DCC is seriously amazing. I wish it were uploaded in the games section so it could be up for a misao :x
Hey guys! Mind if I request something? Can anyone give me the latest version of Balmung Chronicles? I loved this game and never really did get to play it much.

OFFTOPIC: Are Balmung Cycle and Balmung Chronicles related? o.O
Yes. Just download the version at the game page here.

It is the complete version.
Found some old games I had stored on a CD-RW

Requested by DE

Tyrant God Saga - Evening Synthesis by Brandon Abley

Requested by Rei


And in case anyone wants these--some of them are crap though...

Forever Lost

Ricky's Quest Zero by AntiDash

Fate of an Angel by ADT

Kirby's Adventure

Revenge of the Run Time Package by c0nfus3d

Rivers of Time

Dragon World by DragonBlaze

Blue Tale

Maddoxmania RPG by breakdancingrobot

Hurai's Adventure

Phantasy Star - Dark Prophecy


The Year That Was 1939 by The Wandering Gentleman

Attack of the Slime Clones


Aktion-KS (German) by Felix Klein

Angelicrys (v1.5) by Mike Sanger

Anime Clan Unlimited - Shattered Hearts by Gerard Young

Apocalypse CMS & CBS (v1.3) by DragonHeartMan

Battle Arena II (v1.5) by Dark Chaos

Convert the Heathens!!

Dragon Ball Z - Light of Fury

Grobb's Adventure

Meav (v.0.3) by Eight

Stupid Missions

The Amazing Adventure (aka Apollonia Game)

iLL nATURED 2 by Locus
I think I asked this before. But didn't Nemesis release a part two to Legend of The Philosophers Stone? I could swear he did, but maybe I'm going crazy. I just finished playing my current download and it ended with part one. I'm sure I got it from this topic too.
Yeah, he did:

Since those links are dead, download The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone (REVAMP 2) from here:
who has MUGEN: Legends of Hokutomaru?
My mind is full of fuck.
Does anybody have a game called Unknown Destiny? I made it years ago and it was pretty cool but I can't find it. I'd like to reupload it.

Quick mental F5: a woman with an axe and green hair runs off from her husband to go save the princess because she's been manipulated by the king. She runs into a cloaked man named Kaleb that travels with her and they climb a forest tower to get to the princess. You gained stat+ items as progression, there were lots of optional non-linear areas to explore, it used a lot of REFMAP and the RPGMaker 3 tiles. Ring a bell?

Oh lawd, I'm creating a game called Destiny Unknown, ha ha. Mirrored. But doesn't have anything to do with your game though.
Does anyone have Curse of Silence by Kamau? I know it's on RPG palace but I really dont want to reg an account just to dl it...
Phylomortis 1 update:

Finally took the old bigfoot hard drive in for data recovery. Cost me 140 bucks for that game and a slew of really bad 'first try' rpg games i made ten years ago. They said it should be ready by tomorrow morning, but seeing as how I plan to be really hung over, I prolly won't pick it up for a couple days.
Alright, here it is, PHYLOMORTIS 1

Please enjoy, and even if you don't, pretend to. It cost me 140 bucks lol

Isn't this it? You made a post with this link 4 years ago. =P
4 years? Jesus christ, has it been that long?
Found another one that was stuck in that folder with Phylomortis.

Destiny's Call Complete
I need some help finding a game that was for RM2K/3. It was a sidescroller kind of game, where you were some little demon guy with wings who had a gun I believe, and you could fly around in all 4 directions, and you pretty much progressed through this dungeon. Does this ring a bell to anybody?

Much thanks.