
Wonders Inc
Worldsong by Craze
Worldsong Remix
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Remake
Zephyrus and the Kingdom of Heaven

Alvorada do Mal
Alter Aila Genesis
Ascendence RSD VI
Befuddle Quest 4
Befuddle Quest 5
Dhux's Scar
Donald Fuck RPG
Final Fantasy VII The Dark Cloud 2.0 RPG by Denis Murphy
Alex Unleashed (from this video
Pokemon Hunter 2
Pokemon Hunter 3
Pokemon Fighters
Potty Wars/Potty Quest 2002 by Jake Productions
Return of the Yeti
Phylomortis II
Super Porygon 3D
Sore Losers
Tale of Exile Act I
Taut (English)
Wooby RPG

I know I have more on my external hard drive somewhere, but I can't be bothered to look through it, lol, unless requested for something specific. I distinctly recall playing a lot of other titles that aren't here, but I switched computers a few years back. Also not sure how much of this is rare, but I'll upload anything requested (unless it already exists).
Remember when I actually used to make games? Me neither.
Donald Fuck RPG

(Another excellent Finnish invention)
First things first, for SalOMac
The Shadow Of Life - Complete

Also, AznChipmunk, don't tease me. =) Do you have a list of what you got? - Here is mine.
By the way, anyone can look through it and request something and i'll upload when I have time. That is a older list, but all the additions I have are mostly older versions of current games and brand new stuff. But, I don't have "The Stupidest Game Ever", the regular version. I checked for you, Rave.

Thanks so much! MAN have I been searching for this one!
You are welcome, SalOMac. Apparently a lot of people look for that game. =)

This is everything I don't have that i would love to see uploaded.
if you don't have time to do all this, just upload one thing majorly.
UPLOAD WORLDSONG, the original one! I love you forever. <3
I have been looking for that forever.
The rest of this is my collector/archiving side kicking in, you are the second person I know to have a ton of stuff I don't have.
Also, thanks in advance, and if there is anything you are looking for, let me know and i'll dig through my hard drives.

ABSProj (AzureFennir's ABS Spell Demo)
A-CBS Deluxe
Acetonic Mushrooms Forever
Battle for Genesis Demo v1.0
The Chain Game 2 (Only cause I have multiple versions of it, and I am curious if you have a different one.
Clouded Heart v3 (I have v4)
Desert Island v1.3
Fate of an Angel
Kinetic Cipher (Hopefully you have an older version.)
C'est Lavie!
Rivers of Time
RM2kLibrary - A Final Hope
Shattered Samurai - Special Edition
Super Smash Bros RPG v1.2

Razorblade Symphony Demo v1.1
Blobagotchi Advanced
Loque City (Breach)
Chartley Forest
Elephant Memorial
Empathie Demo Day III
Final Fantasy: Four Soul Saga
Gates of Evocation
Harry - Demo Day
Haze, Daze, Curiousness
Horizons Meyaha
GW Map Competition Entry by JPC
Neophyte's Map Entry
Decayed Forest by Neophyte
Chrono Trigger
Reverence by Orig
Pillar Town
Surge by Blitzen
Sprite Chaser 2
Take Down Legacy Remix
Tau RMN Mapping Entry
What lies beyond that swamp

Final Fantasy VII The Dark Cloud 2.0 RPG
Pokemon Fighters
Potty Quest 2002