1st click "Télécharger le jeu", then in new window, click "Cliquez ici pour démarrer le téléchargement"

The link won't work if you click or Copy Link to browser because RMN is adding a semi-colon after the ampersand for some pointless reason.

You have to highlight the link then copy & paste to browser.

Max McGee
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Many many many thanks.
I am looking for a game. It was a SCI-FI genre rpg, not heavy on battles for rm2k or rm2k3, 2k3 i think. There were tons of cool ships and photoshop light filter effects used, and a lot of refmap charasets were used in futureistic ship settings and such. It was pretty heavy on cutscenes too. I can't remember the name, or if it was a completed game or just a demo. I played it two years ago and found it on anyone help?
Chimaira Report?
I'm probably way off.
Chimera Report did not use lighting or REFMAP... I have no clue about this one.
You COULD be talking about Muse but it's not an RPG, there's no battles at all, and there's no REFMAP. It was originally on GW a little over a year ago.
Nope, not it...hmmmm. I feel like it had a foreign name maybe, but I could be wrong. Damn it lol.
It was foreign. I am posting it here too, just in case anybody here wants to play this as well.

Download here.

Screen here.

Omg, thank you so much Neo. I have been looking for this for a month!
No problem. Foreign RM games is what I'm good at.

Also, those links don't seem to be working on RMN. They will still take you to the website, though. Just scroll all the way to the very bottom of the page, there is a link to Omega Cerberus there.
*Edit - I got it to work, thanks again.
Wow. Those lighting effects are hideous.
Hmm, the link for The Legend of The Philosopher's Stone leads to....Oration Legends? What?

Damn, and I was hoping I could find a working Part 1 & 2...
Once again, copy and paste, you fail me.

Here's the correct d/l link for The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone (REVAMP 2)
I can't remember the name of this RM2K game!!!?
It's been a long time since I played it and I can't remember the name, and it's REALLY bugging me.

Basically all I remember is:
It was made with either RPG maker 95 or rm2k, and it's really short.

There isn't much point to it. You basically talk to these girls in your town and then go on a short quest to some place in the woods. I know that based on your responses to the girls, you get "rewards" (pictures).

And in the woods, you are confronted by Bass, from Megaman.

I know it seems stupid, but if anyone can tell me the name of the game, and possibly where to get it, I'd be really grateful.
Sky Tower Arena. I've wanted to play that for so long. Does anybody know where it's hiding?

I remembered the title.... it's Lunar Eve. Anybody know where to find it?
The screenshot for Omega Cerberus seems to be down.
I remembered the title.... it's Lunar Eve. Anybody know where to find it?

Lunar Eve:

The screenshot for Omega Cerberus seems to be down.

It's not down.

The problem is with RMN--for some odd reason, if a URL contains an ampersand (&) then a semi-colon is added after it.

Here's the corrected, working link--which you'll have to copy & paste to your browser:
I remembered the title.... it's Lunar Eve. Anybody know where to find it?

I found it on a Polish site of all places :)