I doubt anybody's going to still have a 200 MB+ demo of a game that wasn't that good.


Some upload requests @ Ultima:

Avatar Crest
Cloud Age Symphony
Ember Sky
Destiny's Edge
Improbable Passage
Komour Legend
Time Guardians
Until the End
Wardge Tail

And thanks for sharing those other games.

But why do you have two copies of Tales of Roden inside the rar file?


Also thanks to the GreatRedSpirit.for hosting those other rare games.

I think the second copy is the most recent one, so I updated the link. And here's the rest:

Avatar Quest
Ember Sky
Cloud Age Symphony
Destiny's Edge
Improbable Passage
Komour Legend
Time Guardians
Until the End
Wardge Tail


I'm posting my old request from GW's Rare Games topic

Hey I need some help finding this particular game. Now, I remember almost nothing about it, but I'll try my best to describe it. In the beginning you start off as this guy:
the mayor asks you to help defend the town from some monsters. After that's done he decides enough's enough and leaves the town, and his wife - this girl:
. Then, as his wife you go searching for him, and you end up in this town where you do various tasks, including helping someone retrieve their lost sheep from an underground storage cave.

That's about all I remember from it - that and the game starts with an 'R' , I think. Anyway if anyone knows the name of that game and/or has it, I'll be eternally grateful.

I don't even think it began with an R anymore.
I've been looking for these two games for a long time now;

The first one some sort of life simulation game. I explicitly remember that you had multiple bars at the top of your screen telling you what your need are (like in the Sims.) I also remember that one of the bars had a picture of male genitalia. I believe it was made with RPG Maker 2003. If not, it was definitely 2000 then.

The other game is one I remember much more clearly. It starts out with the hero in jail because he ran over his neighbors cat and murdered it. He escapes somehow, and goes on this long journey. Some specific things I remember are that there was a talking save point the humiliated the player, one of the enemies was Glass Joe, there was a magical kingdom in the sky (I'm a little iffy on that on) and there was a battle against a Dark Knight on a bridge. This specific battle was a CBS and it was a clear homage/spoof of the Dark Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I am sure it was made with one of the 200x's and am 75% sure it was Rm2k
The second game is The Most Stupidest Game Ever - Re-duh

Thanks once again for sharing all your games Ultima.

I'm going to look through all my RM2K & RM2K3 games that either begin with 'R' or begin with an article (A, The, An) and who's second letter begins with R--see if any of them match your description.
lowphat, I think the first game you're talking about is Destiny's Call Complete, and I know I saw it available for download somewhere recently, just can't remember where.
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@Tau: Final Fantasy Empires(Second demo) and Homeland plz.

Homeland! This is the link I put up a while back, at GW. I can't actually see if it works right now but if it does then all good. If not, I'll upload it when I get home.
Stinky's Misadventures - Tale of the Stolen Bed:


I was looking for the original Densetsu (featured content past the jail, 2k DBS, and, uh, that is about it), but takes for the effort and Tales of the Stolen Bed!
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Does anybody remember name of the game where you play as this guy
and you start in a place where there are trees like this
and this BGM is playing on the backround?

Your first mission is to go to somekind of cave where you need to beat this elemental. Then you become part of this some sort of "Seed" FF8 ripoff group. It was mostly rtp & mac & blue adventure, with lots of RTP heroes, and there was some two countries fighting or something. I think there was some sort of ship in the titlescreen maybe.
Oh snap I think I know which one you mean Rei, I completely forget the title though, I know I got it from one of SegNin's old links.
Looking for Worldsong by Craze I believe if somebody's got it
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Well, Craze, do you have it?
I am more curious why anyone wants the game in the first place.
Because it was awesome as all pie.

I saw on the list a need for Legion Saga and Legion Saga II. I've got you covered. ^.^
Legion Saga
Legion Saga II

As for the game you're looking for Rei-, I think I've got it in a folder somewhere. I'll have a look and get back to you. I have far too many games. -_-
Looking for Worldsong by Craze I believe if somebody's got it

I don't have the original, but I do have the Worldsong Remix:
I have tons of stuff but I am so lazy to upload anything. I don't have a mouse and using the touchpad is a bittttch. I know I have Worldsong somewhere though, I downloaded and beat it when it came out.
This one may be a bit hard to find... since I can't remember the exact name.

The only thing I can remember it was like a Megaman battle network like game, and there was a dragon character that would always say "cheers"

The name I remember on it was an RPG Maker Story... any clues? =/
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I am more curious why anyone wants the game in the first place.
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I haven't bothered updating the broken Take Down : Lambs of Destiny download since it broke way back when. Finally gave up on my webmaster and chose an external upload site.
Anyone have the Alter Alia character swap patch?I know Neok hosted it on Z-share and I was hunting a forum he joined and found the download link, but I got a 404 because it didn't comply with the terms of use.
There was this one game I downloaded from GGZ years ago, It featured an insecure and unsuccessful merchant as the protagonist, a trans gender mercenary as a supporting character, and had 100% custom graphics. It was a very short demo consisting of the introduction and one battle. Anyone know what Im talking about?